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The Joy of the Season

Updated on December 14, 2009


Seasons greetings fill the air with wonders from above. The birth of Christ our savior is bringing hope to everyone.  The truest form of overwhelming love sent from God on high to wrap us in tender warmth of astounding days to come.  Anticipation that is unending with joy that fills our world, with hopes and dreams for tomorrows that are yet to come. 


Reach out to hold the savior close, enveloped in his love. Touch the skies; embrace the marvel that the season brings. Give Him love and honor for the sacrifice He made.  Knowing now of days to come and love that’s never ending. Sharing hope with those you love and touching the truest heart.


A gift was given long ago, upon a starlit night.  Transcending all that came before, filling us with expectations, of an incredible life to come.  A child was born to give us live, through the horror of his death.  Something we can’t take lightly, a gift of untold worth.  Wondrous in it’s loving hope.


Hope for a new tomorrow, strength to face that day, simple thoughts of sparkling expectation sprinkled through the day. On that day of His sweet birth the world was born anew, the world rejoiced and cried in pain of what was yet to come.  Birth and crucifcation both needed to redeem. Rejoice and hold Him closely and He will do the same.


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