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The Homeless Bully

Updated on May 3, 2016

Wire Me Money Now!

A Plea for Help?

Today was rather unusual to say the least. My intentions for the day were side-tracked and interrupted by a stranger. An email had come in from someone that I have never met in person. My only association with this woman was a few brief comments on-line through Christian social media a year ago.

She was apparently in her 30's, homeless, jobless and asking others for money on-line again. From what I gathered from her postings long ago, she was divorced and she no longer had her children in her custody. There was nothing else to be known of this vague woman but a small photograph of a pretty young lady next to her comments.

Because I have lived and worked throughout the United States, I had inquired to where her location was so that I may be of assistance in sending her to an open door of employment. She was not in any of the specific locations for me to be of any help but I did leave her some suggestions of employment and how to easily get hired. Restaurants are always looking for servers, bus people and dishwashers and they often pay $9-10 an hour and servers can make $75 or more each shift.

I was a single mother of two and a waitress/bartender and I was able to do a pretty good job taking care of my small family by working in the restaurants. Nothing to scoff at! They were long and very hard hours of work but it was well worth all of my effort. My family stayed together and we always had a roof over our head, bills paid on time, food on the table and we often had enough money left over for some really enjoyable 'family day' activities.

$20 Does Not Fix The True Problem

Can You Wire Me Twenty?

My memory is quite amazing because today she wrote me directly and I actually remembered who she was from a few comments. She was asking for money.

Her letter was brief and it said "Can you wire me $20 for food? I do not have enough money for work shoes or the bus." She signed it "Sister in Christ." There was a first and last name in the header so I assumed that this was her name.

I stared at this email for more than a second hesitating on what this was really about. It looked like something my college aged child would have sent to me but surely not a complete stranger. Why would a stranger feel comfortable enough to send such a bold letter asking for money? Desperation or manipulation? I was going to ignore and delete it and in retrospect I probably should have deleted it but this is not who I am as a person. I sent her my phone number and I told her to call me.

I am a logical, rational and compassionate person but I am also a 'no nonsense - you can't hustle me' kind of person as well. I will speak to her first and see what her needs are and how I might be able to assist her. If I was capable of helping her, I surely will but I needed to know what her true needs were first.

How can a person help another person if we do not know what their needs are and how they have become homeless and jobless in the first place? The $20 is just a band-aid covering the true problem. I am an ex-counselor and it is my first inclination to delve deeper and help initiate a healing of the true source of the affliction.

This situation of her homelessness and joblessness was apparently chronic and it went far beyond $20. What did I know? She needed work shoes, bus money and $20. That is all I knew and I was not banking on even that being the truth of this woman's situation. I waited for the phone call that never came but another email arrived instead.

I Don't Have a Phone Sweetie

The email stated that she did not have a phone though under her words it said the message was sent by her HTC. I sent various emails but she neglected to answer many of my questions in regards to her plight - as well as the HTC phone.

I told her that I do not have $20 to give her because my husband is the provider as I work from home. I asked her for her shoe and clothes size so that I might be able to assist her in her needs for work shoes and clothes from my closet. I stated my own sizes and that I had work slacks, aprons, shoes that I would gladly mail to her if our sizes were similar.

She would need to send me an address and allow me the knowledge to understand what her needs were and what her sizes were. She had not told me what type of shoes she needed for the work shoes she spoke about nor even what profession she needed these shoes for.

I would have gladly went to the store and bought her work shoes and an appropriate work outfit if she was not my size. She flatly refused to answer any of the important questions that I had inquired of her. Why? Did she even really need work shoes?

Her Return Emails

The next following email answered none of my real questions but it did say much about her and the quality of her heart.

"Ask your husband for the $20. I am not your size, I am thick. If I don't get $20 I am going to starve."

I gasped when I saw her response. How rude and manipulative is this person?

I shot her off another email. "My husband said no." I asked her more questions in regards to her needs and I told her that I had no judgment but I needed to know the truth of her situation of homelessness and joblessness so that I could help her in a real way. I will teach her to fish instead of giving her a fish ($20) which will help nobody. I have to have some type of foundation to start with though.

Who is this rude woman? Why and how did she become homeless? Childless? Jobless? Is it drugs or alcohol that has sent a young woman spiraling downward? Is it depression? Is it trauma? I don't know anything about her to even begin to find a foundation to help her.

And this is where the truth began to show about her. She sent a return email giving me an address of a homeless shelter and she stated that she was the 'real deal' as if she was proud of her circumstances. She again rudely stated "This is why I don't bother telling my business to people because they don't help me anyways." (I can't get free money from them without them asking me questions.)

Well this did not sit well with me at all. I sent her a note back telling her that I did not like her shit-azz entitled attitude and that she had told me nothing of her business anyways. I told her of my own plights and resourcefulness as well as resources and that she is playing the 'victim' when it is her motherless children who are the 'victims' in this - not her.

She is the maker of her own reality and that is her choice. If you do not work then you can not live - so work!

Throwing a Tantrum over Twenty

She didn't get her $20 and that is all that seemed to matter to her. It did not matter that I had gone through my closet. It did not matter that she took up my time. It did not matter that a stranger cared enough to try to help her in their capability. That lousy $20 was all that mattered to her and if she was not going to receive her twenty spot she could care less what she did and said to someone.

She is homeless don'tchaknow and people should just throw handfuls of cash at her because she is sleeping on the streets by her own choice not to work. And this is my problem how?

She just expected others to hand her money with no explanation. In her silly little mind she believes that if you say you are Christian then you should just hand her money with no question. How strange is that? Why does she feel so entitled that people should send her money because she is too lazy to work?

She began to spiritually manipulate for that $20. She worked it good but not that good. She stated that all of those people who ignored her pleas for money were lukewarm or fake Christians.

She proclaimed that Jesus was homeless too!" She told me that I needed to repent for the truth because I told her to get her ass up and work and be victorious in God. She must do the legwork which means work! Boldly she proclaimed that Satan had me because I would not give her money and then she actually typed, "Are you black?" As if the color of my skin would matter in any way, shape or form. Strange.

"You are supposed to help the homeless! Jesus said so!"

She also said that she could get a job and that this was not the problem. She wanted to eat and ride the bus instead! She never did mention the 'work shoes' nor the profession because there was no intended job or need of work shoes. She only wanted $20 and because she said she was 'Christian' everybody should give her money or they were not of God. If they asked any questions of her or about her..."They were judging her."

What world of delusion is this young lady living in?

Work! Work! Work!

Jesus Was Homeless & Did not work?

Jesus worked as a carpenter as the Bible states. At 33 years old Jesus began His ministry and moved around place to place working His ministry. People of all sorts loved Him and allowed Him into their homes, served Him food and gathered around Him to hear the Good News.

I don't know of this homeless Jesus that this woman is speaking to me about. I don't see any place in the Bible where Jesus was a lazy, rude and demanding sluggard who did not work and slept outside doing nothing but hassling people. I see no place in any verse where Jesus laid on the side of the road and demanded people to give Him money or else. There is neither any place in the Bible that Jesus told people that they were fakes and going to hell if He did not receive money from them.

I do see that Jesus worked healing the blind and disabled who could not work and take care of themselves. I believe that once they were healed of their disabilities they were happy to get up and work! They might have even been ecstatic to work after being healed!

What would Jesus do? He would tell her to work!

Second Thessalonians 3:10-12

“For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat. For we hear that some among you walk in idleness, not busy at work, but busybodies.

Now such persons we command and encourage in the Lord Jesus Christ to do their work quietly and to earn their own living.”

Dear Spiritually Abusive & Manipulative Lady

You have not moved me or made me feel sorrowful about your homeless and jobless situation. You have chosen your situation because you refuse to work and you choose to remain a victim instead of being victorious in God.

If you have no problem getting a job then get one and stop begging others to do your leg-work for you! Prove it to me! Words without action means nothing.

Get a job and work! It will change your entire life as well as your bad attitude.

"You don't know what I have been through" means very little to a person such as me. Why? Because I have already been through much, much worse than you could ever imagine and I did what I needed to do in every situation that I was placed in. Though there was moments that I wanted to give up - I did not. I prayed, hung on and I worked!

My intent was to help you in a way that would place your feet on the right path toward God. You refused help for evasive answers, spiritual manipulation, abuse and a twenty-spot that you did not receive anyways. You chose to over-ride common sense and run your mouth which may be one of the reasons for all of your problems.

You do not listen to others who are trying to help you, guide and instruct you onto a better path. This is GOD helping you. He has never told you to ask for a hand-out. He has told you to work! In a nutshell, you refuse to work. Why should your laziness be of anyone's problem but yours?

You chose to do it your way...over and over....your way. Your way is going to have the same effect as it did the past year if you do not change the path in which you keep walking on. The same action of inaction (no job) will cause the same reaction - homelessness. It is common sense. Go to work!

Love is speaking the TRUTH

Nothing Changes if We Continue Doing What Does Not Work for us.

In choosing to do it 'your way' regardless of the outcome of years of homelessness and have received exactly what you have given in effort. Nothing.

Possibly it may be time to listen? What I and many others could have offered you in wisdom and help was worth much more than a lousy $20.

Not once did I ever beg strangers for money and then spiritually abuse them when I did not get what I wanted - especially for $20. I worked hard for my children and for God and I have suffered much yet I still worked! There have been days that I could barely walk yet I hobbled to work and with the help and grace of God I got through it.

Even if I had been reduced to begging a stranger through an email for money I would have said "please, thank you and left the details of my life and why I was in this situation." Never would I believe that I was entitled to have someones hard earned money just because I made bad choices that left me homeless.

I would not even consider another person to throw free money at me because I was homeless. I certainly wouldn't be offended that someone asked me why I was in this terrible situation. It would be a legitimate question and concern if someone was attempting to help me.

What a pathetic, unchristian like, entitled and blatantly rude woman this was.

I am not challenging your salvation! I am challenging your laziness!

God expects us all to work and to make a living No excuses! God expects us to take care of our children and ourselves. Whoever taught you to have this entitled mentality needs to me chastised greatly.

The letter of truth that you received from me does not have to be 'repented' as you childishly warned me about. Inside that email is your truth to a better life.

It is not for me to choose to do what you are supposed to do for yourself and your children because they truly are the victims of this situation. You must do it and if you do not work when you are physically able to (which you are) then you are not considered homeless. You are considered a 'sluggard' by Bible standards and you will reap what you sow.

I was told NOT to help you with anything because you are a sluggard.

God is telling you something and you are not listening. I believe He has been trying to tell you for a long time and you reject even His words of wisdom opting for an imaginary, quite different Jesus - who you call a lazy Jesus who was a homeless beggar who did not work. I choose to debate that with you my friend.

I say NO to the $20 as well as my husband

You said that you are 'thick' in size so I can assure you that you will not starve to death as you proclaimed after rudely telling me to ask my husband for $20. He also said to "Get a job."

As I told you, "I ate off of people's scraps on their plates in the restaurant." If you are 'thick' that means that you eat well and you have food, much more than the true homeless who are frail, slim and sickly.

You apparently have a phone and internet service so you are doing much better than any true homeless person I have ever met and helped.

And as for stating that I am 'hell-bound' because I did not give YOU the $20 that you demanded and that I do not care about the homeless you couldn't be further from the truth.

There has been many homeless that I have helped and loved, even taken inside my home. There is a very big difference from them and YOU. They were gracious and thankful for the friendship, the clothes, the blanket, the shower, the food and even the temporary living space. They were grateful for anything I could do to help them and to alleviate their dire situation.

At times I did not have any cash but they did not stand shaking their fist at me and slandering me with twisted words of God because they could not get $20. They thanked me and hugged me anyways. Most of the homeless were our veterans and those who had severe mental trauma from war and physical ailments that landed them on the streets.They were unable to work, as the people from the Old Testament Bible. These are the poor and broken that the Lord tells us to love and to help. These are the true homeless.

Homeless vs Sluggards

Let me be real clear with YOU young lady...

YOU are not homeless. You are an able body person of a young age who refuses to work, lazy and feels entitled to another person's hard earned money. You are a person who thinks that everybody owes you something and that you don't have to work for yourself or even for your children.

Your victimization is self inflicted and you refuse to do the leg-work and work. You choose to sleep outside because of your laziness. This is a sluggard not a homeless person.

I would suggest that you read your Bible again and know the difference between the homeless beggars and the sluggards.

Would I hand a $100 spot to a true homeless person who is suffering and living on the street beyond His will because of a broken body, disability or trauma from war? Yes.

Would I hand a sluggard a penny? Absolutely not.

You lady are a sluggard. I would flush a $20 bill down the toilet first before I would give it to someone as rude, entitled and lazy as you.I know the difference between 'Homeless & Sluggards.' All those who said "NO" to you and your entitled demands for money know the difference as well.

That is why you received no help and no money. Get a job and work and change the life of yours and your children! God expects you to work!

What Would Jesus Do & Say about Laziness? Glad You Asked...

This is What God says. Is He judging as well?

Tough Love is Fire-crackers Under a Person's Fanny

'Tough Love' is just that. Truth is love and this is not 'judging' you. Truth is simply truth. Get a job and work like the rest of the community of people around you. You and your personal past of problems are no different than any other persons in the world.

I know many people who would love to have 'life and health' and a chance to work and they have it much worse than you could ever dream of having it. Get a grip on your cross sister and carry it.

Stop whining abut your cross - stop complaining about your cross - stop spiritually abusing people - stop trying to manipulate people for money - stop begging and acting as if the world owes you something because you are special.

You are no different than the rest of us. We live, we get hurt and we have been hurt. It is part of life and growing up. It is time to grow up and pull on your soldier boots and your big-girl panties and go to work!

Your whole world can change by taking a job and working. There are rooms that can be rented and efficiency apartments that can be rented weekly but you must have money to rent them. It is your choice to either remain a sluggard or to find a job and live victoriously.

It is no-ones fault but your choice not to work nor does it make any Christian 'lukewarm or unchristian' not to give you a free handout because you choose not to work. As God says, "No work - No harvest." It is just that simple.

The only person who is fake and unchristian is the one who spiritually abuses other people with twisted words of Jesus, anger and slander because they did not receive free money. The only person at fault here is the person who continues the self-infliction of victimization, a 'finger pointer' who would rather remain a sluggard than pick up their cross and become a hard worker and change their life. Make an effort!

Get a job!

Poverty Comes to a Sluggard

Proverbs 24:30-34

“I passed by the field of a sluggard, by the vineyard of a man lacking sense, and behold, it was all overgrown with thorns; the ground was covered with nettles, and its stone wall was broken down. Then I saw and considered it; I looked and received instruction.

A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest, and poverty will come upon you like a robber, and want like an armed man.”


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    • JG Hemlock profile image

      JG Hemlock 2 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

      Oh yes, I did stop and look at it from the perspective of her being "MENTALLY ill" and she is not. I am an ex-mental health counselor! I have dealt with many homeless people throughout my life as well. She is not one of them! She is homeless by choice! Bad choices!

      She has been living this way for years--her choice. She can hustle money real good and twist God's words. She lies to get $$$ and does not desire real help so that her life will be blessed. She has no problem maneuvering a cell phone and she knows technology--she is grossly overweight so she ain't starving. She is not mentally incompetent enough to wash dishes or serve food at a restaurant. I have worked with autistic dishwashers, those with mental disabilities who STILL work! She has the "Entitlement" attitude going on and that is not a mental illness-that is laziness! She is the maker of her own world. Well she is not entitled to ANY donations from me! She is pure laziness. Her children are the victims NOT her....

      God's words are REAL clear about the sluggard and the lazy. She wanted to use God's words as a weapon to harass for money? She is greatly mentally alert and can do what she sets her mind to do, because if she has that type of mental energy to hustle, manipulate and then curse out people...knows how to type, talk on the phone...she can get her lazy butt a job.

      "Tell your husband to give me a $20" pffttttt.... She is homeless due to her choices....that is her problem and not others. She needs to get up off the fat bum and WORK like an adult!

    • profile image

      Sharon Banks 2 months ago

      This homeless woman(like most homeless people) is most likely mentally ill. Did you ever stop and think beyond her manipulations? Rather than her being “lazy”, or a “sluggard”, that perhaps she is to mentally incompetent to be able to hold a job, and she is self aware, to know she isn’t capable of holding a job? I’m not saying you should have given her any money, I wouldn’t have either. But I, having worked with the homeless, understand that many of them aren’t just “lazy”. They don’t have the mental and emotional capacity that is essential to hold down a job.

    • JG Hemlock profile image

      JG Hemlock 21 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

      RJ, couldn't agree with you more. I was 'lit up' on this one. lol I believe on Yeshua but far away from all this religious garbage and money hustling. Yes, he would flip the crowdfunding tables over as well. They fund for money for themselves and for there big buildings while people and families are starving and legitimately homeless, in desperate need and dying all around them. Makes me sick to my stomach. Don't get me started. LOL You will see all of these 'types' and their buildings come down to rubble. Watch for it because it will come. Justice will be served. Yeshua was NEVER about this. May you and your family be blessed with goodness and love everywhere you go!

    • JG Hemlock profile image

      JG Hemlock 21 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

      Thanks for leaving your comment sukhneet. Very bad to hustle people for money in the name of Jesus. Yeshua bless you!

    • RJ Schwartz profile image

      Ralph Schwartz 21 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

      An amazing story with so many great points sprinkled throughout the body of the work. I'd throw in the kickstarter and crowdfunding sites on-line as well, where people are literally just begging for money. Our society is become bloated with people who'd rather manipulate others instead of work and pay their own way. Using religion is just another tool in the bully toolkit. Thanks for sharing!

    • sukhneet profile image

      Sukhneet Kaur Bhatti 22 months ago from India

      well written. Very true, trying to earn free money on the name of Jesus is the worst thing to do. Worth a read