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The Issue of Authority

Updated on September 3, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

I have been watching

Since it is the presidential election season, I have been watching all the candidates and even those judges and politicians that regularly make the news. While no one is perfect, I have seen, read and listened to different decisions and promises made by all.

It is sad to report that the Democratic Party side of the elections have been the worst of all. They do not like a rule they either change it, like they did when Ilhan Omar was elected. Congress had a religious clothing rule that barred all religious items in their chamber.

Or, if it is a law that they do not like, for example the current immigration laws, they simply ignore them and find ways to disobey them. Like the Washington Governor who told Washington law enforcement not to co-operate with immigration officers. These examples of misguided thinking is not good for the Democrats.

Under cutting their own authority

In my analysis of what is taking place in America right now and over the past few months, I see the Democratic Party members wanting to have authority over their fellow countrymen.

They are doing everything they can to regain power except the right thing. They fail to respect the authority that currently governs their nation. Those actions only undermine their own authority if they get to return to the seats of power.

Right now, unless they repent and change their ways, all they are doing is making sure that their authority means nothing. Who can respect them when these people fighting for political and judicial offices cannot obey and respect the laws of their country?

Who will take them seriously when they demand that the people obey and respect their laws and regulations? The Democrats have not done it so why should anyone else if they are returned to power?

If the people do not obey and respect the laws and regulations that the Democrats lay down, then the latter cannot complain as they have set the example by refusing to do the same for those who were in authority over them.

The Democrats, even if they reach political and judicial offices, have no authority any more. They have no moral authority either as they embrace evil and disobey God’s laws and regulations.

Jesus and God have authority

Not only because they are who they are, but because they did not tell their followers to disobey the human authorities that had rule over them. We read in the gospels where Jesus submitted to his parents’ authority.

Then we read later where Jesus and his disciples tell everyone to obey the human authorities. Both God’s and Jesus’ only caveat was that their followers did not have to obey the human governments if those governments made laws, regulations or told them to violate God’s laws and sin.

You will find throughout the Bible that neither God nor Jesus told their followers or anyone to rebel, revolt or cause civil disobedience of any sort. They were to live peacefully with their neighbors.

What we see in the Bible are both God and Jesus maintaining their authority by not violating man’s laws nor telling their follower’s to ignore their fellow citizen’s laws. Because of these actions, both God and Jesus have authority no matter what.

It is an embarrassment

Not only to America where the whole world is watching. The observers see the very people who swear an oath to uphold the laws of the land continually ignore those oaths and willfully violate the laws of America.

It is also an embarrassment to both God and Jesus as their followers continue to alter the laws and commands of the Bible to fit their own personal preferences. It is also an embarrassment to see those who claim to follow God ignore his word and seek to meet the world’s ideas and change the church by following the counsel and example of the ungodly.

How can Christians expect people to follow God and his laws when they do not do it themselves. Many believers have lost their authority because of their refusal to humbly obey God. No one will listen to them because they do not listen to God.

It is the same for American Democrats. How can they expect the world to honor, obey and respect American laws when they themselves do not do it? If Christians want authority and have people respect God’s laws and commands, then they must do so first.

Some final words

One of the tragedies that has visited America and the Church is this attitude that people are free to do as they please. But that is not so. As long as they claim to be American and live within its borders, then those people must abide by and respect the laws of the nation.

The same goes for the church. If people who claim to believe,love and follow God remain in the church, then they are under God’s authority and must respect, honor and obey his laws and commands.

Unlike American politics where the people have been given authority to change their laws,, church members were not granted the power to change the church, its rules or God’s word. They were only granted the authority to choose to remain and obey or leave the church and do what they want.

If the church wants authority and have everyone respect it and its moral law, then its members must do the same or there is no church to bring the unsaved to.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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