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I Am the I am - We Are The Observer

Updated on September 24, 2010

Have you revealed your Real Self to your ego-self?

Welcome to I Am the I Am - We Are the Observer

The word epiphany is bandied about very loosely these days. People get a suddenly insight, and ‘Ah-had’ moment and they refer to this as one. The real meaning of that word refers to a far more profound experience. It takes us away from a self-image, our ego-self and in that instance reveals to us a great truth. If you’ve never experienced this, then you can only theorize. If you have, then you have revealed to your self your Real Self. I have had such an experience. So for this Hub you’ll simply need to take my word for it as I continue on.

If you think soccer crowds are big, get a load of three-quarters of a million Royal Penguins

I took this photo of the Royal Penguin rookery, Hurd Point, MacQuarie Island in 1977.
I took this photo of the Royal Penguin rookery, Hurd Point, MacQuarie Island in 1977.

There is a part of us that never changes

There is a part of us that never changes. Our thoughts change; particular habit-patterns of thoughts might take longer, but they eventually give way to other patterns. We think differently over time. If we didn’t we’d never mature.

Our bodies certainly change. I look down at my seventy-four year old body and wonder where the muscular bulk I was once so proud of has gone to. Smooth, unblemished skin has become mottled and dry with all sorts of spots and markings which were once not there.

Everyone is an individual yet part of The Whole

You wanted to see them close up. Here is a pair of real love birds.
You wanted to see them close up. Here is a pair of real love birds.

I am the I am - Bodies, thought-patterns, emotional reactions, are all subject to change

My emotions have also changed considerably. What used to cause so much upset no longer does. I’ve become more tolerant for one thing. So my view is that mind, physical body and emotions all change – yet still we know there is a part within us that never changes. What is this part?

It is the sense of “I am.” I exist. I experience. It is that which we mostly do not define because we’re unable to do so - so far be it for us to exclaim "I am the lord!"

I am the lord. Certainly our Higher Self is

This “I” isn’t based on memory. Memories fade. It is said that memories never actually go away. It’s a bit like having something on a computer’s hard drive. Only a bit, of course. It’s not a particular good analogy. Memories on hard drive stay there, but they can get harder to bring up as we add more and more data and the search to bring them to recall get harder. Like a PC’s hard drive nothing is ever really deleted. It might seem that way because it seems to have gone forever. Such is not the case however, as hypnotherapy and certain types of drugs can bring back vivid detail from seemingly forgotten moments in our lives.

But what is this which never changes?

Thought you might like to see that big penguin rookery from another angle

MacQuarie Island has approximately three million penguins; four different species, Royals (here shown) and Kings being the most predominant.
MacQuarie Island has approximately three million penguins; four different species, Royals (here shown) and Kings being the most predominant.

I am the I am - An epiphany is an Act of Grace by a part of our own selves - the Highest part

When light rays fall upon our retinas electrical impulses bring in pictures of ‘a world out there.’ They appear to bring those images to certain parts of our brain. But we are not our brain. We are aware of that world. We are aware of it in exactly the same way at two years of age, at twenty-two, thirty-two, etc.. right up until the end of our lives upon this planet. I’m talking here of just awareness. That is being witness to the scene; experiencing the scene as something sighted. I am not talking about how we think about or feel about what we are seeing. I am talking of non-judgemental, non-labeling observation. Yes, you as the Observer, seeing. Nothing else, you seeing!

A summer sunset at MacQuarie Island

We used to throw out the kitchen slops at sunset, hence the wild flurry of sea birds.
We used to throw out the kitchen slops at sunset, hence the wild flurry of sea birds.

You are the Observer. You are the Witness. You are the Experiencer

You could say the same of the other senses: you hearing, without identifying or evaluating or judging the sound. Same for tasting, smelling, feeling.

We are doing these things through our bodily instrument. Our ever-changing physical body is that which we are using to experience an ever-changing outside environment. But that which is doing the actual observing never ever changes. We (without a label, without a name, or even without the word “I.” are aware of it all.

I am the I am - Our intruments of body, mind and their corollary, emotions are only our intruments

And what is this ‘I’? It is without description...though I’m attempting to describe it here. It is the true us. The Consciousness; the Observer, the Witness of our lives. It is both impersonal and incredibly personal for it is the Love, the Joy, the Compassion, the Infinite Understanding waiting to release itself through Its creations. And one of its creations is the little you; that little you smothered in ego-beliefs and conditioning; that you, dear reader, you quite likely believe you are.

A rare shaft of winter sunlight

Is this a sign from heaven?  Who knows?  It's a great picture
Is this a sign from heaven? Who knows? It's a great picture

Be still and know that I am God. I am the Lord. That is your own Highest Self which is urging you on...

So find a quiet place. Stop a moment. Sit still. Look. Observe. Let your Real Self shine through if only for a moment. And find out for yourself if what has been said here is true for you.

I hope you gained something out of the I Am Epiphany - We Are The Observer.

Keep smiling



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  • Tusitala Tom profile imageAUTHOR

    Tom Ware 

    6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Hi, Nashea,

    Yes, very much the same sort of thing. A Self-realization experience with a capital S. Yes, I believe you're not going crazy. My interpretation. It was an answer from your Higher Self to your little self immersed in physicality that sensed your were really seeking to know.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    From what i read i believe that i had an experience of the I AM Epiphany. It was about 3 months or so ago. when i had the time to myself, i just started to think about myself and where i stand in the world. Before i could gather my thoughts and realized what had happened, I senced that i was part of a whole yet myself, i had my own thoughts yet something greater than i was controlling what i was understanding, at the end, i felt a since of Greatness about myself and another spirit who gave that greatness, We stood above our enemies, saying " I am Lord, I am Epiphany". After that the scenes and images slowly started to fad away, and i cant remember everything that had happened. But i do know that since that day my though process has changed and the way i look at the world has changed. I just need to know if this is what you sensed when this happened to you?, I just dont want to sound crazy.

  • Tusitala Tom profile imageAUTHOR

    Tom Ware 

    6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Just when I'm thinking, "Nobody really reads this stuff." Great to know it helping people clarify perhaps their own thinking and feeling on this so important issue. Thanks again.

  • profile image

    tyler peterwalkergeorge young 

    6 years ago

    thank you for the insight, i have just stumbled onto this and am following the yellow brick road.

  • profile image

    Silvanus Slaughter 

    6 years ago

    Thank you, friend.

  • Denise Handlon profile image

    Denise Handlon 

    7 years ago from North Carolina

    Tom-I followed William's hublink to this one. Brilliantly expressed-the 'I AM' consciousness. You have done a wonderful job bringing this to the written page.

    Yes, I have experienced the epiphany and the cosmic consciousness many times. It is what 'I AM'. My spirtitual path. It's presence is with me as nonduality. And, it is my body in which its essence is contained and expressed through. The vehicle in which you speak.

    Thank you for sharing this. I hope you find time to visit my hubs re: my Spiritual Journey or 'Silence, a meditation experience'

    Namaste-it is a pleasure to know you.

  • W. B. Isley profile image

    W. B. Isley 

    7 years ago from Monett, MO

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this with the world. Bless you for sharing. These inspirations are truly what people need to know in this new age of Aquarius.

    I will place a link to this hub at the bottom of one I am currently writing. It will sum up the technical description I have just given beautifully.


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