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The star of heaven.

Updated on October 27, 2012

The Law of God is good. The Law of God is forever. The Law of God is the Ten Commandments. You can find these Ten Commandments in your bible. For those who think there is no Law of God, your wrong. There is a law. Long ago in the beginning, God made the Ten Commandments. He made them so that there would be order in the universe. Even in heaven God is using the same law. When God made this law, it came with a penalty. The penalty is death. Now I know you think God is being hard but it is more then fair. Think about everything that is good in this world. What ever you want God to give you, you will get it, as long as you keep his Ten Commandments. By the way, keeping God's Commandments is no different form keeping the car speed law. For some people you might thing keeping God's Law is easy. To be honest, its not that easy at all. We will need some help. And because God loves us so much that we got that help. The help is Jesus Christ. By following the teachings and works of Jesus Christ, thats how you can keep God's Ten Commandments. Now remember. The penalty for God's Law is death but keep his laws through Jesus Christ and you will have life, power and everything that is good in this world. And remember this, GOD WILL NEVER CHANGE HIS LAWS, NEVER!

Jesus makes it easier for you to keep God's Law.

Jesus die and rows from the grave because of the law that we broke.

Jesus wants you to read your bible and find God's Law there and keep it.

Jesus wants you to keep God's Law before the time.

Are you keeping God's Laws?


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