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The Islamic religion had a great impact on the Arab people

Updated on March 18, 2016



Prophet Muhammad




Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) first teachings were done in Mecca

Before its rise, the people of Arabia lived a nomadic life and earned their living mostly by transporting goods from one place to another in camel caravans over the Arabian desert. They were divided into many tribes which were constantly fighting against each other. At that time the Arabs worshipped many Gods and were very superstitious. They were ignorant of the changes that were taking place around them.

Prophet Muhammad was born in AD 570 at Mecca (Arabia). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had lost his parents at a very early age and was brought up his uncle. Since his childhood, he had a questioning mind. He felt that if the Arab tribes could be united they would become very strong. He felt that this could be done by having common religion.

When he was forty years old, his wife changed. According to the belief of the Muslims, true religion was revealed to him by Alla, the one and only God. The new religion came to be known as `Islam'. It forbid idol worship. It preached certain principles and a follower of Islam had to regulate his or her according to those principles. The followers of Islam believe that three is only one God, Allah, and Muhammad was His prophet. They are required to perform five duties – to recite the Kalma, to give one – fortieth of their total income in charity, to offer prayers (namaz) five times a day, to observe fast or roza during the month of Ramzan and to go on pilgrimage to Mecca (or do Haj).

Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) first teachings were done in Mecca, a trading centre near the Red Sea, where he had lived most of his life. Many Arabs thought of Mecca as holy place, for in it was the Kaaba, a cube – shaped building containing a sacred black stone. In the beginning, prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) teachings were not received with great enthusiasm. Since some people opposed his ideas, he migrated to Medina in AD 622. this migration of the Prophet from Mecca to Medina is known as Hijrah. The year of the Hijrah marks the first year of the Muslims calendar. Hence it is known as the Hijri Calendar. In Medina people enthusiastically accepted the new religion. In AD 630 when the Prophet returned to Mecca, the people there, too, embraced Islam.

The new religion gave political unity to the warring people of Arabia and combined them into one people. By the time the prophet breathed his last in AD 632, the whole of Arabian had become Islamised after the passing away of the prophet, his successors, known as Caliphs, became the leaders and rulers of the Muslims.

Follow the teaching of Holy Prophet Muhammed


In other parts of the world during that time

Around 1400 years ago, Prophet Muhammad introduced a new religion, Islam, in Arabia. Within a span of 100 years, Islam spread to different countries including Spain, Iran and North Africa. The new religion also came to India along with Arab sailors and soldiers who conquered Sind (in present – day Pakistan) about 1300 years ago.

Prophet Muhammad's teaching were -

1) There is only one God (Allah). 2) Equal rights and respect for women. 3) The rich and the poor are alike in the sight of God and that their good deeds will help them to meet God in heaven. 4) To live honesty and that working hard to earn a living is also considered as a worship of God. 5) god is called Allah in Arabic Prophet Muhammad taught people to remember people to remember God at all times.

The aquarium is the hallowed book of Islam. Here is a verse from the Quran, part - 16, verse no - 61. What's more, Allah were to force fault on the general population for their wrong doing, He would not have left upon the earth any animal but rather He offers them for a predefined term. Furthermore, when their term has come, they won't stay behind 60 minutes, nor will they Precede [it].


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