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Answer to Our Prayers

Updated on January 27, 2016

The dictionary defines prayer as, an earnest request, as a petition to God;

Since I was a child I was taught that if I wanted something very badly I should pray for that desire to be met. Throughout my life I lived by this rule. Then my mother came down with advanced colon cancer.

She was a devout believer in God. She spent most of her waking hours praying to be healed. She had people from her church praying in prayer circles for her. They came and layed hands on her and prayed that God would hear her request for healing.

She was not healed. She died in extreme pain but when she died she had a smile on her face. I felt like she was trying to tell me something. I just didn't understand what it was and I didn't understand why she died when she was such a strong believer.

If we choose to believe that God will answer all of our prayers, that leaves room for us to become disillusioned and to doubt when we don't get what we so desire. Acceptance that God knows our hearts and also what is best for us is a difficult concept to grasp, when we have to face loss.

From this experience and through extensive study I have come to a new belief. This says that prayer is not meant for the purpose of asking that our desires be met but rather that the goal to achieve is to be in harmony with the Christ consciousness. In that state of harmony we find that all of our needs will be met and we will be blessed with the grace of God.

Prayer as an on-going communication

I feel that prayer is our way of being in direct contact with the creator. It is not an invitation for us to tell him about our earthly desires but an opportunity to get to know God in a deeper and more profound way. When I approach my prayer life in this manner and turn away from the things of this world, God sends his blessings and I feel a deep peace and connection with his grace. That grace is available to me, all I have to do is put all thoughts of this world aside for a time and enter the presence of Grace.

I liken that grace to a river that runs through me, just below the surface of my awareness. Whenever I feel out of harmony with the consciousness of God all I have to do is remind myself of the accessibility that is available to me at all times. Then I turn my consciousness toward God and find that profound peace that is there for us all just below the surface of our doubt, fear and confusion.. All we have to do join our hearts with his.

Wishing You Peace

May your prayer life bring you peace and understanding. Thanks be to God!


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    • profile image

      slock62 7 years ago

      You summed up my thoughts completely, thnaks

    • Ashmi profile image

      Ashmi 7 years ago from Somewhere out there

      Hi Sandra,

      You are right. People are mistaken when it comes to prayer. Prayer that is based on personal wants and needs do not get answered; for that is not what prayer is about. Real Prayer must serve all and be of universal benefit. Self-denial is the essence of prayer. When we are in tune with Gods will and not our own petty desires, that is prayer...good hub!

    • RedElf profile image

      RedElf 7 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for sharing this, Sandra. Blessings.

    • slock62 profile image

      slock62 7 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for your comments. Of course it is your right to pray whatever way feels right. I however believe that when we pray for stuff it is far too easy to get side tracked and to take the focus off of our purpose which is having a closer relationship with the lord. Take care. Blessings, Sandra

    • Sky321 profile image

      Sky321 7 years ago from Canada

      Nice hub, and I agree with you. I believe that it is a way for us to know the Lord more deeply. But, I also believe that we can also pray for earthly needs too. It sounds like your mother had alot of faith. That still must have been awfully hard to go through. I like what you said about a river that runs through me. Keep up the good faith!