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The Important Question

Updated on April 7, 2011


The most important question anyone can ask is "why?". I say this  because that one word has managed to change the world, individuals lives, and caused reformation and revolutions. It's made people see the reality that we live in,  instead of hiding behind the views of society and religion. Why should we do anything? Like seriously whats the point to it. Especially school! and I'm not just saying this cause i don't wanna go to school or get an education, trust me that's not the case. The Schooling System is complete bull! I'm living proof of this I failed my first 2 years of high school and I practically dropped out my junior year, but I'm still gonna graduate on time! Not to sound egocentric but I consider myself a lot smarter then the average person so why should my life have to depend so much on a piece of paper that says I know what I'm doing? School is a great idea don't get me wrong we just need to go about it differently is all I'm saying.

I've taught myself a lot of what I know, like writing I've always been told i was good at it words just flow into my head and i manage to make them fit together in an understandable and intriguing statement. With just this skill I could drop out of school and use my words to make a living if not an extravagant one, I'll at least make a decent one, so again i ask why? Why go at all when all i gotta do is exactly what I'm doing at this moment? The answer is: Society. It isn't socially acceptable for me to just drop out of high school many people would look down on me for it and consider me not 'intelligent' because I don't have a piece of paper that said I wasted four years of my life. Screw. That.

Now a days it would be hard to even find a decent paying job with out a high school diploma, hell I couldn't even join the military and risk my life for my country because I don't have a pointless piece of paper. That my friends is so grade A bull! Again I ask why? Why does it matter so much? If anyone finds a legitament answer to this question please enlighten me because I am truly at a loss with this one.


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      NormalisCrazy 6 years ago from USA

      There is no legitimate answer. Education is important. School? Is not a real education at all.