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The History of the Qur'an Text part 2

Updated on October 25, 2015

The History of the Qur'ani Text

D.R. Puin spit words without giving examples and I have been out of step in the trace where the fifth of the Qur 'an unintelligible. Furthermore, he said that the acceptance of such understanding began in earnest in the second century puluh.12 He refers to the article by quoting the opinion of Patricia Crone RS Humphreys, 13 which then ends with the opinion of Wansbrough. The main attack from the writings of Wansbrough want to create an opinion on two important issues. First, the Qur'an and hadith are caused by a variety of community influence over two centuries. Second, the doctrine of Islam followed the way of Jewish religious leaders. It seems Puin was reading back his work at the present time, because of the theory developed so slowly in limited circles in which "Muslims see it as a gesture of aggression that hurts." 14 The reader would know who Cook, Crone and Wansbrough since a quarter century, a new face emerged from among these is Dr. Puin, whose findings made major reference in the work of Lester so long. Some manuscripts of the Qur'an on paper skin of Yemen refers to the first two centuries of Islam.
Revealed a little but able to arouse interest in doing a standard deviation from the text of the Qur'an. Such abuses, although not surprising historians manuscript of the Qur'an, in fact very disturbing feeling and confidence among orthodox Muslims who have supposition that the Qur'an was raised us, to this day, still in shape perfect, indefinitely, and the words of God who never changes. Basically secular efforts in an attempt to reinterpret the Koran-partly based on the fact that there manuscript paper skin in Yaman15 as interference and attacks against Islamic circles as the procurement plan reinterpretation of the Gospels and the life of Jesus that will disrupt and an assault against the conservative Christian circles. Efforts such secular reinterpretation, very strong and-as a demonstration of history renaissance and reformasiakan leads to the birth of changes sosia] fundamentally. The Qur'an, however, at the present moment is the most influential text in terms of thought ideologi.16
The whole issue that is before us is as follows:
The holy book of Al-Quran is regarded as the most influential text in ideology.
Among Muslims see the Qur'an as Christians view the Gospels kalamullah that never changes.
Fragmentation manuscripts of the Qur'an contained in Yemen could help efforts to hold secular reinterpretation AlQur 'an.
Despite an offensive stance against a large number of Muslims, this may be the impetus reinterpretation 'nudge' fundamental social change as experienced by Christianity a few centuries ago.
These changes can be done by showing that the Qur'an is basically a script liquid (fluid text) at which time the Islamic community to contribute and freely rearrange what had been developed a few centuries earlier, may signal that the Qur'an no longer sacred, and even have gone astray.
Most of the references used T. Lester and the names cited most of these circles: Gerd R. Joseph Puin, Bothmer, Rippin, R. Stephen Humphreys, Gunter lulling, Yehuda D. Nevo, Patricia Crone, Michael Cook, James Bellamy William Muir, Lambton, Tolstove, Morozov and Wansbrough. He also tried to convince the emergence of fresh weather in which the Islamic world is starting to show positive step towards revisionism movement. In this category he mentions names like Nasr AN Zaid, Taha Husain, 'All Dushti, Muhammad' Abdu, Ahmed Amin, Rahman, and finally Muhammad Arkoun and his message is so vigorous in fighting the mind konservatif.l7 Medium schools of thought among Traditional scientists all cast, except for the name of Muhammad 'Abdu controversial inserted into the list.
However, if the actual flow that revisionism? Here, T. Lester failed to give a detailed definition, then here let me give an opportunity Yehuda Nevo, one of the main sources he quotes help define:
The approach of the "revisionist" at all monolithic ... (but they) are united in rejecting the validity of history on a number of issues based solely on the facts that are absorbed from the source of Muslim literature. The information they obtain should be reinforced with raw data that is still there ... written sources should be investigated and confronted with evidence from the outside and if there is a cross between the two, the latter should be given priority lebih.18
Because evidence from the outside is very necessary in the opinion of every Muslim to give approval, the absence of robust evidence will assist rejection of the assumption and indirectly to give a statement about the problems that never happened.
In the absence of evidence to the desired beyond the traditional opinion, it would be proof positive in strengthening the hypothesis of something that never happened. Obvious example is the lack of evidence outside the Muslim literature, which is based on the fact that there are all the Arabs had already embraced Islam during a conquest Mekah.19
Another revisionist approach results not want to erase the history of Islam as a whole and forgery against the other where events such as the emergence of idols in Mecca before Islam, the Jewish settlement in Medina, and the victory of the Muslims against the Byzantine or Byzantine empire in Syria all were rejected. Basically, revisionism movement considers that the idols in Mecca before Islam purely imaginary incarnation of idolatrous culture that developed in the south Palestina.20

The History of the Qur'ani Text


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