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The Human Afterlife

Updated on June 13, 2012

I am Dead.What Next?

Over the years of my life I have come to feel that nobody seems to have a very good handle on this subject.This in spite of the fact that there are 7 Billion humans on the earth at the moment.This seems to me to be a very large Question Mark.

Please feel free to totally disagree with what I have to say on this subject,after all its your life,I am simply proposing that possibly it might help if we had some sort of plan for the afterlife.The policy of "I will worry about it when I get there" does not seem to be very pro active.It is a bit like jumping into the Sea and discovering that it is wet and the Jelly Beans that I had in my pocket are now very sticky and do not taste nice anymore.It is a bit late at that point.

Let me be very clear.If you believe that you are going to go to some sort of heaven/hell depending on whether you have spent your life striving to do your best or simply been a banker/politician deliberately profiting only from the suffering of others,I think that I can safely say that you are going to get what you are expecting.Just Not For Very Long.

Much has been written on the nature of the human soul/spirit and as you are still reading this article,I am going to assume that you think that you may have a soul that continues to exist after your physical body has stopped working.If you don't agree you can probably stop reading now.

I think that the physical form and the soul are for the most part identical duplicates of each other and information is transferred between the two forms almost continuously.The relationship between them is symbiotic,with the Soul providing the Template to the physical form about what it looks like and how well it is feeling,and the Physical form supplying the Time/Space anchor and energy to the Soul that it needs to continue functioning properly.

The physical form provides almost unlimited power to our Soul,which in turn uses this energy to maintain our bodies to the best of its ability.Now we die,old age,ill health or by accident,it is all the same to the Soul.It stops getting unlimited power from the Physical form and has to get by with the power that it had at the moment of death.It is a closed system and the Soul must now become very efficient with its now dwindling power reserves.

At this point I think that there are two possible outcomes.The first is that the Soul knows that it is physically departed and will immediately go to its information archive to find out what it should do next,much like pressing the Home Page on a Website.If you think that you should go to heaven,hell or some other preconceived destination your Soul will immediately Create a type of Dream-scape that matches your preconceptions and there you will stay until your Soul uses up its power reserves and can no longer maintain the energetic integrity of your particular expectation and runs out of enough energy.

After your dream-scape collapses in on itself you will have almost no energy left,just a few fragmented memories of your various past lives,but no real thought patterns and at that point you will re incarnate at the nearest available exit so to speak.

This is already a very difficult position to be in if you are hoping/trying to evolve as an individual and hopefully not having to relearn all the same lessons that you learnt in your past lives.I have always felt that a new set of mistakes would be better than repeating the same ones again and again.I think that it will be more interesting to make a whole new set of monumental ballsups, pardon my french.

The second possibility is that your Soul does not realise that it is dead and continues conducting its various dream-scapes totally unaware that it no longer has an unlimited power supply.The Soul continues creating dream-scape's until suddenly it has no more power,and then instantly re incarnates in much the same way as the Soul that lived out its preconceived death-scape.

I find both of these deaths very unsatisfactory and have finally theorised that there may be a third way of engaging with this problem.I think that if I can train myself to Lucid Dream on a regular basis then there is a possibility that when I die I will be able avoid wasting my now limited energy on irrelevant dream-scape's.

The challenge will be to conserve my energy so that I will be able to reason clearly and look around to see what the after life is really about,rather than drifting helplessly from one life to the next.Perhaps I will be able to select parents that are prosperous and healthy.Perhaps I can choose parents who would raise me in a loving ans safe environment.

The Outcome of this experiment cannot be quantified as I have no real understanding of the after life.I do think however that the choice should be mine rather than a continuous stream of chance outcomes that we as a species seem to be experiencing at present.


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