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The Illusion That God Loves You

Updated on January 25, 2016

How God doesn't love you

Every christian I have ever met believes their god loves them. It seems like the case at first, but how could I possibly say that god doesn't love his followers. Well my reasoning falls into a few different categories. For several reasons you can look and see how the christian god might possibly not love his followers at all.

The reasoning behind such things falls under 3 main categories.

1: God doesn't love his people.

2: God doesn't love you as a person.

3: God doesn't call us back anymore.

Now before you ask me how possibly god couldn't love you, and I provide you the answers with in your theological construct. I will answer your question with as much sense as I can. Either A: God doesn't love you because he doesn't make any scientific sense, and there for doesn't exist. B: If he does exist he probably just doesn't care to interrupt his time with your menial existence. How ever the more likely thing is probably that you are just following the ancient cave stories of a unintelligent era, as a result of cavemen being to dumb to understand how the world works.


1:God Doesn't Love His People

We have heard it before, plenty of times. If you believe in the christian god, you might remember a time when you started to ask questions. One of those questions you might ask yourself is, How can god love me or us as a species if he lets so many people suffer? It is a question almost all Christians ask themselves as they grow older. Some of us dismiss these questions, or "Find the answers", and then continue to be christians. While others continue to question look at it objectively and either change religions, or become non-believers and skeptics. You can here this sort of thing from people of all different backgrounds.

Now some people suffer in different ways. Depression, suicide, deaths around them, poverty, starvation, family issues, homelessness. The suffering changes depending on your life, how you live, what is important to you, etc. But there is almost always a suffering everybody can agree on, the starvation and poverty of third world and poorer countries. Whether it is in Africa, or Central and South America, we see different levels of poverty, but the difference between our first world living and their third world living is drastic.

We hear it all the time usually from first time atheists, "If god exists then why are there starving children?" Which makes some sense. If god loves and cares about all of his people so much why is there so much tragedy suffering and injustice in the world? Well usually the christian response is one of two retorts.

1: God works in mysterious ways.

Which is a way of saying, I don't know but god. Which not only makes little to no logical sense, and often just frustrates us trying to have a intelligent logical decision.

2: Those who suffer Don't believe in God.

This is where the argument makes even less sense. Why would your loving caring god give up on the non-believers. You would think he would want to show his love and caring by making their lives better in ways that could only come from super natural god like means. Not only does this part not make sense, the entire idea makes much less sense when you look at the statistics.

When you look at the places that have more rates of suffering, hunger, disease, child deaths, poor healthcare deaths, war, crime. If you look at the places where this occurs you will likely come to a rather shocking realization. These countries with relatively worse lifestyles tend to be more christian. You notice countries in Africa are filled to the brim with Christians, or some form of Christianity. If you look just south of America to Central and South America you will notice almost all of the populations there are christian, catholic, or some denomination of the catholic faith. So if god really loves his people why does he let these people suffer so much?

Now you might ask yourself, "well they have too be doing something wrong, America is a christian nation and we are doing absolutely fine." Which you would think makes sense if you were completely blind to the U.S. politics. First of all, America isn't a christian country. Now that we got that out of the way. Second of all, about 60-70% of Americans are christians. That is a fairly large number, but that also creates a big gap of non-christians. Now don't worry most of the big scary 30-40% aren't all godless heathens like myself.. Instead many them being Jewish, Muslims, or some other god fearing/believing religion. Atheists or the non-religious make up anywhere from 9-14% of the population, a fairly low number but it is growing with time passing. Now how come a country with 60-70% of its population believing in biblical god is doing so well for itself? Yes America has its issues, but the poverty and suffrage levels are nowhere close to those of say the Dominican Republic. So obviously that means these poorer worse countries must have like 40% christians right? Well you sir or madam would be dead wrong. Most of these poorer countries have a religious population predominantly christian upwards of 97%. So why are they worse off? It makes no sense. If god loves his people wouldn't he, you know, care for a country that 95% believe in him as opposed to 60-70%? It only makes sense.

To make matters worse. The top 5 happiest countries to live in of 2015 are

1:Switzerland: with a religious population of anywhere from 35%-48%.

2: Iceland: With surprisingly around 51% religious people.

3: Denmark: with around 40% of the population being religious.

4: Norway: With around 30-50% christians, the numbers are very skewed.

5: Canada: With a whopping 40% religious.

A couple of countries trailing behind like Netherlands at 26% religious, and Sweden at 19% religious. These numbers keep getting lower and lower over in Europe and even here in America. You can claim that the European lives are more developed therefore better because they have been around long but you need to remember, not only was America founded at the same time as these Latin American countries, but Europe has seen years and years of constant war, from the Romans to World War 2, these countries have continuously seen their boarders change and countries change over time, on top of that their infrastructure constantly being obliterated from those wars. These countries that are arguably much more secular, and often times have a much more atheistic population seem to do better off with infrastructure, healthcare, politically, wealth, social systems. Now of course correlation doesn't necessarily mean causation. I mean people have been saying these countries are going to go bankrupt in ten years for the last forty years because of their dirty socialist ways, politics and economics. Maybe the lack of religion in politics has opened up minds to more progressive thinking. Or maybe their educational systems are better.

Why is it that these much less religious countries fair so much better than the countries that not only have a much higher christian population, but tend to be more religious over all. Is there a correlation? Does god stilt political and economic growth? Can we not grow as a society and species with the idea of a deity peering over our shoulder watching our every move. Maybe it is just coincidental that these countries, that have a ever more growing non-religious populace, are just fairing much better and growing as opposed to these christian religious countries. But then again maybe religion is a detriment, or maybe god just doesn't give a shit about his people. Or maybe he just doesn't exist.


2: God Doesn't Love You As A Person

All Christians have this sense that god loves them, and that they feel gods love grace and presence through their lifetime. Now this is an account people can only make through personal experience. Which means you have to take each others word for it. This is also the sort of feeling that is fueled through confirmation biased. I used to go to church with my wife, who at the time was my fiancee, I never felt "gods presence" in me at all. The most I felt at church was hunger, but that is only because I wasn't used to waking up earlier than 10 am, in which I procrastinated with sleep and chose that over eating. Because I never felt anything that gave me a sense of a deity looking over me or into my heart, people tried convincing me my hunger was god touching my soul. This would be all fine and dandy if I wasn't previously familiar with my hunger and what hunger felt like, instead of god I felt a craving for Chinese food. This just shows that any feeling anybody felt in church is usually associated with someone believing it is god. All these feelings are confirmed by the rest of the people in your church just confirming your bias. On top of everybody telling you any feeling could be god. If everybody around you is speaking tongues, praying, and having the holy spirit over take them and you feel nothing, then you are going to do one of two things. Number one you are going to feel wrong or left out and attempt to fake it and imitate everybody else. Number two your brain is going to make you think you're doing something wrong, there for making you think that you are feeling something like the others, making you imitate the others. Either way it is going to make others follow suit.

This is an example of how religion makes people change. You need to change in order to fit in or to fit the specific narrative of the religion you intend to follow. No religions will require such a drastic change in life choices or personality than the Abrahamic faiths. Christianity only coming in second behind Islam. Now what happens when you have such a large populous garnering the same religious views. People of different ethnicity's , cultures, and back grounds? You're going to get conflict. Christianity sprung up as a result of this conflict to combat and change the Jewish religion. This eventually bled into Europe and brought about several kings and rulers interpreting the bible in different ways. Now what happens when your religion goes through a series of rewrites and edits over time, each one contradicting the last? Confusion. You get an entire religious base that has so many different interpretations that it can fit just about everybody into the narrative.

The rewrites and edits of the bible creating such a systemic problem of so many different types of the same religion creates this massive issue. Instead of people changing to fit the religion, the religion is changing to fit the people. Now you might ask yourself, "how is this an issue? Didn't you just say that people changing to fit religion is the issue?" And you would be right in my apparent contradiction, if it wasn't for the fact that the christian god is claimed to be, again, all powerful and all knowing. Having such a perfect being would mean that it would know all good and bad of the world, and its religion would be the basis of how everybody should be living their living according to this god. If a being is so powerful and all knowing, then why does its religion have so many denominations?

Now this brings up my main point, god doesn't love you! It is that plain and simple. If he existed and his religion was true, then you should be changing to fit the religion not the religion changing to fit you. If the bible was really the true word of god then you can't justify being gay and a christian and you should take the steps necessary to hide that in the closet and never think about dick again. If he was really all powerful, then you shouldn't be eating shellfish, or leaving your house at all on sundays, and you should murder all non-virgin girls. Sorry but not sorry. God doesn't want you to be you at all. Your personality, your traits, the way you think, eat, live, he hates all of it, condemning every action he doesn't deem holy. If your god really was perfect then you would have no justification for the ways you act and the ways you live, and there for if you really want to support your god, and you truly believe in him then you should change your life to fit your deities narrative. Now here is the thing. Nobody wants this. They want to stay in their little safe bubbles and pretend that no matter how they live they have a religious justification for it. When in reality all your doing is adding fodder for people like me to go on a tirade about how imperfect your god/ religion is in canon. If your god exists he doesn't love you get over it and stop making excuses.

This book can show you how and why this Preacher stopped believing in fairytales

3: God Doesn't Even Call Back Anymore

Like a one night stand god, in the biblical canon, used to care so much and give us enough attention for us to "feel the love", he nutted in us and never called back. In the biblical canon he nutted our world with Jesus and never called us back. Now in the biblical canon there is a "reason" for why god never talks to us anymore, and it seems like a rather cheap cop out. The reason they give us is that god sent his only son Jesus down to be sacrificed to save us from sin and open the gates of heaven. This creating a reason for us to live and follow to his will accordingly so we can be rewarded in the afterlife. Giving us an incentive instead of him needing to always check on us and fix everything.

This sounds like a good plot device in practice, but in reality it just causes more speculation, criticism and skeptics out there. Ignoring the fact that god sees this as a reason to give us incentives to follow his teachings, we are still faced with a glaring issue. That issue being gods omnipotence and omnipresence. He knows all and is everywhere. It isn't like god has an important meeting he needs to attend so he sent Jesus as a baby sitter. He is still in the canon, anywhere and everywhere. So there is no real reason for him to not stay in contact with us if he actually existed.

Maybe god got bored and he ran off else where to fiddle fuck with another planet species or universe. Lets pretend for a second that god in canon is not omnipresent in the sense that he is everywhere at the same time. Let's pretend like he is made up of some form of matter and is materialized and does have to go else where for a meeting. Or decides to go elsewhere to mess with another world or galaxy. God is still presented in the biblical canon as timeless, living before time existed and will continue without end. Tat theoretically means that he can pop up when ever he wants at any time. Of course with him being materialized we can see god and what he is capable of, but then again if he is no longer omnipresent or omniscient then he is no longer all powerful. Especially not now if he is incapable of some form of time manipulation.

There is really no excuse for an all powerful being to be unable to still communicate with us in some capacity to show his existence. While the bible does present a reason for why he "no longer has to", that being incentive based now, all it does is present a glaring issue in the face of those that are too skeptical to follow a non-consistent contradictory book, with faith.

If the christian god existed the question remains why doesn't he just show himself. Or do something divine, it would be all so simple. In the biblical canon he used to intervene all the time. Messing with peoples free will. The garden of Eden tale, the Cain and Abel tale, Noah and even Moses. He supposedly talked and discussed through prophets or even directly to his people from time to time, and also displayed moments of his power. So the question remains why doesn't he do it now. Because if you look around he watches the world suffer like I said before. The answer is either he doesn't care, or doesn't exist. I think it is more than likely the ladder.


If god Existed would he really love anybody?

Now I think we can agree on something. If the biblical god exists he is obviously an asshole. From the ways he completely ignores the suffering of the world. And on top of that his more statistically christian countries. To the fact that he obviously doesn't want you to be the person you want to be do to his holy book and writings.

You can't really justify the way you live or the way your religious friends live through the actual original text you were given. It doesn't fit with society now. it just doesn't jive with life now a days and the world surrounding us. On a personal level or universal level, iit just doesn't make any sense. Why do the christian nations suffer more? Why are those countries less developed? Why are there so many different denominations of christianty? Why are so many people able to manipulate and twist "the holy book" to fit their lives and justify theirs means?

To claim that god works in mysterious ways is just ignorant to the blatant faults the christian religion possesses. It may have worked 2000 years ago or even 200 years ago, but we are growing older and wiser as a species. And those stupid enough to believe in ancient caveman fairy-tales are being left in the dust to hang dry. If god doesn't exist he doesn't love you. He doesn't care about you. And on top of that he doesn't make sense to exist.


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I can say only this. It is my opinion you are extremely ignorant and have no knowledge of God. The Almighty Creator of you and I. Although if you asked Him He would say He loves you and forgives you and accepts you not matter how many times you fall and hopes you will accept Him in your life someday even though you are blinded from the Truth. Open the bible. Pray for your eyes to be opened. Have hope in your eternal life in Heaven.

    • John Colarusso profile imageAUTHOR

      John Colarusso 

      2 years ago

      There is more to it than the simple, there is suffering there for god doesnt exist argument. Which is a definatly reasonable question to ask especially at the start of the conversation.

      But in my first section it goes into questioning why are the most christian nations on the world the most poor? The most suffering? But less religious are thriving? Yes the whole Idea is correlation doesnt mean causation. And i say that,all be it sarcastic, but it is mentioned.

      Now obviously you didnt read the rest, otherwise you would know what i am saying in the second and third sections

    • John Colarusso profile imageAUTHOR

      John Colarusso 

      2 years ago

      I dont think either of you get the point I am trying to make

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      This certainly does seem like a case of a conclusion and then finding reasons to support it. Not very logical.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Andrew Petrou 

      2 years ago from Brisbane

      Once again we see the non sequitur (illogical) argument that God exists but He's a bad guy.

      Yes we all know what you're going to say next: "it's not what you think but what believers should think". This adds even more confusion to an already illogical argument. "I think you should think like me because I'm much smarter than you guys". It's called being self righteous. Yes many religious people can do that too, but why copy an error? You're concerned right? You want to help people? Perhaps mock them too?

      Your question is really Why is there human suffering if there's a God; therefore start a hub on that. This will then untangle your lack of basic logic.


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