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The Islamic Shiite-Sunni Hatred in Islam

Updated on June 29, 2014

Maybe, just maybe, Islam is really just a man-made religion, literally man-made. No other religion imposes such draconian rules that make women second class citizens to men. Name one other religion that forces women to be second to a man. Of course, some say that these rules imposed on women are not Islamic but cultural for a specific country, which clearly are male oriented societies

That is one of many topics under Islam. The more serious is about the ancient hatred between the two tribes under this religion-Sunni and Shiite. Even in today's modern world, they dictate how a country's political and military power is formed. This is very true in the Middle East. To those not of Islam and in the West, it just seems moronic to place so much hatred and evil in this. It is almost like Satan has been allowed to stoke the hate, divide the tribes, even more through extremists of that religion. Of course, ethnic hatreds occur in many places like Africa and in Bosnia. But these were not based on on religion.

With Iran Shiite and Saudi Arabia Sunni, the hatred increases as both countries try to be dominate in the Middle East. In the middle is Israel. Surrounded by the hatred between Sunni-Shiite and also directed at the Jew. In Iraq, after trillions of dollars and 4500 US deaths, Iraq is falling apart via the Shiite-Sunni hatred. The country has already been divided-the Kurds in the north of Iraq have been left alone it seems and they have declared they are not part of Iraq. ISIS, which is Sunni, has a large part of the country now and under Maliki, Iraq's Shiite government, controls Baghdad and Basra.

How did this Sunni-Shiite hate develop?

Whenever this religion was created, the founding Muslim community had to decide how Islam would be led after Prophet Muhammed's death (in other religions, this equates to Jesus). A great argument ensued among Islamic leaders. Some felt it should follow along "family" lines, or Ali ibn ABi Talib, the prophet's nephew and son-in-law. Some preferred companions of Muhammed. Ali was passed over three times before he took the throne in 656. He only held the honor for a few years. In 661, he was murdered. This makes one wonder about this religion. It seems "too human" in its origination.

As time passed, Ali's supporters were still pissed, these supporters became known as Shiat Ali. This became Shiite and the son of Hussein tried to seize control of the throne. But, in one of many battles then, this Shiite leader was killed in Karbala, Iraq. From that time to the present, the distrust and hatred was passed down from generation to generation, much like in the USA, the white and black prejudice.

It estimated that Shiites only comprise of 10% of global Islam. In history, Shiites dominated North Africa from the 10th-12th centuries and welcomed Sunnis. When the 20th century began, both groups fought together. Even in the more recent past, Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia were tolerant of one another without trying to destroy one another. But still, in SA, school children were taught that Shiite are heretics and Christians and Jews are sub-human. In the 80's, Iraq was Sunni under its leader and waged an eight year war on Shiite Iran. Now, it is Shiite and Iran is a close friend. Iraq became Shiite because of the US invasion in the 90's that toppled the Sunni leader and instilled an Shiite leader. This angered the Saudis who are Sunni, but even they hated Iraq's Saddam Hussein, a Sunni.

Syria is controlled by the Alawites, a small Shiite sect and until the Syrian War that has killed 160,000, it was fine. But, the Sunni nations used the Syrian uprising to support the freedom fighters, including the US, to make Syria Sunni. This would rob Iran of Iran's Shiite partner. So, many of the Gulf Sunnis sent millions of dollars and weapons to those fighting Assad. Until recently, ISIS, which is Sunni, was the powerhouse in Syria. Blessed with recent victories all over Shiite Iraq, ISIS is seeking to either create a Sunni state in Iraq or topple the Shiite government, which is why most US and Iraqi leaders want PM Maliki gone, who has not tried to include Sunnis.

In Pakistan and Afghansitan, the Shiites are under attack. In Lebanon, Sunnis have tried to kill its Shiite leaders. The US and others have now made Saudi Arabia a military power, a Sunni, in order to contain Iran, Shiite. Russia and China have made Iran a military foe. Iraq is Shiite for now but is being torn apart by Sunni and Shiite proxies.

One can see how the Book of Revelation in the Bible can become fact. There, the final war is Armageddon and occurs in the Middle East. Nuclear weapons are used. Russia, China and nations of the West collide over sectarian issues and national interests.


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