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The Importance of Women in the Church and Society

Updated on June 18, 2014

Eves Deception

The mother of all living was not only the first woman but she was also a very important person in the life of her husband Adam. Why would Satan come to the woman in the garden before approaching the man? Satan in his subtleness knew that Eve held a special place in the heart of her husband and if he was going to get to the man it would need to be through his wife. The bible says that Eve was deceived but Adam transgressed. This was why when Eve ate of the fruit nothing happened, but when Adam took and ate sin then entered the world.

Roman 5:12 declares that wherefore as by one man (not woman) sin entered into the world and death by sin;so death passed upon all men for all have sinned. Transgression is different from being deceived in that one chooses to transgress knowing what they are doing is wrong, while being deceived is thinking that what is wrong is right. Eves intentions were right, but she was wrong. Women have had to take the wrap for this action throughout the ages, but the truth is that Adam being the head of the woman should have taken his place and stood up for his family by doing what he knew to be right.

The seed of the woman shall bruise your head:

Because of eating the fruit that God said not to eat (Disobedience)Adam would now work from the sweat of his brow while Eve would now need to endure the pain of childbirth.Work for man was a good thing because God had placed man in the garden to dress and keep it. Now it had become an unpleasant experience. Childbirth on the other hand for the woman in the beginning was a blessing because in Genesis 1:28 God had blessed them and said be fruitful multiply and replenish the earth. But now it had become an unpleasant experience because God said unto the woman in Genesis 3:16 I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children.

Satan knew that God's promise was going to come to pass against him in that the seed of the woman would bruise his head but he did not know when. So one of his greatest assaults before the birth of Christ had been against women to stop the Messiah from being born. Just look at the injustices against woman before the birth of Christ because Satan did not know if the next pregnant woman would be the birth of the Messiah that was to come and bruise his head. Some of the similar injustices were against Sarah, Rachael ,Hannah and Elisabeth who all were barren but received miracles to be able to conceive great men of God. Sarah birthed Isaac, Rachael birthed Joseph and Benjamin while Hannah birthed Samuel and Elisabeth birthed John the Baptist. After the birth of Christ up until today woman still may find it hard in society. They do some of the same jobs as men but are paid less, in the church there is a longer list of what they cannot do than the men just to name a few examples. Legalism in the church says the women can't wear makeup, can't wear pants, can't wear jewelry, dress must touch the ankles, must keep silent in the church, but I'm still waiting to see the man's list. Of course I'm not being hard on the men because I am one myself. I am simply bringing attention to how important women are.

Contributions from Women

Women have made Important contributions in the bible and in Society and I will list some of those contributions at this time.

  • Without women there would be no Society because there would be no people in general.Women birth children who become adults.
  • Women were responsible for the birth of the great Patriarchs of the bible
  • It was a women who was only one of two individuals outside of Israel that Jesus commended their faith. Matthew 15 shows He commends the Syrophoenician woman's great faith.
  • Luke 8 shows women were a part of those who helped to fund Jesus ministry
  • The women were the first to arrive at the tomb of Jesus after his Resurrection
  • Timothy's Mother and Grandmother were a great influence in his life
  • Many churches today contain women who out number the men
  • It was Mary who sat at the feet of Jesus
  • Woman are some of the great minds in politics today
  • Mary a woman birthed the Messiah
  • Jesus revealed himself as the Messiah to the woman at the well when he did not reveal himself to his own Disciples. He asked them in Matthew 16 who do you say that I am?

Time and space would not permit me to list the numerous contributions from women but there are many.

A tribute to my Mother

My mother was a special lady and an important influence in my life. She was a woman of prayer and there were many mornings that I would awake and hear her praying. She was in the bible daily not only reading it, but living it also. She was a great influence in the lives of others and the phone would constantly ring from others who wanted her to intercede in prayer on their behalf. she would try to keep peace where there was none and would encourage and give wise advice. She made mistakes but would own up to them and not make excuses. She stood by my father as they were married for over 50 years even up to the time he became very sick and she did the work of a wife up until he died in 1996. She was a great teacher of the bible and was often sought out to go and speak at other churches. She would treat others with love and the way that she wanted to be treated.The day that she passed away in March of 2006 she called me that morning and prayed for me.


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    • HAexpressions profile image

      HAexpressions 5 years ago

      Thank you Eunice!

    • Eunice Stuhlhofer profile image

      Eunice Stuhlhofer 5 years ago

      Thanks for putting a beautiful case for women and their contribution in life. May the Lord bless you.

    • HAexpressions profile image

      HAexpressions 5 years ago

      Thank you Lady Summerset!

    • Lady Summerset profile image

      Lady Summerset 5 years ago from Willingboro, New Jersey

      Dear HA, what an inspiring and touching writing and tribute to women and especially your mother. It inspires me to do better in my own relationship with my family.