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The In's & Outs of Life's Lines & Boxes

Updated on August 1, 2011

Written 04/01/11

 Most of us won't admit it, or if we do admit it, we don't like to, but we all live our life pretty much in a "box". Sure, some of us claim to "think outside the box" or "color outside the lines", and we may - sort of, we think outside of the box that people or society have put around us. But sadly to often we are still stuck in the box that we apply to ourselves. Even worse is that when we talk to others we usually apply our "box" to them, and they usually do the same to us. This is why some people seem so odd, strange or unusual to some other people.

Truth is we can't apply our box to anyone, our life experiences, talents, thoughts, and feelings aren't all the same and in line with any one person, even relatives. Oh how often parents try to apply their box to their kids. I think the closest any two people may come to getting or understanding each others "box" would be in the confines of a marriage, and even then they'd have to be together an awfully long time.

Where our box really fails us though is when we try to apply it to God. We'd be far better served applying His box to to us. His box contains all things, people, places, events, & history, from the very begining to well beyond what we can even begin to perceive. His box holds the entire universe, He gladly makes room for us in His box, we just need to ask. Just think of all you can conceive within and beyond your box, God can multiply that by more than we can ever comprehend.

I long to let God lead me "out of my box" and into His, now and forever, I'm working on it and can't wait to get beyond my boxes sides that enclose me. To go "out of the lines" that the world paints to keep me "in line". It's time to shine, with talent divine, beyond the realm of limitations. Not only me, but each of you, let God lead you out of your box and deliver you to His destination and plan. There is no can't, won't, doubt or unsurity - nothing righteous is beyond Him, nor you - when you're in His will.

I believe any one of us could do world-wide wonders, if we would just surrender to Him and get out of our boxes. Have you felt His calling or leading on you, in your life, and yet, don't know how or where to start? Well, start Praying, have Faith and be ready! Then, don't look back because your going to go further than you could ever imagine - the world is not big enough to restrict or limit you when God is with you. So break the box and leap the line!



In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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