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The Holy Trinity

Updated on March 21, 2016
The Holy Trinity
The Holy Trinity

As children in Catholic school we learned that there is only one God but there are three persons in that one God. It almost sounds like God has a split personality but as believers we believe without question.

God the Father is the creator.

God the Son proceeds from the Father and came down to Earth to be the Rabbi or teacher.

God the Holy Spirit is the person that gives us wisdom and knowledge of our faith.

I've often heard the example given that three persons in one God is like looking at a clover. There are three petals but it is actually one leaf.

God the Father
God the Father

God the Father

God the Father is the creator of our world and everything that lives in it. This is the first person in the one God and in the beginning of the Bible we hear how he created the sky and the sea. How he parted the sea to make land. On the land he made the trees and all of the plant life that feeds and protects man.

He created all of the animals and bird in the sky. He made man; and, out of man's rib, he made woman.

He is the father figure in our religion and in that role he is the one who banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden as punishment for their transgression.

He is also the compassionate father who sent his son down to Earth to relieve us of that and all of our transgressions.

Jesus Christ, Son of God
Jesus Christ, Son of God

God the Son

God the Son proceeded from the Father to be born into human life. In that human life he was the Rabbi who taught us how to live and especially how to love. His primarily teachings are about love and loving God and each other.

Jesus Christ was our Redeemer, he came down not only to teach us, but to die for us to remove the stigma that was caused by Adam and Eve's disobedience. Jesus died to save us into eternal life. He opened the gateway to Heaven.

Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit

God the Holy Spirit

God the Holy Spirit we are told is the Paraclete who bestowed knowledge onto the Apostles in the form of fiery tongues on Pentecost that enlightened them to all of the mysteries of our religion. The whole Pentecost version is dramatic and speaks of fire and confusion.

However, there is a second version in that Christ appeared to the Apostles on the evening of the Resurrection and greets them with peace. Jesus then breathes on them invites them to receive the Holy Spirit. This version is joyful and serene.

These two versions remind us that the Holy Spirit comes to us in times of quiet and serenity and in other times that are disruptive and complex.

Little children believe with blind faith. They believe because the Holy Spirit gives them that gift of innocence.

Once we receive the Holy Spirit again in Confirmation, we publicly acknowledge that we are followers of Christ and that we have received the knowledge of our religion. We don't actually see tongues of fire above the heads of those receiving the sacrament but we are now members of God's Army and have responsibilities in the way we lead our life.

Holy Trinity and Holy Family together in one picture
Holy Trinity and Holy Family together in one picture


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  • bearnmom profile image

    Laura L Scotty 2 years ago from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    TY for taking the time to review. Have a wonderful week also.

  • mabelhenry profile image

    mabelhenry 2 years ago from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania

    Short and sweet Bearmom. Thanks for sharing and reminding us of the oneness of the Godhead. Have a great week.