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The Last Two Years

Updated on November 16, 2014

Extenuating Circumstances

What has brought me back to HubPages after two years? I cannot pinpoint one specific reason. What I do know is that, the last two years have been useful in teaching me more about life than I considered possible.

Extenuating circumstances have forced me to dig deep into the precepts of my faith and research, with greater diligence than I expected, a more profound premise of my beliefs. I am a Bible Believing follower of JESUS CHRIST. For years, this 'title' has seemed appropriate. I read The Bible. I study historical and contemporary fact. I pour my mind into specific areas of study, some that I have worked on for several decades, others that I have merely skimmed over in the past, but that I recently found necessary to revisit considering the signs of the times.

Though many individuals may not agree, in-depth Scripture study makes a point of providing evidence for the concept that we are living in a period of time many theologians call, "The Last Days". Of course, like all theological matters, this concept is debatable. However, the main ingredient in every factual statement is evidence; therefore, those who disagree might find it difficult to maintain a platform for their case.

Like never before in the history of the world, strange occurrences have become frequent events over several years. Circumstances, in an unprecedented consistency, including some that have never existed in the past, are now being recorded, despite the surreal texture, as current realities. For example: forty-eight earthquakes have been reported by the USGS (United States Geological Survey) today alone; EBV (Ebola Virus Disease) continues to take lives in Africa, meanwhile cases of Chickungunya, Dengue, Bird Flu Virus, H5N1, Enterovirus, Congo Fever and other "uncommon" strains of pestilent plague forms of disease are being confirmed in disturbing counts; sinkholes, erupting volcanoes, birds falling from the sky, whales and dolphins beached, increasing terror attacks, bombings, fires and floods, not to mention, wars and rumours of wars.

The world is experiencing what The Bible cited two thousand years ago as, 'birth pangs'. Evidence? Extenuating circumstance? Conincidence?

People who choose to deny Scriptural prophecy is being fulfilled will call this anything but 'proof'. Furthermore, the underlying current of societal degeneracy, including aspects of crime that have never before been tolerated publicly, such as the beheading of victims who happen to be in the wrong place at the opportunist's choice of time, point to a prophetic accuracy such as no one would ever have desired to see occur.

Unfortunately, The Bible did not prophesy such events in order to scare people, as those who hate Scripture would have everyone believe, but, in order to warn individuals that, The Living GOD, Who Created humanity with 'free will' and Who Knows all things, KNEW this would be the reality unleashed in 'The Last Days' by a spiritual enemy that desires destruction, death and eternal damnation for all humans, since he wants nothing better for any creature other than that which will be his final end.

This Hub was not intended to be so intense. However, what is written, is what stays written. Over the past few years my research has been extensive. Notwithstanding. No one should take anyone else's word for what strange events are currently taking place globally. Therefore, the suggestion to search independently, to cite whether or not any of what is written here may be true, is recommended. Each of us is responsible to use the resources available to discover what has been going on during the season of our existence on this earth. The best any person can do is inform oneself. Knowledge is vital to survival. In fact, in The Bible GOD says, "My people perish for 'lack' of knowledge" (Hosea 4:6) What do you know?


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