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The Importance of being “Auroville”

Updated on July 3, 2017
Will the divine be mine?
Will the divine be mine? | Source

Auroville, a land of chaos, yet longing to still

A French town so quaint, all declare themselves to be saint

Auroville. Why so mysterious? May we ask?

Utopia in dystopia, lease us your divine mask

I know your love for labor, seems simple each task

No regret, simply burn and sweat

Looking for a way, each and every day

Looking for peace, costly your fees

Auroville, open borders you claim

To each and every name

Yet closed you stand, few touch your divine hand

Auroville, the Mother says yoga, you say donate

Auroville, deliver us from this evil called the “human fate”

Open your gates, let us mow your lawns

Let us join each Sunday feast of organic spinach and tasty prawns

Together we stand, divided we fall

Heed our call

We all live in India, why merely a few stand tall?

Auroville, spread the word

Be it absolute or absurd

Auroville, meditate upon each tree

And teach us to climb it for free

Sri Aurobindo was a martyr fighting for a singular “we”

Auroville, don’t pay that tax, Indian constitution was always lax

Auroville, show us your face, we are two sides to each coin sold to this godforsaken race

Auroville, I know you are beyond “Name... Place... Animal.... Thing”

Auroville, nobody wants you to be a part of some journalistic sting

You preach unity, below and above

We take a mile to get there, another million to deserve your “grace and love”

The common man, willing to toughen up and tan

Scorching Pondicherry heat, unsteady restless feet

Give us your shelter, from this “sovereign” Helter Skeltor

Make us in lieu, for all the divinity long overdue

For me and for you

Mother will be proud, her son not part of the crowd

We are your brothers and sisters, spread all over this land

Yet you love live in outer space, all glorious and grand

What about us? Why all this fuss?

Show us you care for all who dream and dare

Restless southern heat we are willing to blissfully cheat

We will work on your farm, dance to each alarm

Swing to the wind in tow, sing and strive for each flower to grow

I will plant a tree, borderless my stem

The soil vast enough to soak my blood

I will willingly swim across all incoming flood

Just to reach your shore, just to knock on your door

Just to mop your pristine floor

I shall pick up a broom, or maybe some magic mushroom

Auroville, why such a novel name?

Simplify the universal game

Citizenship you offer, while a passport I already hold

Save me from this lie, let the truth unfold

Time starts now

We wish to ask how

We wonder aloud why? We are willing to try

Each day we cry living the human lie

Auroville, why stand so proud in the halo of a shroud?

You preach love, better scream that sentiment out ALOUD

So all of us hear those spellbinding beats of heaven’s prayer

Auroville, I shall split my spleen

I will break my back to work on your belt so enviously green

I will turn stone to sow your beloved seed

I will burn my back for each cause you lead

Let me in. Let my spirit win.

Don’t just mock me with that careless “you don’t belong here” grin

I wish to be a part of what your eternal start

I wish to be a member till relegated to some historical ember

Let me in, let me soak

Let me suffer or let me choke

No lie in my third eye; I’m merely a curious bloke

I might seem blind, truth I shall find

Let me inside, your rules we shall abide

Auroville, are you a myth or a bit too real?

You look to good to be true

Picture perfect sand, the sky so blue

You welcome all, yet let in only some chosen few?

What about the rest, who possess the same set of nostrils as you?

Breathe in. Breathe out. We will take notes of each poster in queue

Open your door, let us take a peek

You seem to know all answers to each question we seek

Auroville, why stand alone, when surrounded by the rest

Have we failed some test, are you better than the best?

Why be so quiet? Why all that fuss?

Let me glow, in that sun you seem to know

You claim to have neither a friend nor a foe

I’ll sit in that lotus, levitate head to toe

Auroville, hear me fast, I might not forever last

One lifetime merely not enough

To test my subconscious and all that “other world” stuff

I don’t want penance, peace is not merely enough

I have no purpose, I rant for each grant, I cry and I cuss

I stifle and I shirk

I stand too mundane for your surreal smirk

I have no laws, god gave me ordinary paws

I was gifted a head, which I seem never to use

Come light my fire as I resuscitate each “brain dead fuse”

You seem to be from Mars, devoid of city slickers and fast cars

You claim to beckon the infinite, yet stand surrounded by finite bars

Stone cold walls, silent glances in tow

Everyone hush, he is not merely a tourist, he wants to know

I’m not some healer, barely a man

So I fill my void, search for “God” to steer my vanity van

Yes I can. Yes I will.

I’ll give you my all. Just hand me the bill

Let me ascertain the true might of each sense

Let me fly beyond past or present tense

Let me merge in your depth so dense

Let me cross over your never ending fence

Auroville, time to open your arms to “All are one”

Before some Anglo-Saxon tells me i don’t belong in my place under the Indian sun

© 2017 Nikhil Chopra


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