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The Last protential Christian Lover

Updated on November 20, 2012

The Last Christian lover

My last letter to you, and to all 3 of the last protential HARD Christian lovers. The Last 3, broke up with me, and they were unable to collect my soul for Jesus. I can change everything you request or require of me, exept taken my soul away

No blind faiths or 10,000 personal Gods can take your soul of it’s million parts
Last 3, called me atheists or said I was against Christ, then denied it.
I can’t live a lie over a Jealous God causing our love to end, or our friendship
The World defeated another fool; yet spirit and soul's lay in calm retreat,…

waiting for another potential ultimate love again.

All 3 ,said “I was just like you” their too high on something, or too high on Jesus
My accomplished dreams, ethics, & lovers were good to excellent except one
Bigoted lovers live in a small small world ride, let me off, repeat it again X1000s

She’s is a Christian against Religion, can they all be against gravity & float away. Or do I convert to Catholic; and can we can learn lessons in hell after torture?

All Churches Christianity had the same speeches on enemies, sin, fear, quilt, prisons, conflicts and some worst, with made up stories about Hell. Many early man feared differentes and the victors preserve the hate and anger and war in stories around the camp fire. Anger and fear is simply the unknowns along with spiritual unknowns, we are all still just trying to figure it all out.

Artist Imagination is like the eye of a soul, showing secrets common to all We are all connections by love, risked love, replace negativity within our soul.
Three lovers, thanks for the good times and nourishment of my heart and soul

Any soft Christians out there without the hang-ups of Yahweh's Being all and Ending all?


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