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The Jesus Hoax.

Updated on October 1, 2019
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My study of archaeology, comparative religion and my love of humour have created this critique of critiques to show how "fawlty" logic fails

Forged Catacomb Painting

Some of Nero's bad art was later copied onto the walls of the catacombs.
Some of Nero's bad art was later copied onto the walls of the catacombs. | Source

Their Names are "Legion".

Since Ancient Roman times a secret order of monks and their wealthy overlords have been changing history to suit their own ends. They go by many names and have been infiltrating governments and places of education to create the story of Jesus in order to control people's minds.

This Hub will categorically prove that the alleged Apostles, the Emperor Nero, and the builders of the catacombs were conspiring together to create an elaborate storybook to control the population. The mythological "Jesus" was a First Century "Sting" worthy of modern Hollywood.

How better to control the rowdy population than with a story about a man tortured and nailed to a cross Roman style? Bread and Circuses cost a fortune therefore secret organizations invented the story of Jesus to scare the populace into submission. Special effects were written into the story to awe and amaze a gullible people. Slaves were also becoming restless and needed a constant reminder of the punishments meted out to those who transgressed.

In Roman times it was called the Evil Order of Craksus. In medieval times it was known as,yes, the Illuminati. Later still in modern times it became the "Sons of The Desert" which flourished in Hollywood among famous early silent era stars.

What was the original "Order of Craksus"? Craksus was the leader of the Ancient Roman "Mafia" that controlled the real power of the time: Rome's Army. The Order was made up of corrupt powerful leaders of business who could make or break Emperors.

The "Sons of the Desert" modern day Illuminati

The last supper before the next one. This modern version of the Ancient Order flourished in the early years of Hollywood's silent movie era.
The last supper before the next one. This modern version of the Ancient Order flourished in the early years of Hollywood's silent movie era. | Source

The Last Supper?

While these leaders of ancient finance were planning nefarious deceptions they held many late night lavish suppers. This tradition of huge banquets still continues today. Hidden camera shots of one such banquet from the 1940's have now been made available. There was no Last Supper only a constant reference to what was decided at "the last supper".

Note the Middle Eastern fashion used by the predominately white male members! Those bizarre hats have an eerie otherworldly feeling about them. The tassel was the symbol of the "devil's tail/tale".

These evil geniuses plotted the incredibly phony story of Jesus by bribing historians and employing artists and writers to create "history".

"Semitic Shem" and the "Apostles"

There were no Apostles at all. They were merely the main exalted leaders of the Order of the Sons of the Desert, a branch of the Illuminati, who later infiltrated Islam to change their scriptures to include Jesus in their list of prophets with the help of "Shem".

Shem and the sons of Shem were the chief Middle Eastern connection. They could speak and write in over a dozen Middle Eastern dialects and were invaluable in doctoring the scriptures of Islam. This was surprisingly easy to do as the early Muslims had no interest whatsoever in the security or safekeeping of their most important historical documents.

Likewise Shem, and the sons of Shem, travelled to India to alter Hindu historical records simply by writing extra content into unguarded libraries throughout the land without opposition.

A photo of the modern direct descendent of the genius Shem ( Anglised as Shemp) has been included below.

All letters and writings of these phony "Apostles" were easily fabricated by artisans and passed off to the population as real. During wine drenched banquets they wrote the most exquisite new ethics of compassion and spiritual love while drunk. It was that easy.

Descendants Still Active.

The evil modern day Shem(p) hard at work forging history with the mere stroke of a pen. Anyone could do it.
The evil modern day Shem(p) hard at work forging history with the mere stroke of a pen. Anyone could do it. | Source

The Order of Craksus Biggus Horribilium

Emperor Nero was only eager to entertain guests with his songs and musical performances. Totally invented and fictitious followers of "Jesus" were rounded up and given forced performances of Nero's art. Historians of the time were forced at sword point to record that Nero put on lavish brutal spectacles in the arena to hide their embarrassment at having such a delicate effeminate leader. It is recorded that Nero would cry at the sight of a hurt kitten, how therefore could he kill people in the arena??

There were in fact no Christians being fed to the lions in the arena! Lion meat itself was served to these pampered captive audiences. Nero was just an artist who couldn't fully live up to the demands of the Secret Order. He was forced to play along with Craksus' plans to keep the population under control with stories of a tortured hero, self sacrifice and spiritual love. Nero was totally innocent and had no choice but to follow orders.

Nero was "gentle as a lamb": the fictitious Jesus character was actually modelled on Nero, hence the references to the lamb-like "shepherd".

Nero began a tradition of painting bad art during all night orgies in the large tombs of Rome to perpetuate the myth of Jesus. He did this to atone for his mediocrity and lack of brutality.

Nero was really just a nice guy manipulated by the Evil Order.

Modern Exalted Leader of the Sons of the Desert.

A recent photo of the Grand Exalted Leader of the Sons of the Desert.
A recent photo of the Grand Exalted Leader of the Sons of the Desert. | Source

Typical Ancient Roman Lion.

Aw....contrary to public opinion Lions are NOT DANGEROUS!
Aw....contrary to public opinion Lions are NOT DANGEROUS! | Source

Inked Order of Craksus Horribilium

Document verifying the actions of the Order of Kraksus Biggus Horribilius
Document verifying the actions of the Order of Kraksus Biggus Horribilius | Source

Translation of the "Horribilium".

Here is the following translation of the recently discovered Horribilium text. It is written in bizarre rhyme for what still remains unknown reasons:

"I am Craksus, part of the Axis, we all collect taxes,

We invented Jesus, to get rid of the Caesars, in order to please ya's".

It's here the script ends but it clearly spells out the truth just like the miniscule fragment of script that totally proved Jesus was married. The fact of Jesus's marriage in no way contradicts his nonexistence. Er..I'll explain that in another hub.

Cannibal Cults in Ancient Rome

There were many cannibal cults in ancient Rome. This grew from the practice of drinking the blood of gladiators, and when they died in the arena, eating their flesh. It is well known that at the end of each arena spectacle the flesh of all animal and human victims were cooked up in a huge feast. This was called the "Bread and Blood" supper. To be honest most of ancient Rome still practiced cannibalism.

Gladiator blood was even "milked" out of the veins of living gladiator's as a life giving tonic. Only the very wealthy could afford such a tonic.

Likewise the Roman cult of Mithras involved the drinking of living bull's blood to empower the soldiers. Ordinary citizens also drank bull's blood in underground ceremonies to create an aphrodisiac effect.

It was this symbol that was incorporated into the new religion.

One particular cannibal cult preferred the tender flesh of infants. They were known as the Hungry Wise Men who traveled hundreds of kilometers to harvest fresh infants.

Herbs and Spices.


Reader's Input: Don't Be Afraid!

I would like you the reader to tell me what you know about the "Jesus Hoax". Pertinent facts will be included in this Hub with your written permission.

Do not fear the unknown and bravely speak up about what you know. Let's build a Hub together about the Jesus Hoax. The 50 cents we make here will be equally shared by all.

Wake Up People: It's Not Really 2018AD!

It's not 2018AD. Why? Because there was no "after the death of Christ".
It's not 2018AD. Why? Because there was no "after the death of Christ". | Source


1. "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins.

2. "Jesus: Who??" by Ron Burgundy, published by Disney University.

3. "Messiah Shmassiah" by Professor Von Palawotifski of the Institute of Conspiratorial Studies.

4. "How to Write a Hollywood Blockbuster" by Dan Brown.

5. "Conspiracy Theory" at Wikipedia.

6. "Paranoid Delusions", Encyclopaedia of Psychiatry.

7. "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" by Abuncha Looniez

8. "The Life of Brian" by Montague Python


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