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The Inverted Pentacle

Updated on August 5, 2010
An inverted pentacle
An inverted pentacle

When people misunderstand the upright pentacle, and think it is a Satanic symbol, Wiccans usually correct them by pointing out the difference between one-point-up and one-point-down. "Satanists have turned a good symbol upside-down just like they did with the Christian cross." But is it as simple as that?

The official symbol of the Church of Satan is actually the Sigil of Baphomet, not the simple inverted pentacle. The sigil is an inverted pentacle, with a double circle around the outside and the head of a goat pictured within the 5 points. Visit their website for more information on this sigil and why it was chosen to represent the Church of Satan. This symbol has meaning of its own within the realm of ritual magick.

Though the 'plain' inverted pentacle is not officially representative of any specific faith or religion, there is still meaning in its symbolism. To assume that the inverted pentacle is evil because it is the opposite of the upright (good) pentacle is simplistic. In the upright version, the upwards point shows the Wiccan focus on spirituality, on Deity, and on enlightenment. The point-down version shows a focus on the material world, and earthly desires.

It's not really a division of good vs. evil at all. Two different outlooks on life. There was an apt quote from the website of the First Church of Satan: "The upright pentacle is about becoming, whereas the inverted pentacle is about being" (paraphrased)

To throw another twist into the mix, the inverted pentacle is used as a symbol by 2nd degree Gardnerian witches. It's also used among some Wiccans to represent the male energy of the God, with the upright pentacle representing the Goddesss. So next time, some one asks you about your pentacle, don't be so quick to label the inverted pentacle as Satanic. There are enough misconceptions floating around as it is.


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    • Ur Anaite profile image

      Ur Anaite 7 years ago from The Land of the Dead

      further to your great hub, if you are stood in a pentacle and turn just slightly to your right or left it becomes inverse. Is turning ones head such a powerful magikal act?

    • agusfanani profile image

      agusfanani 7 years ago from Indonesia

      I see !. Thank you for this information.