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Life and its contrasts

Updated on October 10, 2011

What is joy without sadness? What is gain without loss? What is success without failure? What is abundance without lack? What is life without death?

This is the irony of Life.

The best lessons in life, they say, are learned through painful, sometimes excruciating experiences. If you are wise enough, you should learn from every painful experience that you are/ were faced with, in this lifetime.

Life, while it has its ups and downs, has a lot more to offer. I often remind myself and other people that, <if the occasion calls for it>, that (and i quote) our glory is not in never falling, but in RISING everytime we fall. What counts the most is not the number times you stumbled and fell, but the many times you picked yourself up, shake the dust off of you and moved on.

Our life on this finite earth is full of ironies. Ironies presented as choices. Choices that lead us to a life that we ourselves mold, and a life that we should be held accountable for.

Some people may attribute their fate to luck. Some people to hard work. To some people, its all about their faith. To each his own.

Whatever it is that we are experiencing in life today, all boils down to our choices, because I believe nothing would ever happen to us, without our permission.

Life may be ironic to some people. They may be working really hard and long, but the reward they receive is meager. Some people may seem to be just lazing around, but racks in a lot of money. Some may seem to be so cruel with the way they treat others, but these are the same people that get all the breaks, while humble, meek folks are always last on the line.

I cannot refute this, and I do not have a solid answer as to why things are, the way they are. There is one thing though that I am most confident, sure and non-ambivalent of : that life on earth is temporal. You may not have the best of best while here on earth, but if you are in Christ and you know the Word of God, then life after our physical death will not be ironic. God is faithful and He is loving. He is more than wonderful, generous beyond what we can even imagine.

Do not lose hope. There's a reward awaiting for you, soon. Keep the faith.


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