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Lawyer's Question: Case Against Faith

Updated on July 20, 2022
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Sometimes writers distance away from religious subjects because it is taboo to speak about. Read about it. Hard to argue with an article.

Slippery slimy vampiric devils, so many would agree that is what a lawyer is. And, they can behave that way to get what their clients need; or, prosecute an accused person to win a court case. Individually, it does not mean that the core of a lawyer's soul is evil. What they do to excel at their profession can seem underhanded and downright wicked. Who envies the pathos of the intelligent lawyer?

In this article, an ancient American Lawyer named Zeezrom questions a preacher named Amulek about God trying to find an occasion to entangle him in his words so that charges can allow Zeezrom to earn his living prosecuting before judges on spurious charges. The lawyer's only reason for questioning the man is for profit. The questions he presents to the preacher, however, are thought-provoking.


Political Intrigue and Corruption in Ancient American City of Ammonihah.

The judges and lawyers, who are the rulers of the city, use the rule of law to keep contention thriving among the citizens so that they can increase their riches since they receive funds only when sitting in judgment of people according to the laws of their society.

The last king, Mosiah, enacted laws when there was no one to ascend to his throne so that the people could elect judges to uphold the laws and govern. But these professionals created situations for their perpetual need, ambulance chasers as popular culture refers to such lawyers in modern terms.

Unfortunately for the people of Ammonihah, all of the lawyers and Judges participated, which is why Zeezrom, the lawyer, questioned Amulek during a gathering where he and his companion, Alma, taught the people about God. The confrontation started because the public message of these two men created a stir in the city, which was an opportunity to earn cash for the lawyers.

Layer's Questions
Preacher's Answers
Thou sayest there is a true and living God?
Yea, there is a true and living God.
Is there more than one God?
How knowest thou these things
An angel hath made them known unto me," Amulek admitted about the two previous questions.
Who is he that shall come? Is it the Son of God?
Yes, was his response to the coming of Jesus Christ, which had not happened at this point in their history.
Shall he save his people in their sins?
I say unto you he shall not, for it is impossible for him to deny his word.

Lawyer's Angle - God

"Now Zeezrom said unto the people: See that ye remember these things; for he said there is but one God; yet he saith that the Son of God shall come, but he shall not save his people—as though he had authority to command God." Alma 11:35

Any good lawyer wants to cast reasonable doubt on the integrity of an expert witness as was Amulek who claimed his answers to the people came from an angel of God. The doubt cast by Zeezrom was regarding the truth of that admission that an angel gave the information.

Firstly, the lawyer seems to have tried to use logic to address there only being one God, but that very God would send His Son. The people heard of Jehovah taught to them from the beginning. They were aware of the Law of Moses.

Now, Amulek wanted them to believe that God would send His son at some future time to save the people, but there is still only one God. Using the common knowledge that when humans have offspring, they grow up to become just like other humans, making another human made this teaching seem foolish, and unbelievable.

So God was supposed to have a son that wasn't a god also? Zeezrom used the ignorance of the people about what it meant for there to be a son to God, yet there's still only one God. These people did not have the teaching of Jesus yet who instructed His disciples to pray to the Father in His, Christ's name. These people were clueless about the nature of God, of how there are three beings in a Godhead being called God together and not apart.

The gift of revelation was yet foreign to these people who themselves had not seen angels or felt the Holy Spirit. Ignorance stops people from walking the covenant path.


People's Religion of Nehor

Years earlier, a man by the name of Nehor became popular among the Nephites for teaching that priests should not work for their living but be supported by the people becoming celebrities. He also taught that there is salvation for all humanity without the need for repentance, the need for a Christ. These teaching went in direct opposition to the Law of Moses commonly taught in the nation and the interpretation of the Law as the similitude of the coming of Jesus Christ.

The people of the city of Ammonihah were of this faith of Nehor, which Mormon referred to as priestcraft. Nehor tried to enforce it by killing a righteous member of the Church of Christ but was taken by the people to the chief judge of the land and sentenced to death. Nehor died, but the religion spread. Modern times are rife with preaching for monetary gain and the popularity of preachers. With the internet, almost anyone can rise to fame. It is the love of money above other things that cankers society, not the acquisition of it.

Nehor's Major Beliefs
Priests and teachers should be paid for their preaching and hold a privileged status (Alma 1:3).
There will be a universal salvation for all mankind. (Alma 1:4, Alma 11:37, Alma 14:5).
There is no need for repentance. (Alma 15:15)

Lawyer's Angle - Salvation

Zeezrom told the people to remember that he said God would not save them in their sins as if Amulek could command God what to do. There, he took God out of the equation to make it seem that Amulek was the one speaking against the lifestyle of the people.

The people believed in the gospel according to Nehor. Every person would receive salvation according to their beliefs. What sense does it make to the people to teach them that God would send a Son to save them from a terrible fate when God would save all men no matter what they did? It appealed to the natural inclination of people as it does in modern society to do what they want without fear of a reckoning. No reckoning, no guilt.

Society in the 21-Century teaches that things once considered evil are now acceptable like premarital sex, same-gender relations, transgenderism, masturbation, living together unwedded, pornography, subverting the law, and a host of other things. Any person who declares the truth is publicly assassinated like Amulek and his companion.

Modern Saints face those who teach that God does not require the same obedience He did in the past. These people teach that God is love and nothing more. They teach all will go to heaven no matter their life choices. Nehor taught that. Modern teachings are like those of Nehor. Amulek and Alma faced a city of people who mostly adhered to Nehor's teachings.

Not all the people were of the faith of Nehor. Just in case there were some die-hard followers of God in the audience, Zeezrom played on that by inferring Amulek thought he could command God. Who is he to say God can not save us they thought. If Zeezrom could get the people to disdain Amulek for daring to assume he spoke for God, he could turn them against him also. Only God can judge.

Zeezrom only had to lead the people in focusing on a man judging them rather than the words of that man informing them God is sending him to warn them, there was a chance to gain support to make a case to charge Amulek. Zeezrom wanted money. What his personal beliefs outside of that aim did not matter.


The Lawyer's Question. This article highlights an ancient discussion that took place between a lawyer and a preacher about devotion God and the love of money. How can a Saint know if he or she is truly devoted to God?

The Lawyer's Question: Faith of the People. Amulek and his companion face a public gathering in Ammonihah where lawyers aim to use the faith of its citizens to silence these preaching detractors of their lifestyles. Offended enough, the people would support the officers of the law to take the men before a judge

© 2018 Rodric Anthony Johnson


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