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The End Times, Did It Began in 1914 C.e as Jehovah's Witnesses Teach?

Updated on January 15, 2020

Questions With Differing Opinion

It is good to stop over sometimes and read about bible's topic. So what do you think?

  • What is the last days or end times?
  • When did it begin and does year 1914 has anything to do with it?
  • When did Christ became The king?
  • When was Satan cast down from heaven to earth?
  • Is science going to make the world a better and safer place?

There are various enigmatic and controversial answers to these questions. Some says the end time had began, others says it is yet to come and yet others even dismisses the idea of the end time totally saying that science is making the world a better place.

True, Christians are not the only ones who believed in the end of the world.

To many people in the world over today, who dismisses the idea of the last days totally are of the idea that things are getting better, science have helped human to live more longer, and that things will get more better with time.

At the other hand, those who believe that the last days have begone see things differently. To them things are getting worst, and will continue getting worst till the end comes.

What is your view?

What Is Your Opinion About The Last Days/End times?

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What Is The End Times?

In the bible, the "last days" generally refers to "the concluding time period leading up to a divinely appointed execution that marks the end of a system of things (an ages)

Thus people in the time past had before a destruction, lived it 'last days', days before the appointed destruction comes.

Now that this world faces destruction, when for sure can we say that the scriptures indicates that the last days of this our present system of things started? Irrespective of your personal opinion, Christian or not I invite you to follow along as we take a closer examination of this question.

I believe that irrespective of individual opinions, the end must surely come and the bible tells us when the last days leading to that end began, how sad if you let your personal opinion blind your mind and you fail to be prepared for this momentous event that will soon set in.

What Can We Learn from 2 Timothy 3:1-5 About the End Times?

Possibly you have read often the words of the Apostle Paul found in the above bible portion. How do you understand it? and what does it really mean?

Writing to Timothy Paul indicated the time period when what he is about to say applies. Paul said; "in the last days".

Does Paul's prophetic words "in the last days" disproves the fact that there have been a 'last days' prior that time? No. It is true that Paul's statement is futuristic contextually, but was there also a last days when Paul wrote this? Yes.

That is the last days of the Jewish system of things which evidently began in the latter part of year 33 C.E and culminated in 70 C.E when Jerusalem was destroyed. This can be seen in verse 13 of that chapter on how condition is to change because of the effect of that last days.

Paul and the Christians lived in the 'last days' of Jerusalem destruction, so Paul was not the first to prophesy about it. Prophet Joel prophesied about it in Joel chapter 2 which Acts 2:17 proves that it began fulfilling when there was the out pouring of the holy spirit on Pentecost 33 C.E.

However, for the fact that Paul pointed to "in the last days" while the last days of Jerusalem destruction runs its course, is an evident that Paul was pointing to another 'last days' of another system of things, which I hereby called the 'greatest last days'.

Therefore, the sign that follows which Paul mentioned at 2Timothy 3:1-5 is even for the greatest last days ever to face mankind, which as of when he wrote this, is still to come.

But how do we know if that "last days" has started? If at all it has, when did it began and when will it end?

Open your heart wide as we find the answers to these two questions from the bible, because it is your believe about the last days that will affect your preparedness, thus your preparedness is what will determined whether you will survive the destruction of this system of things.

The End Times, Can We Know When It Began?

Is there a definite and a divinely appointed time denoted by the scripture and discernible through history as to when the last days or end times of this our present system of things started?

Well, for something to be in effect, there must be a starting point or a beginning, isn't it? But in the case of the last days, we can only talk of it beginning if we are now actually convinced that this is the last days we now lives in. That is what i will prove to you from the bible that yes we are now living in the last days and you will see when or the time period the bible indicates that it started.

The bible does not categorically spell out when the last days mentioned by the Paul will begin, but it does indicate the time period through series of prophecies and it total length. Some Christian group like the Jehovah's Witnesses believes that bible prophecies indicate that the last days started in year 1914 of which they've received flood of criticism on.

However, such a definite time is actually not far fetch from the bible, in fact the bible does indicate that there is a definite time when the last days started.

To find out, let us first see what the bible indicates regarding the length of the 'last days'.

What Is The Length Of The "End Times" ?

As indicated in the scriptures, how long will the "last days or end times" last before the actual end comes?

Why is the answer to this question important? Because learning how long it must last is the factor that will help us discern from the scriptures when it did actually began. (I believed it had already begone)

Bible students know quite well when the last days will end, at he war of the great day of God the Almighty-Armageddon. Revelat. 16:14-16.

On how long the last days will last before Armageddon, Revelation 12:12 says;

"...because the devil has come down to you, having great anger knowing he has a short period of time".

Short period of time!

Therefore, the length of this last days correspond to Satan's short period of time. This short period of time do not mean he will be destroyed at the end of it, but he will be thrown into Abyss, a state of inactivities and this will happen during the war called Armageddon (Rev. 20:1-3)

The main point is that, at the end of the short period of time, Satan's influence over this system of things will end. Thus, the end of the last days of this same system of things and the beginning of a thousand year reign by Jesus. Thus, the end times and Satan's short period of time will end at Armageddon.

Knowing when the 'devil come down to us; that is, when he was cast out of heaven to the vicinity of the earth permanently, is the key to understanding the beginning of his 'short period of time' thus the beginning of the last days of this present ages.

Now that we know the length of the end times, let's now find out the beginning of the end times.

Answer these few bible questions about Satan

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When Was Satan Cast Out and restricted from Heaven?

To find the answer, remember this one point. Satan was still in heaven before the coming of Christ, but he had access to the earth, by then God has not permanently restricted him from coming to the spirit realm-Job 2:1, 2.

But the book of revelation gives the dead end, when he was finally removed, restricted from heaven and confined on earth permanently. All his attention focused completely on earth alone. When this happen, there should be a surge or sharp increase in any evil that might have been happening already, there should be an increase from "bad to worst". 2Tim 3:13.

The bible indicates exactly when this will happen. At Revelation 12:9, 10, after telling us how a war in heaven resulted to the casting down of Satan to the earth, the bible adds;

".....and his angels were hurled down with him, and I hear a voice in heaven saying; "now have come....the kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ".

What is the point? Remember the question; 'when did Satan come down to us' restricted and confined to earth?

According to this bible's account, it was the same time period that 'God's kingdom and the authority of his Christ come' or went into effect. That is, the time God enthroned Christ as the ruler or king of his kingdom in heaven. That was the time the word of angel Gabriel to merry was fulfilled, that is;

"The LORD (YHWH) God will give him the throne of his father David..there will be no end of his kingdom" (Luk 1:32-4)

This will mean that while Jesus was still on earth, Satan still has access to heavenly realm and that his being cast out and restriction occurred after the death and ascension of Christ.

Do you disagree with this fact?

Thus, Satan was cast to earth the same time period the kingdom of God was brought to birth in heaven and Christ enthroned, thus the beginning of his "short period of time" and thus the beginning of the last days.

All we need to understand this more better is to understand when revelation 12 began to fulfill. Off course revelation book as a whole is about "what will shortly take place" as of when it was written not about what has already happened, if not it will not be a revelation at all.

To understand when it began to fulfill, chapter 12 verse 11 helps us. It says:

"and they (the brothers or the anointed ones mentioned in verse 10) conquered him (devil) because of the blood of the lamb"

Do you noticed the phrase "because of the blood of the lamb"? For Christ must have poured out his blood, he must have died and resurrected before this account began to fulfill.So when Jesus was on earth here, Satan still has access to heaven.

Bellow are the summery of the major points.

Summery Of Main Points Already Established

The following are seven (7) points already established in this article:.

  • The last days of any system of things (ages) is always before the destruction or the end of that system.
  • The first century Christians lived in the last days of Jerusalem's destruction which evidently began in 33 C.E (Joel 2:28-32. Acts 2:17)
  • Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, where he made mention of "in the last days" while the last days of Jerusalem destruction had already begone, making his word to have a future implications. If he was not referring to a future last days, he should have said 'in this last days' instead of "in the last days" (2 Tim 3:1)
  • The length of the "end times" of our system of things, corresponds to the length of the 'short period of time' left for Devil before he will be made inactive. Thus both started and will end at the same time period-Armageddon (Rev 12:9, 10, 12. 16:14-16)
  • To know when the "last days" or end time started, we have to first know when Satan was cast down to the earth and restricted from having access to heaven, thus the beginning of the short period of time.
  • Satan and his demons were hurled down to the earth at the same time period God's kingdom (the heavenly ruler ship) and the authority of his Christ ( Christ's enthronement) went into effect, thus the start of the Satan's short period of time.
  • Thus the "last days" began when Christ's authority as the king of God's kingdom in heaven began, that is when he was enthrone by God as the rightful king of that kingdom even as the angel have stated to merry in Luke 1:32-4.

If we can pinpoint the date or year that God installed Christ as the king in heaven after his death and ascension, then we would have gotten the year the end time or last days began.

Is such a definite date discernible from scriptural prophecies? As I earlier noted, Jehovah's Witnesses through prophetic calculations arrived in year 1914 as the definite year or the appointed time when God had already purposed to give Jesus the kingdom as noted by angel Gabriel.

However, many scholars disagree with it, pointing to some differences between the historical date and the bible chronological date used in reaching this 1914 C E. However, Jehovah's Witnesses believes strongly that the biblical chronology used in this calculation is to be regarded as more accurate than secular history.

The fact is, whether scholars agree on that date or not, it does not diminish the fact that there is a definite date when God enthroned Jesus in heaven as the kingdom's king, nor does it diminish the fact that this enthronement occurs long after the death and resurrection of Christ.

I am going to prove this to you from the scriptures right away, if it is not the scriptural calculated 1914 then let the reader discern when it was.

First, am going to present to you the bible chronological calculation used by Jehovah's witnesses to arrive in year 1914 as the year Christ became king.

Second, I will then discourse the matter purely from the bible discarding any historic or chronological date, in other to prove to you that actually there is a pivotal, definite date in the bible when Chris was enthroned in heaven.

At the end you will be left with just two options; Either you are convinced that 1914 is scriptural as the date Christ was enthroned, or you tell us when it was. No question.

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