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The Lesson From the Blue Jay

Updated on November 19, 2012

Since it is Springtime, and the birds are returning from their winter migration,

I was reminded of a story I posted as a blog last year...

A Lesson From the Blue Jay

When my Daughter had her third Birthday, the only thing she requested,

was a Bird Feeder to place for viewing outside the back window

in the Living Room of our House in Kentucky.

I am an avid bird-watcher, trained by my Father,

in the pleasures of being able to identify Wild Birds by their Appearance and their Song.

I found a good Bird Book to give to my daughter, along with the feeder,

so she could learn how to identify the Birds she saw,

by looking at the pictures in the Guide Book.

She faithfully watched on a daily basis, with her wide, youthful Blue Eyes,

and was particularly interested in the birds' behaviors.

During this time, I was involved in an in-depth study, in Seminary,

to understand the 'role' of Satan, and his 'purpose'.

I asked, "Just how much power does he have in the events of our lives?"

I noticed many Christians seemed to blame Satan for everything that happened to their lives.

I had many questions, and was delving into the Hebrew and Greek languages concerning this topic.

A key reference concerning Satan, is at the beginning of the story of Job,

where it describes Satan...(the personification of) Job 1:6

(6)"One day the Angels came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came with them.

(7)The Lord said to Satan, 'Where have you come from?' Satan answered the Lord, 'From roaming through the Earth and going back and forth in it'"

I learned that Satan's original purpose, before his 'fall', was that he was the "Accuser".

His job was to be of one who put 'blame' where it rightly belonged when sin occurred.

After satan's 'Fall', his purpose was perverted, and he now 'FALSELY ACCUSES' the Saints who are forgiven by God through the Blood of Jesus.

As I was spending time at the window with my Daughter, watching the birds,

she had a keen observation about what was happening with the different birds

who frequented the shaded corner of our house.

She told me she noticed that all the species of Birds

got along with each other very well and ate the seeds together, happily,

except for the Blue Jay.

She described the Blue Jay, who was much larger than the other Birds,

as being a 'Bully' to the smaller birds.

Whenever they were feeding and the Blue Jay arrived on the scene,

the other birds would 'step aside' or, fly just a short distance from the feeder,

and allow the Blue Jay to feed alone.

If any Bird arrived, while he was feeding, he would chase it away

and squawk loudly at them, as he wanted the feeder all to himself.

The small Birds respected the space he demanded, but they would not leave,

but would only wait and watch until The Blue Jay left.

Then, they would resume their feasting.

My Daughter concluded, although the Blue Jay was a Bully,

and was larger and louder than the other Birds,

he never physically harmed any of them.

This observation from a three-year-old was quite insightful and it occurred to me,

satan is like the Blue Jay.

He tries to 'intimidate' us, and 'bully' us, but really does not have any 'power' over us,

other than what God allows him to do this, for GOD'S PURPOSE.

God redeems the negative efforts of satan, protects us and uses it for our Good.

As I pondered this truth, I was still not satisfied with my understanding

of satan's part in what happens to us.

How can we stop his intimidation, and do we have any control over his attacks on us?

Just how does this inter-dependence between God's Will and Satan's role, work,

without Satan abusing his evil 'power'?

So many Christians are filled with FEAR of satan and give him too much 'credit'.

They blame him for their circumstances many of which are consequences of their own sins.

There seemed to be a missing ingredient in the 'formula' of the spiritual struggle.

How can we trust God when it seems that Satan knows more than we do

about what is going to happen next?

One day, I was driving my daughter through a beautiful Public Park in our Neighborhood.

The traffic was heavy during this time of day, and the roads were narrow.

Suddenly, a large beautiful Blue Jay flew right in front of my car

and landed on the pavement, a very short distance from the front bumper,

facing with his back to me, standing straight and looking forward.

I had no time to brake, as the other cars were too close to me,

and I could not swerve to miss hitting the Bird.

It happened so fast, I had no time to react.

I was counting on the Bird's ability to quickly fly from under the front

of the swiftly moving car.

Certainly he saw the huge car looming towards him?

I heard the 'thump' and as I looked in the rear-view mirror, I saw him.

His beautiful Blue feathers were spread apart and he lay still on the pavement,

as the next car behind me passed over his lifeless form.

The incident greatly upset me, and my daughter, and our hearts sank,

knowing I participated in terminating the life of one of God's Creatures.

I asked, "Why? Lord, why did You allow this?"

Then, like a light instantly flooding a darkened room... God gave this revelation:


The Blue Jay had landed in front of my car just in the right position

so he could not see my car coming at him.

He did not have 'eyes in the back of his head',

although I know birds have amazing peripheral vision and keen senses.

I knew this was a lesson from God.

Satan's BLIND SPOT is this:


At the Crucifixion, Satan's intent was to destroy Jesus,

but he did not know that in order for God's Purpose for our Salvation to be accomplished,

Jesus had to die so He could pay the Price for our sin.

Without the Death, there could be no Resurrection.

Jesus' Death was part of the PLAN.

Satan did not know how the Story was going to be 'REDEEMED' or how it was going to end.

We can be confident that God is in Perfect Control of all the events in our Lives,

and Satan's bullying and evil intentions can be a 'tool' to accomplish God's Greater Will.

because God redeems the bad things in our lives....God has him 'on a leash'.

Genesis 50:19 reads,

"You Intended to harm me, but GOD Intended it for GOOD..."

This was true for Joseph, when His Brothers left him in a pit, to die.

Now, every time I see the Beautiful Blue Jay, it is a Symbol.

I am reminded of God's Providential protection over us,

and His Ultimate Power over ALL Things, and ALL Circumstances!


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