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The Jesus Myths

Updated on July 24, 2011

It's great we get a four-day weekend, but turns out that maybe Jesus didn't even exist in the first place. Here are seven reasons why Christians might be worshipping a bloke who never was.

1)No-one remembers him. Of all the hundreds of historians in ancient Rome, only twomention "Christus" at all, and none refer to him as Jesus.

2)Herod was already dead. Turns out King Herod, the nasty Jewish monarch whosupposedly killed a load of kids in order to get rid of Jesus and thwart the prophesiedMessiah, actually died in 4BC.

3)The entire story is ripped. The fable of Jesus is blatantly borrowed from the story ofEgyptian God Horus, from 4000BC. As a baby Horus was visited by three kings, thenlater walked on water, preformed miracles, had 12 disciples, and was eventually crucifiedand rose three days later. Sound familiar?

4)The four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) were written centuries after theevents they describe, and all contradict each other in dozens of ways. So, if the Bible isthe word of God, he's a little confused, and possibly senile.

5)The Bible said that Joseph and Mary had to return to their place of birth, Bethlehem, for acensus. But no census was held that year, and there was no requirement to go whereyou were from.

6)Christians say Jesus was born in a stable, but it's not ever mentioned in the Bible!

7)US professor William Smith says there was a Jewish sect that worshipped a divine beingcalled Yeshu (that's Jesus in ancient Hebrew) centuries before when Jesus wassupposed to be born.

So there you go, all of the above are true, factual pieces of information. Pretty overwhelming and hard to look past isn't it? Don't get me wrong I'm not having a go at people that believe in Jesus I was raised Catholic Christian and certainly believe in God, I just think that the story and person involved isn't quite accurate. The facts are what they are and there probably isn't the slightest chance that Jesus exist in the way we all have been lead to believe he did, but then again everyone is entitled to believe what they want to believe and who am I to deny you that!


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    • Austinstar profile image


      6 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

      Very interesting. The whole bible thing is a set of ancient soap operas in my book. Pun intended.


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