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The Kybalion aka Hermetic Philosophy

Updated on April 27, 2012
Kybalion - Hermetic Philosophy, rewritten in 1910
Kybalion - Hermetic Philosophy, rewritten in 1910

Somewhere around 3100 B.C.

According to wikipedia the definition, the Kybalion is associated with an ancient mystical teaching currently known as hermetic philosophy. also known as esoteric (hidden) teachings. (The ALL)

"Hermetic Philosophy" is actually an ancient belief that has stemmed from one single source in history, and pretty much is similar to the Arc or Covenant term used in many of our modern day, stories, movies, video games themes, myths, biblical stories, tales & legends. Such as the movie raiders of the lost Arc, where there's some hidden unknown magical power that only a few people deep somewhere in India had knowledge of.

This single source can be argued by many, as to it either deriving from ancient Greece or from ancient Egypt. Wikipedia favors Greece, but history is funny, because it will always seem to favor that of it's ancient ruling class of authors. If you add up the time lines of ancient civilizations coming into existence you will clearly see which ones obviously came before the other. (Historical Layout on wikipedia)

These fairy tale like stories are no accident, in actuality this is how many of the talented writers of Hollywood had come up with so many idea's for such movies.

Fore knowledge helps people to become much more detailed & creative, when it comes to crafting idea's into their respective positional places into what would appear to be new material, unfortunately much of it is old, & definitely throughout our more modern times, just as was done with the movie "The Matrix". (This movie actually was modeled off of Plato's Philosophy or formerly known as Plato's Allegory of the Cave). A great deal of Hollywood movies were purposely done in this manner, especially those of so-called true historical events. Like that of the Ten Commandments, played by Charlton Heston. (link ref. wikipedia.)

This was all due to the underlining fact that many of the original authors of such fine detailed fictional entertainment, had some sort of pre-existing education of similar ancient historical connection all stemming from true experience, maybe read somewhere, either themselves have experienced or others they were in contact with. Not everything that Hollywood generates comes out of thin air, so don't be too surprised if this was the case for the Kabalion's true mysterious disappearance from history as well as probable usage in many of these theatrical films years back, & today's re-emergence of it all.

The ancient historical legends & mythical tales are somewhat scrambled throughout the lines of histories pages due to the obvious fact, that once a ruling class of nations took global power or hold of a particular region they would definitively attempt to destroy everything of the pre-existing civilizations, they could possibly erase to get rid of all reminiscence of such a travesty, and brutal take over as well as what they considered pagan beliefs which opposed their perspective and belief at the time.

Much has been lost, but some things remain in the hearts and minds of us humans & travel from bloodline to bloodline in the forms of tales. We choose to take from it what we want, and even entire belief systems themselves have been strung together by such human behavioral patterns of thought process. Thus the very reasoning why we even have had so many differing belief systems known to mankind, and even today in our modern day time. Unity is inevitable, but separatism and division began long ago, even with powerful sacred texts, & ancient beliefs such as this one featured here in this hub.

Looking at it all from a more deeper in depth perspective you'll see, many differing hints that could easily be noticed throughout the many artifacts, tooling, architecture, imagery, art work, use of common terminology in languages, linguistics, and a great deal of well known physical doctrines that have been unearth after years past by great historians & archaeologist. This is what indicates whether, or not a major significant part of this huge puzzle called history, has misleading or missing facts such as that of the true story of the Kybalion.

Many questions are left behind under the rubble of a conquered land like; was the truth purposely hidden, was it deleted from the pages of time, hidden from view to be unleashed years later, or just so close up in everyone's face, it was to hard to tell its relevance or true origin. At one time or another the true origin of the Kybalion was a real thing, because the facts exist throughout the ages of time & was expressed by all the ways I've stated above. (When you start seeing the forensic evidence throughout so many things, then & only then you begin to understand its underlining truth & strong hold it once had on its truest authors & original audience as well.)

The movie & book "The Secret", somewhat reflects this exact same identical hidden reality. In an honest hard attempt at showing humanity what's been hidden from our everyday view all along, and don't be surprised if they even stolen the idea to formulate it as well from the whole issue surrounding the Kybalion,Ancient Egypt, Hermes & Thoth. "The Laws of Attraction", is a major focus there its subject matter. Sounds like the "ALL" to me, which originated from Egyptian belief & eventually lead to Hermetic teachings. (link ref.

Hermetic Philosophy & the true origins of many

Many ancient civilizations were attacked throughout differing moments in history, and surely the Egyptians were amongst one group that literally lost everything during such war like conduct amongst people of differing nations worldwide. If you notice there is much evidence of Ancient Egypt everywhere all around the globe, and there's no place where its more evident, as it is in the continent of Europe. (link ref. wikipedia)

All throughout history world travelers would pay visit to the war ridden sand kingdom in ruin after the fall of Egypt to take from it what they could, since Egypt after all was the epitome of becoming God like, during those barbaric days and times humanity has lived.

Egyptians actually believed they're leadership or highest order of existence on this planet was on the level of God. Their Kings & Queens were looked at by the people of that time as their God's & Goddesses. I don't believe it was an option to do so back then, this must have been a life or death no questions asked requirement to do so, or else. Since there was no such thing as freedom or equality that had existed during those days, many of the lower class people were simply looked at as slaves to their kings & queens, or servants.

History is never truly told quite the correct way, so I am using a bit of realistic relative acknowledgement of the obviousness of a time & culture that praised human beings. To do such a thing without regard to something much greater in power wasn't wise at all, but this is ancient times & back then almost anything was accepted if force feed upon the people over a long enough time period. When your born into such a system you truly have no clue, otherwise & will tend not to question things as such (Also illustrated by the philosopher Plato, in his writings on the Allegory of the Cave) Note: A Future Hub is planned for "Plato's Cave" philosophy soon to come.

"The Secret" had to derive from somewhere, you be the judge

The name game

Egyptians had a way of naming their God's which were actual men & women who assumed the attributes of physical worldly and cosmic powers such as the Sun, the moon, the earth, water, air, & a host of many other naturally occurring forces that empower our vast universe. You can't blame them for being so obviously cocky, ego driven & iconic. Just look at humanity today, we literally are doing similar things with all the idolatry we actively participate in especially with the worship of so called super stars, or celebrities who are the most famous, and acclaimed individuals who've seemed to rise to great fortunes, with the usage of the masses, exploitation of materialism & also idolatry. "Looks pretty much the same to me"

One infamous Egyptian "celebrity" or God, was named "Thoth", and in particular was the originator of the first Kybalion, but in reality was only a human with a huge imagination. He was also known as the God of thought, the father of philosophy & the God of enlightenment.

To learn more about Ancient Egyptian history you should try the Egyptian Book of the Dead. On wikipedia or many other resources. I'll be providing a few book here below, for people to get a deeper understanding of it all. Even philosophy itself has its roots & Thoth was definitely an original father of such subjects, purely from his own ideals it all sprang fourth, which none of this was taught in school, at least when I were in school many years back. (link ref. wikipedia)

Ancient Egypt

In the very next hub on this subjects topic will be addressed

  • The Fall of Ancient Egypt
  • Gods & Goddesses
  • Myth vs Fact
  • How Greek Mythology was influenced by Egypt
  • The Rise of Babylon
  • The Rise of Greece
  • The Rise of the Roman Empire

Here's the link to this new hub - What is the true origins of Western Philosophy?


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      I located this actual book the Kybalion on my mothers library shelf, many years ago way back in the year 1996. At that time I was in Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York, studying civil engineering as a college student there.

      This book came to me as a surprise, and I was also studying ancient philosophy in my school there, so it actually opened doors in my mind, I never knew I actually had back then. (spiritual portals sort of speak)

      After reading it all I had such an experience of a more revealing kind, a type of real life revelation or a sort of spiritual awakening, so I was determined to discover much more, and began a life journey into the world of ancient philosophy on my own, even after I had left school, and so it lead me to discover a great deal of knowledge and wisdom that to this day many people simply think is either originating from a source of a conspiracy or some fairy tale folklore, but you and I know where its all been coming from for sure (Grade School History hides a great deal from people).

      The grand masters of all man-made and mankind's earthly knowledge, and wisdom many years ago, definitely knew what they we're up to, they just had no clue how far it would go, and where it would lead all successive future generations.

      We are here at that point where they foretold, and mentally as well as spiritually projected, a sort of self fulfilling prophecy of sorts. @markbennis you definitely are on the right track bro. Keep up the awesome writing as well, I loved your hub too, thanks for sharing with me, see ya soon.

    • profile image

      markbennis 5 years ago

      Great Hub and a subject dear to my heart too, the esoteric knowledge’s of old are by far some of the most revealing philosophical concepts of our history, much if not recognised are actually still alive today.

      But much is still hidden and as almost like a teaser, the knowledge calls to the seeker and then the seeker shall go and find it, it’s a personal journey and a fascinating one too.

      So much to learn, so much wisdom from the old days, but as much of it appears to be lost it seems, history has a very funny way of unearthing itself at such times that we are ready for it again.

      Such as the ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ as that was just amazing, to think after all that time it just appeared by accident after a goat herder threw a stone into a cave and heard the sounds of something breaking.

      Again great read and voted up!

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks @ Mena7thefamily for reading, yes indeed I have dug deep into philosophy in my youthful years, and I feel the need to share my take and point of views on it all soon, in more hubs as well, this one is just the start.

      I think the world as a whole needs a total re-assessment on the parts of education dealing with philosophy, theology, and many other subjects that have some very unclear misleading messages within them.

      You never know if it could be done it might help solve troubles we've all been facing for centuries on end, with poverty, social class differences, racism, sexism, and all the other things that divide people, including the end to self hatred, and the hatred of others.

      Education is one of the keys to unlocking it all, that's one thing for sure, the love & care of others is another.

    • mena7thefamily profile image

      mena7thefamily 6 years ago from Las Vegas

      I didn't expect to see this on a hub. Very good, you are a seeker. Keep seeking and all answers will be revealed. A good book that helps breaks this down is a book called Ancient Future by Wayne B Chandler. Many Blessing!

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 6 years ago from London

      Fantastic and interesting hub Cloud, well written and enjoyable. Awaiting the future editions!

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      tnks for your comment Stessily

    • profile image

      stessily 6 years ago

      CloudExplorer, for all we know about Egypt, there is so much that remains unknown --- or at least unshared.

      It's intriguing that Plato attributes the knowledge of the existence of Atlantis to Egypt and that Jesus spent 12 years there.

      I look forward to your subsequent hubs in this series.