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The Joy of Forgiving Others Before They Hurt You

Updated on July 28, 2016

Pre-forgiveness is the radical decision to forgive all hurt, harm and offenses from family, friends, neighbors and strangers before they occur. In a society wrecked with hostility and violence, the concept of pre-forgiveness offers a glimmer of hope for humanity. Hostility and violence starts when one party feels highly dishonored or threatened by the others' presence or actions. A person’s pride might be at stake as well.

How many homes, neighborhoods, work places and schools in our communities continue to experience violence because someone may feels a sense of non-acceptance and takes it out on society? This person or group may have a belief that dealing with society is an unpleasant experience that won’t go away. The anger inside this person who feels like an outcast may accumulate day by day until it is ready to explode. Unfortunately, the results of this explosion could mean destruction and death for the public which often becomes a target for destruction.

Pre-forgiveness in the Family

Pre-forgiveness is advanced love. The fear and pain of being hurt will no longer a concern for us because the offense does not come as a surprise. Instead it is anticipated and met with kindness and delight. Such peculiar response takes the highest degree of emotional fortitude. But this quality can be developed with the help of prayer and meditation.

The liberating power of pre-forgiveness can empower a society to make significant progress in all areas of life, including the home, the workplace, the school as wells as the entire community. In the home, pre-forgiveness empowers us to dwell in harmony with our family members. It reduces the opportunity for destructive arguments and fights between spouse and siblings and in-laws. Families are torn apart by the tens of thousands because the spirit of unforgiveness. Anger and hostilities fester until an explosion of emotions collide which can produce unforceful heartaches and broken homes.

The attitude of pre-forgiveness gives a family an opportunity to work together and resolve any problem that may arise during the course of a day, week, month or year. Families that can sit down and work out their difference are the choice of a community. Strong families are developed to the degree that they can learn to listen and cooperate with one another on a daily basis. When children see their mothers and fathers avoid an argument and disagreement with a smile and a hug, the parents become live role models for the children to immolate the rest of their lives.

Bible Belt of America

Pre-forgiveness in the workplace

In the workplace where games an d politics are at an all-time high, the individual who has mastered pre-forgiveness can work unmoved through clandestine whispers coming out the boss offices or through the lies conjured up by one of our most endearing e co-workers in department E 33. One of the reasons for low productivity on the job occurs because of poor relationships with the boss or co-workers. Because of high negative tension, the ability to communicate with one another becomes strained. Resentment builds and people just don’t care anymore about what or how much gets done.

The practice of pre-forgiveness in organizations can minimize workplace wars and put the company on the track to increased success and high productivity. The boss who understands the power of pre-forgiveness will be able to understand that animosity against an individual or a group of co-workers will only quench the delight for doing a good job. Instead of staying overtime to get the job done, the co-workers will be heading for the exit in order to get away from this unrighteous place. Pre-forgiveness is tolerating temporary ignorance in a co-worker until that ignorance has disappeared. Once it is gone and the worker has mastered the skills, the reward for being patient will be well worth it.

Pre-forgiveness in Classroom

In schools and universities where professors and classmates clash, the attitude of pre-forgiveness will allow for a high degree of cooperation’s and collaborative learning. Learning can be fun and exciting when conflicts and tensions are absent from classroom discussions. Knowledge and clarity prevails when we just let go of strife. Let’s say, for example, you approach your professor for what you think is an unfair grade and he doesn’t raise it, don’t spend the entire semester holding a grudge. It can only make things worse. Concentrate on the next exam with all of your might and watch the universe come to your aid. If we refuse to add fuel to the fire to any conflict, we stand on the side of that which is good and as a result, our inner power repays us for the sacrifice.

Preforgiveness in the Community

Pre-forgiveness has the potential to empower a community of neighbors to work together in peace and harmony. When neighbors are able to live beside one another without bitterness, the community can prosper in safety and security. Neighbors will no longer be suspicious of one another. Each will respect the others' presence. Pre-forgiveness is unmerited kindness toward our neighbors whenever the opportunity presents itself. The act of consistent kindness has the power to break down the defensive walls of strangers. When neighbors adopt this attitude the spirit of unity in the community will become a reality in which block parties, gathering and celebrations and cookouts are the order of the year.

The Path to Emotional and Spiritual Freedom

Adapting the mindset of pre-forgiveness requires a commitment to be free of unanticipated pain and hurt from other human beings. In order for this to occur, an individual will need to persevere through the fiery jungle of self-pride and emotional sensitivity until he has reached and achieved humility and emotional fortitude.

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The onslaught of verbal and perhaps, physical attacks may push an individual to retaliate from time to time. But don’t give up. Resume your commitment to become emotionally free from people. Keep in mind that the freer you are from the attack of others, the more successful and influential you can be in this life.

Two of the most powerful rituals designed to instill the gift of pre-forgiveness within us are prayer and meditation. These divine rituals transform the thoughts and emotions of the individual and protect them in times of persecution from family, friends and neighbors. The more we pray and meditate on the practice of pre-forgiveness the more powerful it becomes within us. An increase in joy and freedom will give an individual the power and desire to go ahead and accomplish great things in life.

In order to rid the world of hostility and violence, Pre-forgiveness will have to become a living reality at some point in the future of mankind. Without this hope, the world is headed toward a destructive end where fear and intimidation will rule the day. But the power of pre-forgiveness offers to all mankind the twin gifts of peace and liberation. The choice belongs to us.

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