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"The Joseph Effect"

Updated on January 26, 2014
"Joseph King Of Dreams"
"Joseph King Of Dreams" | Source

In this unique story you will come to understand, what I call the "Joseph Effect". Joseph went through hard times to triumph. His love to work was so huge. Joseph always wanted to do what was right, not caring what anybody else would think of him. Joseph is a man who conquered life through a gift God gave him. He beat those who doubted him tremendously. Through this story the weak link became the great link. "The Joseph Effect".

"Joseph King Of Dreams"
"Joseph King Of Dreams" | Source
"Joseph King Of Dreams"
"Joseph King Of Dreams" | Source

Joseph (Dreaming Prophet)

Joseph from the house of Jacob, who is his father. Joseph was loved by Israel more than his other brothers. Israel loved Joseph so much, because of the age of Jacob (being old). During this time Joseph was known to be a miracle to his family and Israel. Thus where the fame kicked in all because he was born from an old aged father. Joseph had a coat of many colors. "Look, the coat must have been amazing, because Joseph brothers (half brothers) were jealous". The brothers were from Bilhah and Zilpah who were the wives of his dad Jacob.

"Listen guys no you can not have more than one wife". These guys were more responsible back then". "Besides God changed things since then so cheer up". "Especially if you having problems with one". Don't Give Up Stay Married! With That One Wife! Anyway when the brothers saw Joseph with this awesome coat. The brothers thought Joseph was loved more than them. They hated him and did not speak kindly to him.

"Joseph King Of Dreams"
"Joseph King Of Dreams" | Source

Joseph dreamed a dream one night and the brothers hated him even-the-more. They were like " Man I can't Stand Him". Yea He Get On My Nerves". Joseph was saying unto them "I Pray You Listen To My Dream". Joseph started to tell them the dream. "We were binding sheaves (collecting harvest) My Harvest Arose And Stood Upright And Stood Round About. Then Joseph went on to say to his brothers, Your Harvest Stood Round And About And Made Worship, Respect To My Harvest. One of the brothers replied " Should You Rule Over Us? Have Dominion Over Us? You guest It they kept hating on Joseph the more. "they should be red in the face by now, pass boiling about to explode, with all this hate.

"Joseph King Of Dreams"
"Joseph King Of Dreams" | Source

The brothers got together to conjure up a lie to sell Joseph. They were like "We need Him Out Of Here, That Was The Third Strike In This Ball Game. " Joseph You Have Been Booted Off The Island. You Are The Weekest Link Good-Bye! "We all know that wasn't the exact words". The brothers were jealous. Seeking revenge. The brothers decided to sell there brother Joseph into slavery. For 20 pieces of silver. That's low no man or female is worth money. Their worth is greater than any money or jewelry you can buy.

Later Joseph started working as a slave in the house of Pharaoh. Remember Joseph had dreams and could understand them quickly. Joseph was lied on by Pharaoh's wife (she said Joseph was trying to sleep with her)Yea, Right! Joseph was saved by Pharaoh's wife because she confessed. Pharaoh put Joseph in prison. Joseph met two prisoners who had dreams. Joseph told the two guys the meaning and the two men were waiting for the manifestation. Joseph's answers came to pass. One of the prisoners was beheaded and the other was submitted to go serve the Pharaoh The guy who went to Pharaoh to serve. Joseph told him to don't forget about him.

Later Joseph was released. Pharaoh had a dream he couldn't understand. Pharaoh sent for Joseph. The dream consisted of harvest was about to die. no food and would not be available to anyone. Joseph had explained the dream and God gave Joseph the knowledge and wisdom on what to do to save Israel. The Pharaoh promoted Joseph. His brothers came to Egypt for food. Joseph revealed himself to them after he showed them what it was like to loose a brother. The brothers saw that Joseph was king. They were all astonished.

"Joseph King Of Dreams"
"Joseph King Of Dreams" | Source

"Joseph King Of Dreams Trailer"

"Joseph King Of Dreams"
"Joseph King Of Dreams" | Source

"The Joseph Effect" is still happening in our everyday lives. God is still using dreams to fix problems. It can even involve in saving someone's life. look at the story of Joseph. God told Jacob ahead of time who one of his wives were carrying. So Dreamers maybe God is using. Yes! using you to save someone, help someone, or even have dominion and prosperity. Know that God is Pouring His spirit out and know that you might be a Joseph. For those who still don't understand I recommend you watch the movie "Joseph king Of Dreams" to start you off. Don't share your dreams with just anybody. right them down.

Love All xoxo

"Joseph King Of Dreams"


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      Posetta Brown 

      5 years ago from Charleston S.C.

      Hope You Like..:)


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