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The Incredible Story of God's Amazing Love - Chapter 2: The Beauty of God's Creation

Updated on March 15, 2010
"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the     firmament shows his handiwork".  Psalms 19:1
"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork". Psalms 19:1
The immeasurable beauty and perfection of God's wondrous creation!
The immeasurable beauty and perfection of God's wondrous creation!

Creation of the World (Genesis)

God's Creation

Beauty of the Sky

God's Creation: The Beauty of the Deep

Awesome Wildlife Tribute

Soon after creation, it was easy to comprehend God's great love and awesome power throughout the world everywhere, by contemplating His works in nature.

In the beginning, the earth was lush with beautiful vegetation, trees, and flowers, and the waters were all crystal clean and unpolluted. The skies were clear and uncontaminated, and the earth teemed with a multitude of wondrous animal life. The fruits and vegetables were pure and loaded with vitamins and unparalleled freshness. Every thing good for the inhabitants of the earth was provided abundantly, in God's great love and tender care for all of His creation. All was perfect and breathtakingly, incomparably beautiful.

Before sin entered the world, all was peaceful and there was no death, no cruelty, and no harm done anywhere. It was intended by our Creator that we eat vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts, and animals were not killed for food. Before the earth's system of balances was destroyed by man's sinfulness, there were no extremes in weather, and plants were watered by a mist provided by God. Every need of all creation was tenderly provided for. All of God's creatures, from the most lowly to the most complex of life forms, received sustenance in great bounty from God's loving providence. The whole of creation thrived gloriously and sang in jubilation with praise for God's loving presence.

Adam and Eve were occupied in activities which caused them great joy, and their hearts sang with gladness and fulfillment. They tended the earth with joy and it responded with vibrant proliferation. They knew God, and loved and understood God's Law and its underlying principles of love fully. The Law of Love was written in their hearts. Before they sinned, God walked and talked with them and this caused them unmitigated joy. God was with them always, attentive to their every need. They flourished in His love, and grew in grace daily, learning the awesome lessons of love and life that He shared with them. They wanted for nothing and all was perfect, as it was meant to be.

But when sin entered, everything changed, and all God's beautiful creation became marred and ugly by the results of evil. Everything deteriorated and was destroyed by the effects of Satan's cruelty and selfishness. Along with sin, death also entered the world. This caused God terrible grief and anguish, and all of God's Universe grieved along with Him. His children, who were created in His own loving image, had become selfish and cruel, and guided by hatred, instead of by His principles of love and compassion. And His beautiful creation had been horribly destroyed.

Even now, however, we can still find the evidence of His great love in the amazing beauty of nature - the stately majesty of the mountains, the awesome power of the oceans, the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, the wondrous complexity of all living beings, and by studying the intricate interactions between myriad substances and life forms.

It's possible to see God's wonderful love in every newly budding flower, in the grace of a deer, in a snowflake, in the beauty of the rainbow, or by gazing on the precious face of a newborn baby. There is absolutely nothing that God did not think of in His marvelous omniscience and omnipotence. Our own bodies and their workings are simply amazing in their complexities. Everything in this world is a study in God's awesomeness and ingeniousness, if we only take the time to look. There are precious lessons to be learned from every aspect of our world and everything in it, even from the tiniest flower or the simplest animal.

We need to understand that all of this wonderful creation was designed and intended for us, His dearly beloved children. Everything was made especially to perfectly satisfy the exact needs of our bodies and souls. Who would know better than God Himself what we require? He made us! He understands every single facet of all of the mysteries of what makes us work!

And it was all done because He loves us, and wants us to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled in every way. In providing every good thing for us, He wanted to show us constantly how much He loves us and that He is ever tenderly looking after us. After all, we are His children, created by Him, in His own image! He loves us with a Father's love: tenderly, compassionately, and endlessly...

"The Incredible Story of God's Amazing Love" - Index

1. The True Nature of God

2. The Beauty of God's Creation
3. The Law of Love

4. The Seal of God
5. How Sin Entered The World
6. The Wages of Sin & Its Results
7. The Word of God

8. The Great Controversy
9. Satan's Deceptions
10. God's Perfect Plan of Salvation
11. Jesus in Prophecy
12. The Desire of Ages
13. The Advent and Life of Jesus
14. The Miracles
15. Parables of Jesus
16. The Sermon on the Mount

17. Christ's Object Lessons
18. The Resurrection
19. Jesus Is Our Savior
20. The Miracle of Salvation by Grace
21. Steps to Christ
22. Accepting God's Grace
23. The Washing of Sins
24. Living in Christ
25. Reflecting Jesus
26. The Power of Prayer
27. God's Promises
28. The Holy Spirit ("The Comforter")
29. Healthy Living By God's Word
30. Blessed Are the Peacemakers...
31. Refining By Fire
32. Jacob's Trouble
33. The Work of Jesus in the Holy Temple
34. Living by Faith
35. The Bride of Jesus
36. God's Prophets
37. Daniel and The Revelation
38. God's Final Warning
(The Message of the 3 Angels)
39. The Abomination of Desolation
40. Doctrines of Devils
41. The Mark of the Beast
42. The Great Tribulation
43. "What Will Be the Signs of the End?"
44. The End of Probation
45. No More Forgiveness
46. God's Children in the End Times
47. Preparing for the Second Coming
48. The Second Coming of Jesus
49. The Holy City
50. Resurrection and Judgement
51. The Milennium
52. Armageddon (The Final Conflict)
53. The Final Judgement
54. The New Earth


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  • The Stages Of ME profile image

    Kathy Henderson 

    8 years ago from Pa

    I really enjoyed your Hub and the pics ~ God Bless

  • The Stages Of ME profile image

    Kathy Henderson 

    8 years ago from Pa

    When we take in all the beauty He has created How can we be anything but inspired :)

  • MagicStarER profile imageAUTHOR


    11 years ago from Western Kentucky

    The wonder of God's creation never ceases to fascinate and amaze me. So much beauty all around us, but too much chaos going on all over to allow us to appreciate it. Someday all that negative will be gone, and we will be able to fully enjoy the awesome love and beauty.

  • frogyfish profile image


    11 years ago from Central United States of America

    I really enjoyed all the different music with the video pix. Especially the first two, but the animals one was very nice with so many 'little onel' in it. Thanks for sharing truth and hope!

  • Larry Lathrop profile image

    Larry Lathrop 

    11 years ago from Maryland

    What happened to the Bible Verses concerning sin... the Romans Road.... and the pics of Our Savior? Sorry to see the compromise... here is the comment that I was going to post.

    Well done explanation of God's plan of salvation. We can never go wrong quoting the Bible and the Romans road... comes right to the point about sin. Your commentaries look very formidable reminiscent of Spurgeon or Calvin. God Bless.

  • MagicStarER profile imageAUTHOR


    11 years ago from Western Kentucky

    God's loving touch can be seen in everything around us. And precious lessons in love are everywhere. Science is but the study of God's awesome ingeniousness!

  • Hawkesdream profile image

    Al Hawkes 

    11 years ago from Cornwall

    A momentous way to deliver the message of the beauty to be found all around us.


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