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The Importance of Grounding in Psychic Development

Updated on October 28, 2011

What is grounding?

Psychic work can take you to fascinating places in the spirit realm, but it’s often difficult to come back down to Earth when your work is done. As your aura expands when you connect with the spirit world, you may feel scattered and lightheaded at the end of a session. Grounding is an exercise that brings an expanded energy field closer to the body and removes excess energy from the human aura. Practicing a few simple grounding techniques before and after psychic work and meditation can help minimize those spacy feelings and bring you back into your body quickly and easily.

Before you connect

One of the best ways to stay grounded is to do a grounding exercise before you connect to the spirit world. You may think this will prevent a true connection, but being anchored to the Earth helps you to focus and control your energies better, and you’ll be able to bring yourself back into the present faster when you are done with your session. The most common grounding exercise is a visualization of tree roots growing out of your tailbone. Picture them growing and expanding deep into the Earth until you are anchored as solidly as an oak tree. Once you feel secure, you can begin your session knowing that no matter how far your spirit wanders, your body will be in the same spot waiting for its return.

After your session

Even if you grounded yourself before connecting to the spirit world, you may feel a little scattered when you return to the present. Sometimes, all you need to do is visualize being rooted into the ground again. Another great visualization is to picture a stream of water pouring over your head, washing away any scattered energy in your aura and sending it back to the Earth.

Eating is one of the easiest ways to ground, as it is very physical and puts you in touch with your body. Being ungrounded often mimics the symptoms of low blood sugar, and a meal or snack can be the ticket to bringing you back into your body and abating the feelings of lightheadedness.

Soaking in a salt bath is another great method – there’s a reason they call it “salt of the Earth.” Sea salt and Epsom salts are very grounding and help draw excess energies from the aura.

If you’re pressed for time, putting your hands on something solid and earthy can quickly bring you back into your body and into the present moment. Walk barefoot on the grass, hold some rocks, touch a tree or dig your hands in some dirt. Petting your cat or dog is another tactile way to ground.

If you connected with any spirits or entities that you don’t want to carry around with you, as often happens with psychic and mediumship work, it is vital to disengage from them. Visualize cords connecting them to you, and mentally cut the cords to free yourself. You can even make a chopping motion with your hands if that makes it feel more real. Cutting the cords ensures that your energy field is in your control and not littered with the energies of other entities.

Not just for psychics

Although these techniques work wonders for bringing expanded psychic energies back into the body, they have other uses. We often absorb other people’s negative energies and carry the burdens of our day with us, and grounding techniques can help us release all that junk that clutters up our auras. Worries, fears and negativity can make us feel as if we can’t think straight, and sometimes all it takes is to pet the family dog or do some gardening to feel right with the world again. Also, the cord cutting exercise doesn’t just work with spirits – anytime someone gets their “hooks” in you and brings you down, visualize cutting the cord between the two of you and sending them on their way.

Whether you’re working on psychic development or just coping with the stresses and worries of everyday life, incorporating grounding exercises into your daily routine can help bring balance and a feeling of security in this chaotic world.


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    • Kelly Renee profile image

      Kelly Renee 6 years ago from Texas

      So glad you found it useful! Thanks!

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      Another excellent hub and a subject that I have a keen interest in. I always did have problems grounding properly. Even when a meditation session was wonderful, I would often, afterwards, feel spacy but narky as well -to be honest I think I tended to rush this side of things too much. It is something I have to work at, probably because I tend to live very much of the time in my head and my consciousness continually goes other places! LOL!

      Great hub + voted up awesome!