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The Human Aura

Updated on May 17, 2012

Did you know that all living things give off radiation? It's true. An emanation of light surrounds every living thing - plants, animals, as well as humans - whether this light is seen or not. All of life gives off radiations of energy. These radiations are known as the aura. The human aura reveals itself as a pulsating light around the body. This light is strong around the head and shoulder area of the human body. Around this area it makes a person's features seem more alive.

People have no way of seeing this surrounding light. However, it seems that this phenomena is actually felt more than seen. Have you ever been around somebody and you just felt your energy draining? Have you ever went from that energy draining person to an energetic happy person and felt better? Well, it's more than likely that the energy draining person had a bad aura and you absorbed it. I remember one time when I was going out with my friends to the movies, I suddenly felt sick to my stomach and I wasn't feeling well. When we arrived at the movies, my friend got out of the car to get the tickets while my other friend and I went to find a parking space. As soon as he got out of the car, I felt better. I didn't come to a realization of this until we called it a night. It made sense because he wasn't in the best of times either. Luckily though, he was able to fix his problems. The next time I saw him, I felt good around him.

Our auras are created by radiations that come from our physical bodies. It has a huge effect on a persons health or illness. It's just like the rules that apply for health safety of our bodies. It can be followed in regard to health, as well as the vibrancy, of the aura. The aura is determined by how we take care of our bodies. If we want to build and sustain a healthy aura, we have to make sure that our bodies are fed with proper nutrition that will bring health and vitality to the aura. Just as sleep, rest, eating, and showering contribute to the well-being of our bodies, these same things sustain the radiations that come from the human body, and form a highly vibrant aura. Proper breathing is crucial to the body because it keeps toxins out of the blood stream. A healthy blood stream contributes greatly to the health and beauty of the aura. Physical exercise in moderation and of a non-strenuous nature, like taking long walks or swimming will supplement proper breathing. The mind must be kept clear and clean too, if you want to have an aura with a high vibrancy. Choose to enhance your thoughts to a spiritual level. Ignore the bad in your life and praise the good so you can attract more good into your life.

Aura's have different colors. Energy radiations coming from the human body are not of a stationary nature. These radiations pulse and vibrate into color patterns. Blue, white, green, red, grey, and pink. Blue is characterized by loyalty, constancy and youth. White, purity. Red is supposed to denote dominance. Green, healing and jealousy. Grey, illness. Pink, love etc. This color scope appears to be almost a duplicate of our own symbolic measure of colors in conjunction with mind and mood.

So what if you have a bad aura? Can you make it into a good aura? Of Course! Did you know that dying plants (remember everything has an aura) can be praised back to life? It's true. So if this works with plants, this can also work for the human aura. It has been proven by the Law of Increase that when you praise something, it begins to grow and get better. The moment you begin to praise your aura, you're going to feel better, and people around you are going to feel good around you! Start now by saying this affirmation. "I praise my aura with all my heart!" I guarantee you will start to feel healing within yourself. So, begin praising your aura right now and see greater good coming!


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    • thoughthole profile image


      6 years ago from Utah

      Interacting with interior plants in many settings has clearly demonstrated to me, without a doubt, that the people that inhabit spaces with plants have a huge impact on the health and vitality of the plants near them. "Ugly people, (ugly not referring to physical beauty) make ugly plants." Intersting article.

    • eric-carter profile image


      6 years ago from Fulham, UK

      Really nice article, keep it up!


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