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The Lectures of Neville Goddard Individually Examined

Updated on August 4, 2010
Neville Goddard
Neville Goddard

The Teachings of Neville Goddard

I discovered the teachings, lectures and assertions of Neville Goddard a couple years ago.  I found his material so eye-opening and astounding that I started writing hubpages to try and spread the word.  This man "tied it all together" for me.  I once abandoned religion and God in favour of Laws of the Universe.  Now I feel that I fully understand  how the two concepts are actually one and the same.  Now understand the meaning of life, why we're here, what happens when our bodies die....and much much more.  I urge you all to study this overlooked man's teachings for The Truth Shall Set You Free!

This hubpage will be an ongoing study of each of the 221 lectures of Neville Goddard.

I will include a brief summary of each lecture.


  • Moses , in cleft of rock
  • repentance
  • Neville uses his imagination to help a friend find a lost piano and a fat woman become thin
  • Saul/Paul
  • the holy spirit
  • God/Jesus/David
  • Elohim - one made up of others
  • The Four Mighty Acts - we move backwards to the source


  • parables/meanings
  • Christ-child
  • conditioned I AM versus pure I Am
  • sign of the child
  • The son of man comes to save those who are lost by their wandering consciousness.
  • The message is simple. In scripture, the expression "Christ" is used of the human race and of the human who has achieved the ideal. The human race, with all of its generations and experiences, is personified as the eternal youth, David. Now the being in whom the ideal is realized, is called Jesus, who is God the Father, whose son is David. Everyone in whom the ideal is attained is Jesus, and in the end there is Jesus only, who is the one body, one Spirit, one Lord, one God, and Father of all. You, individually, will attain the ideal when you are confronted by your son who bears witness to the fact that you are God the Father.
  • I Am
  • David is not a little man born of a woman. He is spirit. Personified as an eternal youth, David is the result of your journey into the world of death. When the Christ child, in you, has put you through all the generations of men and you have experienced everything you agreed to in the beginning, you are perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect, and you have formed David, your son, to reveal you to yourself. The world thinks Jesus Christ is the son of God, but I tell you Jesus is the Lord. This is a mystery. David comes in the spirit and calls Jesus "Father."Humanity is Christ, the son and Jesus is God the Father.


  • the world responds to your imaginal activity, is the world not David doing your will? If the Lord claimed that David always does his will, and you, by a simple imaginal act, command the outer world to respond - are you not the Lord?
  • Mary is the skull, the womb God entered
  • If it takes five hundred different beings, male and female, to respond to your imaginal act, they will come and seem to you to be the influence through which your desire is made visible. You see, humanity is David, always doing your will; and when your time is fulfilled, the whole of humanity is fused into a single youth and personified as David.
  • You are told: "When your days are fulfilled and you lie down with your fathers, I will raise up your son after you, who will come forth from your body. I will be his father and he shall be my son." Having created humanity, awareness came forth and buried itself in humanity; for a seed must fall into the ground and die before it is made alive. Unless it dies, it remains alone; but if it dies it brings forth much. God died to become humanity, which is made of the dust of the earth. His name is I AM. That is the seed which fell into the earth
    called Man (humanity); and every Man (be he male or female) says "I AM." If I AM is imagining a certain state and the world responds (be it good, bad or indifferent) is the response not doing my will?
  • Your presence here tells me you have played them all, because no one comes unto me save my Father calls them, and I and my Father are one. Your consistent attendance and your interest in my words tell me you are at the end of the play.
  • You were God when you descended into and animated man; and no one can descend into humanity other than a son of God (of which there is a definite number) and it takes all of his sons to form God.
  • The word "God" is plural. The word is "elohim," which is a compound unity of one made up of others. It takes all of the sons of God to make up the I AM; therefore, there can't be more in this world then there are God's sons.
  • Afraid, I prayed to an external God, and all of my fears came upon me.
  • When you know what you want, assume you have it. Believe your assumption is true. Look at your world mentally and see your fulfilled desire. Do this and you are calling forth a response to your thoughts, and in the not distant future you will find yourself physically occupying the state imagined.


  • In 1929, believing Jesus Christ to be another, I stood in His presence. We embraced and I became the infinite love that I beheld, for at that moment I was incorporated into His body and became one with the Risen Lord.
  • At the end of the 7th chapter of Luke it is said that Jesus forgave a woman of
    her sins, at which time those who sat at the table with him said: “Who is that who forgives sins?” Then he went from village to village, teaching the good news of the kingdom of God. Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Susanna went with him, providing for him out of their means. The scholars of the great Interpreter’s Bible, considered the most scholarly work as of the moment, made this observation regarding this passage (and I am quoting accurately): “Jesus did not depend upon chance hospitality, but was supported by wealthy women.” Can you believe that? They are speaking of the man who said: “Whatever you desire, believe you have received it and you will,” and: “All things are possible to him who believes.” Yet we are asked to believe that Jesus depended upon others!Why would these scholars say such a thing? Because they had not experienced Jesus Christ! This is not a story of three wealthy women, but of those who saw the empty tomb. These characters are
    eternal. They are those who told what they had seen by relating their own experiences! It is said that the apostles who heard did not believe, as it seemed to them but an idle tale.
  • We are told: “I am from above. You are from below. You are of this world. I am not of this world.” If this is true, how can scripture be secular? He is telling you that he belongs to an entirely different region. That he is from the skull, where he was buried in the beginning of time, and not from the womb of any woman who bears children into time!


  • In the 9th chapter of the Book of Mark, it is said: "All things are possible to him who believes," and in the 19th chapter of the Book of Matthew we are told: "With God all things are possible." Here we see God equated with the believer.
  • Seated here tonight you believe you are a man or a woman. You believe you are here, but are you willing to believe you can go beyond what your reason and senses dictate? You do not have to limit your power of belief to what your reasonable mind dictates. The choice and its limitations are entirely up to you, for all things exist in the human imagination and it is from your imagination that your belief stems. If you go beyond the dictates of reason, it must be via your imagination, and since all things now exist there, you can at any moment
    go beyond what your reason and senses dictate.
  • Assume your wish through the sense of feeling. That assumption, subjectively appropriated and believed to be true, is faith. Can you believe in its reality? Knowing all things are possible to him who believes, can you persuade yourself that, although your reason and senses deny it, your assumption will make it so? Blake, in his wonderful "Marriage of Heaven and Hell," said: "I dined with Isaiah and Ezekiel and asked:Does a strong persuasion that a thing is so, make it so? and Isaiah replied: All prophets believe it does, and in ages of imagination a firm persuasion moved mountains, but many today are not capable of a firm persuasion of anything." Everything here was once only a desire, believed. This building, the clothes you wear or the car you drive were first a desire, then believed into being.
  • You may believe in one or more of the ninety odd so-called saints which have now been demoted, but if you believe, they have served their purpose. Now those who formerly believed in icons on the outside must turn around and learn to believe in themselves. It has taken a long time, for more than a thousand years men have believed this nonsense. You don't have to cover your head any more to enter the church - so was it ever
    necessary? You don't have to believe in St. Christopher any more. It never was necessary; but man, in his child-like state, could not believe in himself, so he created something with his human hands to believe in and his belief produced itself. The icon did not do it for the individual. His belief did it for him.
  • Your I AMness is he. Say: "I am secure, I am wealthy, I am free." This may not be true based upon your senses, but I am simply asking you to say the words, for the moment you do you are subjectively appropriating security, wealth, and freedom. Reason will try to take these from you, so I ask you to play a little game with me. Go through the door and walk as though you are secure, wealthy, and free. Sleep this night as though it were true. If you do, you will not fall asleep seeing the world as you did last night, you will see it differently. If this morning someone gave you a check for $20,000 and you deposited it to your
    account, you would be $20,000richer, therefore you could not sleep tonight as you did before. Now, without waiting for someone to physically give you the money, go to bed as though it were true. Put Christ to the extreme test. If all things are possible to God and if all things are possible to the believer, can you believe? I am not saying you will succeed the first night, or even the second. Having been trained to accept only what your reason and senses dictate, you may find it difficult, almost impossible, to believe what you could believe
    - but you can!
  • Everything I am telling you is from the Bible. "I kill and I make alive. I wound and I hea1 and there is none that can deliver out of my hand. I, even I amhe and there is no God besides me. I amthe Lord your God, the holy one of Israel, your Savior and besides me there is no savior." These are the words of God, revealed through his prophets of old. Their prophecy is fulfilled in the New Testament as: "Whatsoever you desire, believe you have received it and you will." That's how easily you  apply it, for an assumption, though false and denied by your senses, if persisted in will harden into fact.


  • “All that you behold, though it appears without, it is within, in your imagination of which this world of mortality is but a shadow.” (William Blake)
  • “The oak is cut down by the ax
    And the lamb falls by the knife,
    But their eternal forms exist forever,
    And are renewed by the seed of contemplative thought.”
    (William Blake)
  • Let me give you a definition that came to me concerning the word faith. Faith is the subjective appropriation of an objective hope.
  • A series of examples, dreams and visions interpreted.
  • Start now to practice what the Bible calls repentance, which is a radical change of attitude. No matter what it is, if it does not conform to your ideal change it by subjectively appropriating your goal. Remain faithful to it and no earthly power can keep you from attaining it.  Go all out and walk on the water! Don’t be like Peter, whose understanding told himimagination didn’t make sense (symbolized as his feet), or you will drown in the sea of illusion. Imagination, speaking to his faith, said:
    “Peter, come,” and as Peter walked, he looked down to see how this was possible, and sank. My friend, who did not look down, walked on the water in the direction of his wish fulfilled - and it was.  All of the Bible stories will be fulfilled literally on different levels of your being. You will experience them all, because you are Jesus Christ. Blake tells us so beautifully: “Desires and perceptions of Man, untaught by anything but organs of sense must be limited to objects of sense; therefore, God becomes Man that Man may become God.”


  • What Paul is trying to do is change your fixed ideas of the past, in order for you to have the same assured understanding and knowledge of God’s mystery of Christ that he has.
  • the parable of the prodigal son.
  • Blake said, (and he was quite the student of the scriptures):
    “That which can be made explicit to the idiot is not worth my care.”
  • Every child born of woman contains this incorruptible Christ-seed which possesses the power of self-expression and self-development. And every man is destined to mature and become his own father. If you come out of humanity, then humanity is your father; and if the symbol of humanity is David, and you come out of David, then he is your father - but not forever. Having planted the Christ-seed in humanity, in time it will bud and flower and bring to fulfillment all that was contained within it. And when humanity has done his
    job completely, you will look back to see David - he who fathered you in the world of time - standing before you and calling you Father. Then you will have matured, for you will have become your own father’s Father.  That is the mystery of Christ;
  • You will notice in the prodigal son story that it was the second son who went out. It’s always the second son. Cain killed Abel, the second son. Isaac, Abraham’s second son, was offered in sacrifice to the Lord. Then we are told that the Lord loved Jacob, the second son, and hated Esau. It is said that Judah fathered the twins of Tamar, who - when the first one came out - the midwife put a red string around its finger for identification; but when he pulled the hand back the second son, Perez, came out. Read the genealogy of
    Jesus and you will find all of these second sons recorded there, for that second son is not a child which comes out of the womb of a woman, but the choice of God.
  • I hope this is becoming clearer to you, for it is so important that you understand the distinction between the two uses of the word “Christ.” He is not only the one in whomthe ideal was attained, but is humanity which contains the ideal in the form of a precious, incorruptible seed. That Christ-seed contains within itself the power of self-expression and self-development, and will germinate, bud, and flower into fulfillment in you.
    Then the sum total of all of your human experiences will stand before you in all his heavenly beauty and call you “father.”
  • The story of Jesus is an acted parable to instruct us. When Paul realized this he said: “O foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you; before whose eyes Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified. Are you so foolish having begun with the spirit are you going to start worshiping some little being of flesh? Did you receive this understanding by works of the law, or by hearing the story with faith?”Well, the Christian world has ended with the flesh. They see Jesus as a body of flesh and blood, even though he tells us in the Gospel
    of John: “I and my Father are one and my Father is Spirit.” If you and your father are one and your father is spirit, are you not spirit? Are you who began as spirit going to end as flesh? Today the entire Christian community worships a man of flesh and blood. But like Paul, I will no longer see any character of scripture as human; even though I once regarded Christ from the human point of view I regard him thus no longer. Now I see the entire Bible as an allegory. Paul puts it quite clearly when he says:
    “The story of Abraham is an allegory.”


  • In the Book of Habakkuk (which means “to embrace”) the prophet speaks to the Lord as: “Thou who art of purer eyes than to behold evil.” Then he asks the question: “Why are you silent when the wicked swallows up the righteous? I will take my stand upon the watchtower, to see and hear what people say to me and what I will answer.” Now the Lord speaks, saying: “Write the vision plain upon the tablets so that he who runs may read it. For the vision has its own appointed hour; it ripens and it will flower. If it be long, then wait, for it is sure and it will not be late.”
  • We are told in the 15th chapter of Genesis that “You and your descendants will be enslaved for four hundred years.” Now, the number four hundred is the twenty-second letter of the Hebrew alphabet whose symbol is the cross. Your body (of beliefs) is the cross referred to as four hundred, and as long as you wear it you are enslaved in a land that is not yours. But in the end you will be brought out with great possessions!
    In the 12th chapter of Exodus, thirty years has been added to the four hundred, and in the New Testament it is said that Jesus began his ministry when he was about thirty years of age. In this world you are enslaved, and here you remain playing your part until you are embraced, impregnated, and thirty years later Christ is born in you and your trials and tribulations are over! So four hundred does not mean years, but thirty does.
    Four hundred records the length which Blake calls 6,000 or 8,500 years. Call it what you will, it is the period of time man plays his part in this world. Then comes the moment when, as Man, you are selected, called and embraced, and told to stand 
  • Now the Book of Ezekiel begins: “In the thirtieth year the heavens opened and I saw visions ofGod.” Ezekiel gives you a day and a month, meaning nothing. The important thing is that in the 30th year the heavens opened and visions of God were his. “And as I looked, behold, a stormy wind.” That’s exactly what happens. An unearthly wind comes in that thirtieth year, and you are born from above, born anew through the resurrection of Jesus Christ fromthe dead. Jesus Christ is God’s pattern of salvation buried in you. His death in the most literal sense is your life, and his resurrection is possible only after he impregnates himself.  God the sender and Man the sent are one. Falling in love with the one he sent, God impregnates him. He plants his seed, which takes thirty years to germinate and [is] his mission to start. This experience comes to Man after he has borne his cross in this wilderness world for thousands of years. In spite of the horrible things
    that take place in the world, when the individual is called and embraced, what does it matter what he has to go through before he awakens? In a short period of only 30 years he will be born into an entirely different age, for during that time he is taken out of this age and placed in that age, the age of the kingdom of heaven.


  • Commands to be effective – must be short and to the point: the greatest command ever recorded is found in the few simple words, “And God said, ‘Let there be light.’”
  • Every one will agree with the statement that all things were made by God, and without him there is nothing made that is made, but what man does not agree upon is the identity of God. All the churches and priesthoods of the world disagree as to the identity and true nature of God. The Bible proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that Moses and the prophets were in one hundred per cent accord as to the identity and nature of God. And Jesus’ life and teachings are in agreement with the findings of the prophets of old. Moses
    discovered God to be man’s awareness of being, when he declared these little understood words, “I AM hath sent me unto you.” David sang in his psalms, “Be still and know that I AM God.” Isaiah declared, “I AM the Lord and there is none else. There is no God beside me. I girded thee, though thou hast not known me. I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil. I the Lord do all these things.” The awareness of being as God is stated hundreds of times in the New Testament. To name but a few: “I AM the shepherd, I AM the door; I AM the resurrection and the life; I AM the way; I AM the Alpha and Omega; I AM the beginning and the end”; and again, “Whom do you say that I AM?”
  • If you, the reader, will give up all of your former beliefs in a God apart from yourself, and claim God as your awareness of being – as Jesus and the prophets did – you will transform your world with the realization that, “I and my father are one.” This statement, “I and my father are one, but my father is greater than I,” seems very confusing – but if interpreted in the light of what we have just said concerning the identity of God, you
    will find it very revealing. Consciousness, being God, is as ‘father.’ The thing that you are conscious of being is the ‘son’ bearing witness of his ‘father.’ It is like the conceiver and its conceptions. The conceiver is ever greater than his conceptions yet ever remains one with his conception. For instance; before you are conscious of being man, you are first conscious of being. Then you become conscious of being man. Yet you remain as
    conceiver, greater than your conception – man.
  • In the awareness of being all things are possible, he said, “You shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass.” This is his decreeing – rising in consciousness to the naturalness of being the thing desired. As he expressed it, “And I, if I be lifted up, I shall draw all men unto me.” If I be lifted up in consciousness to the naturalness of the thing desired I will draw the manifestation of that desire unto me. For he states, “No man comes unto me save the father within me draws him, and I and my father are one.” Therefore, consciousness
    is the father that is drawing the manifestations of life unto you.
  • Praying then, is seen to be recognizing yourself to be that which you now desire, rather than its accepting form of petitioning a God that does not exist for that which you now desire. So can’t you see why the millions of prayers are unanswered? Men pray to a God that does not exist. For instance: To be conscious of being poor and to pray to a God for riches is to be rewarded with that which you are conscious of being – which is poverty. Prayers to be successful must be claiming rather than begging – so if you would pray for riches turn from your picture of poverty by denying the very evidence of your senses and assume the nature of being wealthy. We are told, “When you pray go within in secret and shut the door. And that which your father sees in secret, with that will he reward you openly.”We have identified the ‘father’ to be the awareness of being. We have also identified the ‘door’ to be the awareness of being. So ‘shutting the door’ is shutting out that which ‘I’ am now aware of being and claiming myself to be that which ‘I’ desire to be. The very moment my claim is established to the point of conviction, that moment I begin to draw unto myself the evidence ofmy claim.  Do not question the how of these things appearing, for no man knows that way. That is, no manifestation knows how the things desired will appear. 
  • The story of Mary is the story of every man. Mary was not a woman – giving birth in some miraculous way to one called ‘Jesus.’ Mary is the awareness of being that ever remains virgin, no matter how many desires it gives birth to. Right now look upon yourself as this virgin Mary – being impregnated by yourself through the medium of desire – becoming
    one with your desire to the point of embodying or giving birth to your desire. For instance: It is said of Mary (whom you now know to be yourself) that she know not a man. Yet she
    conceived. That is, you, John Smith, have no reason to believe that that which you now desire is possible, but having discovered your awareness of being to be God, you make this awareness your husband and conceive a man child (manifestation) of the Lord, “For thy maker is thine husband; the Lord of hosts is his name; the Lord God of the whole earth shall he be called.” Your ideal or ambition is this conception – the first command to her, which is now to yourself, is “Go, tell no man.” That is, do not discuss your ambitions or
    desires with another for the other will only echo your present fears. Secrecy is the first law to be observed in realizing your desire. The second, as we are told in the story of Mary, is to “Magnify the Lord.” We have identified the Lord as your awareness of being. Therefore, to ‘magnify the Lord’ is to revalue or expand one’s present conception of one’s self to the point where this revaluation becomes natural. When this naturalness is attained you give
    birth by becoming that which you are one with in consciousness. The story of creation is given us in digest formin the first chapter of John. “In the beginning was the word.” Now, this very second, is the ‘beginning’ spoken of. It is the beginning of an urge – a desire. ‘The word’ is the desire swimming around in your consciousness – seeking embodiment. The urge of itself has no reality, For, “I AM” or the awareness of being is the only reality. Things live only as long as I AM aware of being them; so to realize one’s desire, the second line of this first verse of John must be applied. That is, “And the word was with God.” The word, or desire, must be fixed or united with consciousness to give it reality. The awareness becomes aware of being the thing desired, thereby nailing itself
    upon the form or conception – and giving life unto its conception – or resurrecting that which was heretofore a dead or unfulfilled desire. “Two shall agree as touching anything and it shall be established on earth.”  This agreement is never made between two persons. It is between the awareness and the thing desired. You are now conscious of being, so you are actually saying to yourself, without using words, “I AM.” Now, if it is
    a state of health that you are desirous of attaining, before you have any evidence of health in your world, you begin to FEEL yourself to be healthy. And the very second the feeling “I AM healthy” is attained the two have agreed. That is, I AM and health have agreed to be one and this agreement ever results in the birth of a child which is the thing agreed upon – in this case, health. And because I made the agreement I express the thing
    agreed. So you can see why Moses stated, “I AM hath sent me.” For what being, other than I AM could send you into expression? None – for “I AM the way – Beside me there is no other.” If you take the wings of the morning and fly into the uttermost parts of the world or if you make your bed in Hell, you will still be aware of being. You are ever sent into expression by your awareness and your expression is ever that which you are aware of being.


The Bible is addressed to the Imagination - which is spiritual sensation - and only immediately to the understanding, or reason. In the fifth chapter of the Book of Ephesians we are told to: "Awake O sleeper and rise from the dead." Now, reason could never comprehend these words, but the Bible is calling upon Imagination to awaken, telling Him that he is sleeping, dreaming his world into being. But Imagination, now a rational being, does not know this and therefore cannot believe it. All of the commands of scripture are addressed to and fulfilled by the Lord, who is all Imagination! It is your own wonderful human Imagination who is called upon to "Rouse thyself! Why sleepest thou, O Lord? Awake!" (Psalms 44)

I believe we are the gods spoken of in the 82nd Psalm, which is quoted in the tenth chapter of John as: “God has taken his place in the Divine Assembly. In the midst of the gods he holds judgment, saying: ‘You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you; nevertheless, you shall die as men and fall as one man, O princes.’” You will notice that this statement begins in the past, claimingmen are gods, sons of the Most High. Then the future is prophesied as: "You will fall as one man.”

Having had the vision, I say you have no body distinct fromyour soul. The body that scripture calls Eve is a portion of the soul discerned by the five senses. The physical body you wear, be it male or female, is emanated by Eve. She is the Jerusalemfromabove, who is the emanation of the Lord. Although hidden from view, you are so one with Eve that if you were struck and felt pain, you would proclaim, "I am in pain," and I am is God's name. Imagination is joined to you and you are joined to me by our emanated Jerusalems. The Jerusalem from below bear’s sons into slavery, and the Jerusalem from above bears sons into freedom When questioned by the Jews, Jesus said: “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up again.” Not understanding, they said, “It has taken us forty-six years to build this temple, and you will raise it up in three days?”

That's how the mind of man thinks. Thinking of an external thing made with human hands, they did not know that Jesus was speaking of the temple of the soul. Paul knew this, for he questioned the Corinthians, saying:“Do you not know that you are the temple of the Lord and the spirit ofGod dwells in you?” Eve is your temple, your emanation, and your wife till the sleep of death is past. She is your soul, which God (Imagination) cleaves to and has become one with. There is no other Eve. Falling in one body, you entered your cave and met your savior in the grave. Some found a female garment there and some a male, woven with care. I found a male garment. My wife found a female garment, but she is not female and I am not male, for in Christ there is no male or female, no bond or free, no Greek or Jew,


As you have heard, this morning's subject is "Awakened Imagination". It is my theme for the entire series of nineteen lectures. Everything is geared towards the awakening of the imagination. I doubt if there is any subject on which clear thinking is more rare than the imagination. The word itself is made to serve all kinds of ideas. many of them directly opposed to one another. But here this morning I hope to convince you that this is the redeeming power in man. This is the power spoken of in the Bible as the Second Man. "the Lord from Heaven".
This is the same power personified for us as a man called Christ Jesus. In the ancient text it was called Jacob, and there are numberless names in the Bible all leading up and culminating in the grand flower called Christ Jesus.

It may startle you to identify the central figure of the Gospels as human imagination, but I amquite sure before the series is over, you will be convinced that this what the ancients intended that we should know, but man has misread the Gospels as history and biography and cosmology, and so completely has gone asleep as to the power within himself.

Now this morning I have brought you the means by which this mighty power in us may be awakened. I call it the art of revision. I take my day and I review it in my mind's eye. I start with the first incident in the morning. I go through the day; when I come to any scene in my unfolding day that displeased me, or if it didn't displease me if it was not as perfect as I thought it could have been, I stop right there and I revise it. I re-write it, and after I have re-written it so that it conforms to the ideal I wished I had experienced, then I experience that in my imagination as though I had experienced it in the flesh. I do it over and over until it takes on the tone of reality, and experience convinces me that that moment that I have revised and relived will not recede into my past. It will advance into my future to confront me as I have revised it. If I do not revise it, these moments, because they never recede and they always advance, will advance to confront me perpetuating that strange, unlovely incident. But if I refuse to allow the sun to descend upon my wrath, so that at the end of a day I never accept as final the facts of the day, no matter how factual they are, I never accept them, and revising it I repeal the day and bring about corresponding changes in my outer world.

Now, not only will this art of revision accomplish my every objective, but as I begin to revise the day it fulfills its great purpose and its great purpose is to awaken in me the being that men call Christ Jesus, that I call my wonderful human imagination, and when it awakens it is the eye of God and it turns inward into the world of thought and there I see that what formerly I believed to exist on the outside really exists within myself. No matter what it is, I then discover that the whole of Creation is rooted in me and ends in me as I am rooted in and end in God. And from that moment on I find my real purpose in life and my real purpose is simply to do the will of Him that sent me, and the will of Him that sent me is this --that of all that he has given me I shall
lose nothing but raise it up again. And what did he give me?

He gave me every experience in my life. He gave me you. Every man, woman and child that I meet is a gift to me from my Father, but they fell in me because of my attitude towards society, because of my attitude towards myself. When I begin to awaken and the eye opens and I see the whole is myself made visible, I then must fulfill my real purpose, which is the will of Him that sent me, and the Will is to raise up those that I allowed in my ignorance when I slept to descend within me. Then starts the real art of revision; to be the man, regardless of your impressions of that man, regardless of the facts of the case that are all staring you in the face, it is your duty when you become awakened to lift him up within yourself and you will discover that he was never the cause of your displeasure. When you look at him and you are displeased, look within and you will find the source of the displeasure. It did not originate there.


Tonight’s subject is "Barabbas or Jesus." This is the greatest trial that ever took place in eternity. You have read of trials in countries where billions are involved. It means nothing compared to this trial. This is the greatest of all trials. When we read the scriptures we find things like the raising of Lazarus, which is the most fantastic thing you can imagine. A man who was dead for four days and his sister said: "By this time there is an odor" and he raises Lazarus, and yet only one Evangelist records it – only John tells the story. Matthew,
Mark, and Luke do not mention the story of Lazarus. How could you tell the story of a man in this world who could raise someone who had decayed and bring him back to life, as we understand life, and not tell it as part of his biography? I could take you through the many stories and show you that one story is told by two, and sometimes three, and only by one, but here, in this story of the trial, all mention it. It has tremendous significance.

The story of the greatest trial that ever took place in eternity. May I tell you: it is taking place here tonight and you are the witnesses. You are the ones who will either cry out for the release of one or the other. It is entirely up to you, for this is the story; it must take place in this
manner. The supreme effort of God to reveal himself in the present tense was the coming of Jesus. Jesus came to reveal God as the eternal contemporary. That is the trial. One believes it or they disbelieve it. But here is this supreme effort to reveal himself in the present tense – for the present tense is "I AM," – that is my name forever. I have no other name.

Let us turn to John 18:38-40. Here a man is on trial. He knows who he is, for he has had all the experiences to reveal the being he is – sent into the world to tell the world who he is and to tell them who they are, for they are one. He is brought to trial and Pilate – the arm of Caesar – is trying him. And Pilate said to him: "What is truth?" but he does not reply – he does not answer. Pilate said to the crowd: "‘I find no crime in him. But you have a custom that I should release one man for you at the Passover; will you have me release for you the King of the Jews’? They cried out again, ‘Not this man, but Barabbas!’ Now Barabbas was a robber."
"Barabbas was a robber." That is all it states. "Not this man, release Barabbas."Well, here is the trial. Who is Barabbas? He is only mentioned in one little statement, but in the four gospels. It is very significant. To find out who Barabbas was, let us find out who the thief and the robber is in scripture. We go back to John 10:1: "’Truly, truly, I say to you, he who does not enter the sheepfold by the door but climbs in by another way, that man is a thief and a robber.‘" They did not understand it. He said to them: "I am the door of the sheep." (John 10:7) There is no other way in to this sheepfold.

Now you present the case to the world. Will you believe it? Will you believe as you are seated here tonight, regardless of your present limitations, that the only door in to your success, in to your future as you would conceive it or desire it to be, there is only one door, and that door is "I AM"? There is no other door into that sheepfold? And if you go through that only door the sheep will hear your voice, they will recognize your voice as the shepherd and will respond and come out? I would like to be healthy if I am unwell at the moment. I would like to be gainfully employed if I am unemployed. I would like to be - - - and you name it –to be happily married. I name all the things that I think would constitute a lovely life in your world. Do I really believe there is only one door into that sheepfold where I could bring all these unseen things out into my world? And these things could only respond to the voice of the shepherd – and the shepherd is "I AM"? And so he asked the crowd and they shouted out: "Release Barabbas." They would not have Jesus released – they would have none of it. So they chose the robber and the robber rules over them to this very day. That is the world. I chose the robber. My senses rob me of all that I could be. I see my bank balance – and I know the world as my senses allow it. I know what reason dictates in my world and yet I want to be other than what they dictate. Yet I can’t bring myself to believe the only way into that sheepfold is by the only door in the world, and the only door is "I AM."

So, here Jesus comes to reveal God in the present tense, and man refuses it. They speak of God in the past – "He was" or "He will be," but few people in the world can believe in the reality of "I AM," and that is the great trial, and you are on trial tonight because you are asked the question: "Will you believe that your own wonderful I AM-ness is the one and only God?" Or: "Do you believe, because of your present social, intellectual, or financial position that you are less than someone else?" and you allow your reason to dictate this as something that is final? Can you believe tonight in this trial and really believe that I am - - - and you name it - - - and dare to believe it?


We are told to “Bear ye one another’s burden and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Now, the law of Christ is described in the Sermon on the Mount. It is a psychological law, as Christ tells you in the 5th chapter of Matthew, saying: “You heard it said of old, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I tell you, anyone who looks lustfully upon a woman has already committed the act with her in his heart.'” (The word “heart” and “soul” are synonymous in scripture.)
When you are told in the 4th chapter of Psalms to “Commune with your own heart upon your bed,” are you not communing with yourself? And in that communion are you not told that the act is committed? I tell you: the law of Christ is imaginal and you carry His burden, for “Inasmuch as we do it to one of the least of these, we do it unto Him.”

Paul, seeing the meaning of Christ, said: “From now on I regard no one from the human point of view, even though I once regarded Christ from the human point of view, I regard him thus no longer.” Paul realized that Christ was the pattern of salvation buried in every child born of woman, and did not seek a little Christ, but the universalCosmic Christ buried in all.
There is only one Christ, so when you imagine, you are imagining Christ. Now, one who hears and believes this is called Simon. It is he who goes out and carries the cross by lifting the burden from the back of the one being who is carrying the entire cross; for every human is a cross, who collectively form the cross the Cosmic Christ bears.

When one hears the story and believes it, he goes out to lift the weight of every cross. Seeing someone struggle to pay rent or buy food because he is financially embarrassed, Simon lifts his cross by seeing the man gainfully employed. He does this because he knows he is doing it only to himself, as there cannot be another. As a psychological act, he represents the other to himself as he would like to see that other, and to the degree he is self-persuaded that what he imagined is true, it will become true.

Every child born of woman is a cross, animated by Christ Jesus; so when you lift the burden from an infant or one of many years, you are doing it unto yourself. As you bear one another’s burdens you fulfill the law of Christ; for inasmuch as you do it to one of the least of these, you have done it unto me. If you believe me and put your belief into practice, you are bearing the cross. But if you are so engrossed in your own little world that you cannot see another as a projection of yourself, you do not believe me and will not become a Simon.

Only as you believe and act, will you bear the cross as Simon, enter the temple in the Spirit, and - finding the child - take him up in your arms and say: “Lord, let now thy servant depart in peace according to thyWord, for my eyes have seen the salvation of God.” Called a little child in the Book of Luke, God’s creative power is symbolized as the unveiled arm in the Book
of Isaiah. In this wonderful 53rd chapter of Isaiah, the prophet speaks of the unveiling of the arm of God as the salvation of the world. And when the prophecy is fulfilled it appears as though you are betrayed, but I ask you: what did Judas betray? He betrayed the messianic secret of Jesus and the place where he might be found.

A secret must first be heard before it can be told. I have betrayed the messianic secret in my book called Resurrection, so I have played the part of Judas. 


Now, in order to really understand scripture, you must have some knowledge of the experiences recorded there, because they are not of this world. The Bible speaks of the New Man who is in you. It is that Man of Spirit that I am appealing to, as he can believe in the reality of an imaginal act. The outer you knows a reality which it can touch, see, and hear. Its belief is based upon the evidence of its five senses and reason. But I am appealing to the Christ in you, who is your own wonderful human imagination, and one with the Lord. This magnificent creative power is buried in you and will rise in you - not as another, but as your very self. This will be done when the wall of perdition, which divides the two of you, is broken down. If I speak of him I am implying the existence of two; but when I say, "I am," I am speaking of only one. So Christ becomes one with me by becoming my very self. But I will not know that I am he until I have experienced everything scripture tells me only happened to him. My rebirth is the result of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, for it is said that he rose from the same grave in which he was buried. Since there is only one skull, only one grave, and I awoke within my skull
to discover I am alone, am I not the one who lay down there to sleep? If asked who was having this experience, I would answer, "I am," and "I am" is not two - "I am" is one. I awoke in Golgotha - my own skull - and I came forth fromthat skull, as it is said that Bethlehem will bring forth someone for me, one who will rule as God. Try ruling as God! Knowing that all things are possible to your imagination, imagine something that your reason and senses deny, and see if it works. If it does, then did you not rule your world as God? That's how God acts. He imagines and lets it appear. And who is he? The Ancient of Days. In the Book of Daniel, you are told: "There came one, like a son of man, who was presented to the Ancient of Days and they became one." The word translated "son of man" is the Aramaic for the word "I" or "one."
That's all it means. So when Jesus uses the word, "son of man" he is designating his function as the mediator between the world of man and the kingdom of God. In the Book of John he says: "O Holy Father, I have made known unto them thy name, the name thou gavest me." Here he tells you the name is "Father," saying, "Holy Father." Now he wants something else. "May the love with which thou hast loved me be in them and I in them," for the Holy Father wears the body of love. When you step into the presence of the Ancient of Days, you see God in the human form divine, which is infinite love. And when he incorporates you into himself through an embrace, you fuse with love, thereby becoming the Ancient of Days. You know this because you feel it, but love cannot be seen with mortal eyes; and when you tell your story, those who hear you will say: "You? Why you are not yet fifty." In the speaker's case they would say: "You are not yet seventy, yet you know Abraham?" And I would answer, "Before Abraham, was I am." They would then pick up stones to stone me with the facts of life.


In the 11th chapter of Luke, it is said that Jesus was praying when one of his disciples said: "Lord, teach us to pray," at which time he gave them the Lord’s Prayer. Now, the Lord’s Prayer that you and I have is translated fromthe Latin, which does not have the imperative passive mood necessary to convey the meaning of the prayer. In its original Greek, the prayer is like brazen impudence, for the imperative passive mood is a standing order, something to be done absolutely and continuously. In other words, "Thy will be done," becomes "Thy will must be being done." And "Thy kingdom come" becomes “Thy kingdom must be being restored."

That is not what is being taught, however, as he taught in the form of a parable such as: "Which of you who has a friend would go to him at midnight and say to him, ‘Friend, lend me three loaves, for a friend of mine has arrived on a journey and I have nothing to set before him,’ and from within he says, ‘Do not bother me; the door is shut and my children are in bed. I cannot rise and give you anything.’ Yet I tell you, although he will not rise because he is a friend, yet because of his importunity, he will rise and give him whatever he needs." The word importunity means brazen impudence. In other words, he would not take No for an answer!

Jesus was not teaching a disciple on the outside how to pray. He was telling you how to adjust your thinking so you will not take No for an answer. In the story the friend knew what he wanted. He assumed he had it and continued to assume he had it until his assumption took on the feeling of reality and he got it. This is how you find God in yourself, by being persistent in your assumption.


For the benefit of those who were not present last Sunday, just let me give you a quick summary of the thought expressed here. We claimed that the world was a manifestation of consciousness, that the individual's environment, circumstances and conditions of life were only the out picturing of the particular state of consciousness in which that individual abides. Therefore, the individual sees whatever he is by virtue of the state of consciousness from which he views the world. Any attempt to change the outer world before he changes the inner structure of his mind, is to labor in vain. Everything happens by order. Those who help or
hinder us, whether they know it or not, are the servants of that law, which constantly shapes outward circumstances in harmony with our inner nature. We asked you last Sunday to distinguish between the individual identity and the state the occupy. The individual identity is the Son of God. It is that I speak of you or to you, or speak of myself, I mean really our imagination. That is permanent. It fuses with state and believes itself to be the state with which it is fused, but at every moment of time it is free to choose the state with which it will be identified.
And that brings us to today's subject, "Changing the Feeling of I", and I hope I will not get the same reaction that is recorded in the sixth chapter of the Gospel of John. For we are told that when this was given to the world they all left him, leaving just a handful behind. For when he told them there was no one to change but self, they said this is a hard, hard teaching. It's a hard thing. Who can hear it? For he said, "No man cometh unto me save I call him." And then it's recorded when he repeated it three times they left him, never again to walk with him. And he turned to the few who remained and asked them, "Would you also go?" And they answered and said, "To whom would we go ? You have the word of eternal life. 'I In other words, it's so
much easier when I can blame another for my misfortune, but now that I am told that no man cometh unto me save I call him, that I am the sole architect of my fortunes and misfortunes, it's a difficult saying, and so it's recorded "It's a hard saying. Who can hear it? Who can grasp it? And who will believe it?" And so he said, "And now I sanctify myself that they also be sanctified through the truth, for if this is the truth, then there is no one to change, no one to make whole, no one to purify but self."


According to a rabbinical principle, what is not written in the Old Testament does not exist. The life of Jesus follows this principle. He made no attempt to change the world of Caesar or its social order, but left it just as it is, for man to make mistakes and live as he desires. Urging man to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s, Jesus comes into our lives for one purpose and that is to fulfill scripture. Tonight I want to show you how this is done in 1,260 days. Daniel confesses in the last chapter of his book that he did not understand the vision, when: “A man stood clothed in linen, above the water, who said to me, ‘The words are closed and sealed until the time of the end.’ I asked him how long shall it be to the end of these wonders and he said, ‘A time, two times, and half a time.’” In Hebrew thought, a time is a year or 360 days; so we have three years of 360 days each and a half year of 180 days, which equal 1,260 days. Daniel was not told when the signs would begin, only that it would take 1,260 days to complete them.

Let us now turn to the 12th chapter of the Book of Revelation, where John tells us: “I saw in the heavens a great pulpit. A woman clothed with the sun, wearing a crown of twelve stars upon her head, was standing on the moon. In labor and with great pain she brought forth a male child, which was caught up to the throne of God. Fleeing into the wilderness to a place prepared for her, she was fed for 1,260 days.” Here we find the clue to the beginning of the 1,260 days as the birth of the child.

Now to the 1,260 days. On July 20 of the year 1959, my day was normal. I lectured in the morning to a large audience in San Francisco. Calling my wife around 9:00 P.M., I read the Bible and a bit of Blake and retired about 11:00 P.M., expecting nothing other than a normal, restful sleep. At 4:00 in the morning, a vibration centered at the base of my skull began to increase in intensity until I thought I would explode from the force of it. I am not a doctor, but I have read of massive brain hemorrhages and thought I was having one. I couldn’t conceive of living through this experience, yet I was unable to arrest it. Then I began to awaken, to discover that I was completely sealed within my own skull. I had but one consuming desire, and that was to get out of it. Intuitively knowing that if I would push the base of my skull something would give, I did, and something rolled away as I came out inch by inch just as a child emerges from the womb of a woman.
Then the imagery spoken of in the books of Luke and Matthew began to appear before me: the witnesses to the event and the child wrapped in swaddling clothes. I was unseen by those who were present. They spoke of me and knew the child was mine; but me they could not see, for I was clothed in an entirely different body of spirit, and no longer the flesh and blood body that they knew. I not only saw them, I could discern their every thought. And when the child was placed upon the bed and I picked it up and looked into its face and said: “How is my sweetheart?” it broke into a heavenly smile. Then the vision was caught up into the heavens
and disappeared from sight, for the whole thing had come out of me. Then on January 1, 1963, the fourth event appeared in the form of a dove who descended on me and smothered me with love. Now, I have recorded the date of every great mystical event I have experienced, next to the passage of scripture which parallels it. Next to the passage concerning the resurrection, I had marked July 20, 1959. That was one side of the coin, for the same night was the birth; so against the passage regarding the birth of Christ (who is the Son of God who is one with God) I also wrote the date of July 20, 1959. When another vibration exploded in my head and David of Biblical fame stood before me and called me “Father”, I wrote the date of December 6, l959 next to the passage in the 89th Psalm, where the Lord said: “I have found David. He has cried unto me, ‘Thou art my Father, my God and the Rock of my salvation.’” On the 8th day of April, 1960, a bolt of lightning split me in two from the top of my head to the base of my spine and I separated. At the base of my spine I saw golden liquid light, which I knew to be myself. Fusing
with it, I ascended like a serpent in a fire of lightning back into my skull, as it reverberated as though shattered. I recorded that vision as against the passages: “The curtain of the Lord was split in two from top to bottom” and: “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up.” Here recently I was reading the Book of Daniel, gathering my thoughts together as I was on my way to San Francisco to start a series of lectures on the 15th of July. Sitting alone in my living room with my Bible in my hand, memory returned and I knew that if I counted the days between my resurrection and birth, and the descent of the dove, it would come to 1,260 days. Checking the dates I had recorded in my Bible, I discovered that there were 139 days between the first event (the resurrection and birth) and the second one,
which was the discovery of David and the fatherhood of God. The third vision appeared 123 days later, with the fourth and final vision arriving in 998 days. No matter how many times I checked them, they always came out to 1,260 days.


Well, my first proposition is this one. The individual state of consciousness determines the conditions and the circumstances of his life. The second proposition is that man can select the state of consciousness with which he desires to be identified; and the third follows naturally--therefore, man can be what he wants to be.
If the first proposition is true that the individual's state of consciousness is the sole cause of the phenomena of his life, then the normal, natural question that is asked "Why doesn't he change it to a more desirable state if he could change it?"Well, that is not as easy as it appears.

So if I must be in the consciousness of the thing that I am seeking before I find it, then
the only thing to do is to acquire that state of consciousness. Most of us do not even know what we mean by state of consciousness. To those who are here for the first time it is simply meant by state of consciousness the sumtotal of all that a man believes and accepts and consents to as true.

the sum total of all that a man believes constitutes his state of consciousness. It is the house in which he abides, and as long as he remains in that house similar problems will confront him, the circumstances of life will remain the same. He may move physically across the ends of the earth but he will encounter similar conditions; he can't get away from the house in which he abides. The Bible speaks of these houses as mansions of the Lord, it speaks of them as
cities, it speaks of themas rooms, as upper rooms, all kinds of words are used to describe individual states of awareness. And the appeal in the Bible is always to move out and occupy the upper story, meaning to move up to a higher level within one's self.
Now, if you do not know the state in which you abide, it's a very simple technique you may employ to discover that state: for the man dwelling in a state, and we all dwell in states, could easily discover the state by listening within himself and observing his own internal mental conversations, for the state is singing its own song and it reveals itself in man's inner speech.

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