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Noah - The Last Man of Atlantis

Updated on April 24, 2013

Hebrew scrolls were badly translated into Latin and compiled to form the Christian Bible. There were many more Hebrew scrolls that were never translated or were discarded. Many of these scrolls gave a more detail insight into God’s plan for us, testimonies from the other disciples of Jesus, the reason the Hebrew people were chosen and events leading up to Noah’s Ark.

I have read over some of these scrolls that were later translated into English and for reasons of simple curiosity I have formed a ‘What if?’ type situation.

Over 5 million years ago the area now called the Mediterranean Sea was just an enclosed land mass with a huge lake surrounded by a connected Africa and Europe landmasses. Given the location of the European and African plates at this time, it would be the perfect place for mankind to take their place on the planet. Christians might be upset by this but then the correct translation from Hebrew to English would have God creating the world in stages not days.

Even scientist might argue that mankind (Homo sapiens) were not around in this time period. But I believe that I can make a good argument to support my ‘What if?’ quest to expand on the story of the human race using the Biblical story of Noah. Who was not exactly the evolved species of mankind that we are today but never-the-less our ancestral lineage was there.

An area now called the Mediterranean Sea, five million years ago was just a huge land mass with only a large lake surrounded by a growing mountain terrain on all sides of it. It is this place where a thriving community of Homo sapiens or whatever scientist would call them that was living at this time. A perfect nesting place to protect them from the dangers of other wildlife on the planet.

In the Book of Enoch it was clearly stated that a flood to cleanse the area was approaching. After Enoch was given a tour of Heaven he was able to spend 30 days with his family and friends before he returned to heaven forever. It is at this time where, I believe, the Ark was beginning to take place. And the location of the materials for its construction would help create the largest desert in the world.

Before it became one of the famous deserts in the world, the Sahara was a vast oasis; huge trees, rivers and an assortment of wildlife sitting high over the valley area of the Mediterranean valley. As the people of this time were following Enoch’s advice and warning of the coming flood, many chose to stay in the valley while others began to make preparations in the Sahara region for the coming event.

It wasn’t just one man who built the Ark, but whole families and community that began construction. Trees were cut down; wool was collected as other resources of the area were used. Over the many years of construction, things began to happen. The landscape began to drastically change. Fewer trees and water holes drying up made the wildlife move away to better living conditions. The area was slowly becoming a dust bowl much like the one America went through in the mid 1930’s.

Temptation became a problem as well. As generations passed, people began to lose faith. They would see others living in the valley area. Full of food, protection and celebrating a lifestyle that Enoch warned them against doing. They came to dread foraging for food in a growing barren land, having to live a lifestyle of religious devotion. As time went on, many of those building the Ark simply left to live in the valley. The only people left building the Ark was Noah and his family.

Over the years of constructing the Ark, the people living in the valley area would naturally visit those building the Ark. Always tempting them to give up what they consider to be a ridiculous task. And as the day came events began to happen to destroy the human race.

With the exception of Noah’s family living in what is now Northern Africa the entire population was living in the Mediterranean valley area. As the Ark was finished Noah was told to collect the animals and place them on the Ark. He had only a short time to do this. He didn’t go to all four corners of Earth to collect the animals but mainly just the animals in the immediate area.

For those who are of faith will believe that God guided the animals to Noah who then guided them onto the Ark. The Atheists would see that Noah, living in the wilderness would have excellent hunting and tracking skills. And would then be able to track and guide the animals easily onto the Ark. Either version that was used, the animals and Noah’s family were living in the Ark for at least seven days before the floods came; their form of Judgment day.

Known today as the Strait of Gibraltar, it was a solid wall during the time of Noah. Whether by earthquake, the Atlantic Ocean pressing upon the wall or simple natural land erosion, the wall separating the Atlantic Ocean from the entire human race was going away. And an entire ocean was making its way towards the humans.

The video images of the 2011 tsunami waves hitting Japan gives a good idea of what was happening to the area of this time. The water rushing in was so constant and forceful that the entire land mass around the Mediterranean valley became flooded as well. Everyone in the valley area drowned. Even those who made it to the Ark in hopes of getting in were drowned as well.

The water was rising as the people around the Ark were yelling and screaming to get inside. Much like the scene in the movie ‘2012’, those inside could hear the screams but could do nothing to help them. The water filling the valley and began to cover the northern part of Africa all the way to present day Turkey and parts of Europe. The Ark, with no navigation, was picked up by the current and travelled along with the waves for days.

At this point in Earth history, the African tectonic plate was equally next to the Eurasian plate. But over millions of years the African plate has risen and is continually moving over the Eurasian plate. But on the day of Noah’s flood, all of North Africa and parts of the Middle East were under water. The Ark moved with the current as the people and animals onboard were knowingly seasick.

As the waters resided it was said to rest high on a mountain top. Further proof on just how high the water had risen. Just look at New Orleans in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina left many parts of the city 15 feet under water. The Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 had people reporting waves as high as 50 feet or more in many areas. Those were caused by storm systems and earthquakes.

Noah’s flood was caused by the entire Atlantic Ocean pouring into a low-lying region. Just imagine if the dikes of the Netherlands gave way. The entire county, where many parts of the country are at least 23 feet below sea level, and the surrounding area would be deep underwater.

An entire human civilization destroyed. The Kingdom of Atlantis as legend described was swallowed up by the sea. Every manner of being of this community was washed away in the flood water. One could only guess at the size of this civilization. It could have been just as in the days of the Egyptian Kingdom. Records of all their accomplishments and in science, medicine and technology to rival our own were destroyed.

The only remaining members of the human race were a small family to rebuild everything. Much like the TV show Gilligan’s Island where seven people were trapped on an island for many years with only the resources they had on them. With all forms of culture gone, Noah’s family started anew.

As time went on that family grew and spread throughout the world. As time went on the human race evolved over those millions of years. Many species have been known to evolve to adapt to their new or changing environment. With the human race nearly extinct, the descendants of Noah’s family began their long evolve to adapt to their new environment.

Only through the passing of stories and simple skills to get by, Noah’s family started again at the bottom of the evolution scale and slowly began to rebuild their species back to where it once was. From living in Eden, a valley full of animals and food growing all around them, to living in a desert wasteland with little to no food took a long time. But over the millions of years, the human species has evolved to the form that we are used to seeing now.

Scientist will look for the how. Religion will look for the why. But combining both will give a more clearer picture of the history of the human race. After all, everything you just read is a ‘What if?’ Much like the way both science and religion look at everything.


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