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The Incident At The Dyatlov Pass

Updated on June 15, 2013
Four of the hikers.
Four of the hikers.

In the early part of 1959 a group of ten Russian ski hikers set out on a trip towards the Ortorten Mountains. The difficult expedition was attempted by people with extensive experience in ski tours and long trips through the arduous terrain during winter. After taking a truck to Vizhai one of the team was taken ill and decided to stay behind, on the 29th of January the team carried on with their quest, it was the last time they were to be seen alive.

When the team never arrived back at Vizhai on February 12th their expected return date, a rescue party was sent out which began to try to trace their route through the Dyatlov Pass. The teams abandoned campsite was discovered on the 26th of February. The campsite was deserted, one of the tents was ripped, strangely looking like it had been ripped by someone trying to escape not ripping to get in. The would be rescuers were soon to find the next horrific sight, they found the first two hikers sitting by what remained of a campfire, both were dead, dressed only in their underwear and their shoes had also been removed. Near to the first bodies the remains of three other corpses were found, their positions indicated that they were likely trying to reach back to the original camp before dying on the way. It would be nearly two months later before the bodies of the remaining four hikers were discovered under a ravine under four meters of snow. Although one of the bodies definitely just died of hypothermia some of the other bodies though showed some strange injuries such as major chest trauma, also one body had a cracked skull that a doctor remarked could only be caused by enormous pressure such as being hit by a car. Perhaps most macabre of all one of the female hikers was missing her tongue!

A map of the area.
A map of the area.

The investigation set up to look into the incident concluded that each individual had walked out of the camp of their own accord. All the hikers were in a state of undress. At first it was suggested the hikers may have been attacked by a local tribe, the Mansi, this was dismissed as their injuries were seen to be too severe to have been caused by human hands even with weapons. Strangely forensic tests on the clothing of the hikers showed high levels of radiation present, the victims relatives remarked at the funerals that the bodies seemed to have a weird almost orange tan. To add to the mystery some hikers who were venturing just some 50 kilometers from Dyatlov noted spotting some strange spheres in the sky around the time of the incident.

Abandoned campsite.
Abandoned campsite.

The Incident at Dyatlov Pass continues to baffle investigators, it is not just a mystery but also an eerie and yet very sad event. What could of caused the death of nine young and experienced adventurers? Did they fall victim to a tribe of vicious natives, or were they unlucky enough to come across some dangerous cold war ordinance? We shall probably never know but one thing is for sure that the Dyatlov Pass incident remains a most spooky and macabre event.


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