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The Leo Child

Updated on July 31, 2011

Leo children are difficult to resist, and as they grow older and older you will probably find yourself getting talked into the craziest schemes you could imagine. And even though you know it's not the best parenting move to pretty much allow your kid to do nearly anything he or she wants, resistance is futile. Leo child could charm the spots off a leopard, so you were pretty much glued to Team Leo the minute he or she was born! Obviously, no child is perfect and there will surely be some parent/child flare ups along the way to adulthood. But if you know how to handle a Leo, and allow them the freedom they need to grow, the experience is sure to be a rewarding one, from both a parent's and child's perspective.



This kid is a star. Even the rarely encountered "more subdued" Leo is still more of a star than most of us could ever hope to be. What's most fascinating about this seemingly innate quality is that no one holds it against them -- instead everyone will just gravitate toward him or her and hope to bask in even the slightest shadow Leo gives off. Not that Leo child will be free of ego or arrogance; they can be extremely full of themselves and ego is their middle name. But somehow it will just strike everyone else as natural and acceptable and therefore won't be a big problem through life. In any other sign it would come across as obnoxious, but with Leo it just seems perfectly tolerable for some reason.

It is important not to smother a Leo or try to be too restricting. Preventing your Leo boy or girl from expressing and pursuing his heart's desires would be like locking a plant in a closet and expecting it to bloom. If you need to set rules for your Leo, it's best to treat him or her like a friend, and not come across as too severe or strict, because when they feel as though rules are being forced upon them, a rebellious instinct is sure to spring up. And you don't want to deal with a rebellious Leo, trust me! (If you need a mental image for that one, think Madonna in her Boy Toy phase!) But if you talk to Leo like you would a younger brother or sister, they will respect you much more easily.

Social Flutterby

Leo needs a lot of attention and while his or her parents might be perfectly willing and able to spoil him with loads and loads of it, this simply is not enough. Leo needs a lot of interaction with others, because Leo's ego needs constant reassurance from outside sources. He or she will likely be very close to family, but Leo knows that family is pretty much guaranteed to love and admire, whereas a true measure of star quality can only be assessed from those not related to him. He will be the leader of everything at school (unless he's up against an Aries, in which case, it could go either way), and will have loads and loads of other children gravitating towards his winning nature. This is completely natural and necessary, so do not worry that your Leo is going to be spoiled by such admiration. Indeed, trying to discourage this would be more detrimental than anything else. Leo needs this attention, and others are more than happy to shower him with it, so just let nature take its course.


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