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The Hidden Secrets to Petition Magick, Part Two.

Updated on January 19, 2020
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Engelta loves sharing the spiritual world with the ones worthy of it. The magick, the witchcraft, the ascension.

The Fundamental Secret to Successful Powerful Petition Magick.

**** Experience the Present as the Past of the Future you want to have ***

I used to write Petitions by relying on the well-known method of LOA and every witches’ advice: write in the present tense as you already have what you want. Do not use words or phrases like “I want” “I wish” “I will”, etc. According to these witches’ and LOA counselors, if you write in the future tense you’re building blocks because Spirit understands you do not have it yet, and in your subconscious it is clear you don’t have what you want, so when writing in the future tense you will also be putting out the energy of “I don’t have it”, which will manifest in you not getting it ever.

Well, I tried and tried, writing in the present tense, and even though I have a pretty vivid imagination, I could not bring myself to believe that I already have what I wanted. I could not lie to myself to the point of bringing myself to feel the experiences I wanted as I already had them.

Then I realized something: I don’t have to write in the present tense!

See, no matter how good you are at cheating yourself like this method asks you for, the second step (which you need to walk longer than when you are writing the Petition) is to act *all the time* as you already have what you want, until you really have it. Well, I bet you can’t keep lying to yourself for that long, or maybe you can, but there are moments when certainly, you’ll feel the absence of what you want, even for a second.

I figured out, the easiest way to act like you already have it, is to act like you already have experienced it! Experience the Present as the Past of the Future you want to have.

How do you do this?

By writing in the past tense, by turning what you want, not in a present moment, but in a memory. A memory is ever changing, so says science. Only the first time you remember something, after it happened, you remember it has it happened (of course, by your point of view). After that, each time you recall a memory, you shape the memory based on the last time you recalled that memory. To better understand it, as it is confusing, it means that once you remember something, you do not remember the event itself anymore, but you remember the last memory you recalled as you recalled it, and each time you revisit that memory, you make slight changes to it.

The idea is that it is easier to act like you have already experienced it, because you can create a memory of it and shape it as you like.

We often recall last conversations we had and we think about things we did not say or what we could have done differently. At that moment, you almost change the real thing, because you intervene in your memory by adding details that did not happen in reality.

Plus, we know we can’t change the past, what happened, happened. That’s why it is so convenient to write in the past tense, not only because you can create a memory easier than a different present, but also you can easily forget it, (we don’t remember stuff every single day, we do so when we want to), and this helps to not feel the absence. What absence? You already experienced it, you have it in you.

See? By writing in the past tense, we check all the boxes to write a Majick Petition:

1. Act as you already have what you want.

2. Do not create a feeling of absence because you will create blocks.

3. Forget about it and let the Spirit do its thing.

4. Manifestation !

If you noticed, at the second session Petition to Spirit is an Art. Treat it as such., I wrote my poetry in the past tense and I gave it space in time to come true (I wrote it in June, and I purposely wrote about falling stars for which I knew that the month when it most likely for the event to occur, it was August), plus I added another detail, the sea waves, and I do not live by the sea, plus I imagined it at night. So for it to manifest, it all had to happen like that.

Fourth best secret:

I bet you did not hear this from me first, but it is a manifestation secret and you shall always be aware of it: do not aim your spell at anyone or anything specific, especially a person. Unless you are using your left hand (which means cursing), but other than that, there is no use to put so much energy in a spell that is aimed at a specific object, when you can always get the best of what you want from another person or opportunity. The goal is the experience, Spirit will bless you with the opportunity.

Take my example. I manifested what I wrote in the poetry, not only because I had the *brilliant* idea to write in the past tense, but also because for the first time ever I did not put a name in it, even though I was aiming for him, nor did I mention something specifically linked to that person. (even if it is a spell for a job, you’re dealing with people, but I am emphasizing the case of love spells because I see more people spend a lot of energy and money on that particular area).

You need to bear in mind this:

You can not create love or lust through majick out of nowhere. Majick is manipulation of energy, and you have to know how the other person truly feels about you, and I am not talking about “I know he likes me”. I am talking about “I know he appreciates my work ethic.” Or “I know he likes how I dress, look, do my makeup”, or “He cares deeply but he’s afraid to make a move”, etc. Unless you do not know his true feelings, which is kind of hard sometimes for the person to explain themselves or they do not at all, you can’t cast whatever spell of love on him/her.


As I said before Majick is manipulation of energy, and you have to know what you are dealing with, before casting spells to manipulate the energy, you have to know what’s the energy you are working with.

Sometimes the person likes you, so you have some good energy to work with and build it to what you like. Still you will have to do some attraction spells, maybe open road spells, for a couple of weeks, maybe spells that focus in a certain personality trait, then when you’re satisfied with the results, you can cast the love spell.

If the person does not care for you, first you do not cast spells, you make physical contact with him/her. If they do not know you, how would they know who to look for?

If the person hates you, then it is better to look for someone else. But, if you choose to work on them, you will have to start with sweetening spells, perspective changes, attraction spells, and I would not even try love spells on someone that can’t stand me, as it can backfire real bad because the energies will mix, and he/she already hates you, but being confused by too much messy energy, they will lash out on you, not love you.

© 2020 Ensorcelie


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