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The Life We Have (Prologue)

Updated on May 3, 2008

There are facts given to each individual as another reminder of what really happens in someones heart. The sudden changes that are placed from the resulting mechanisms of what one says "Circumstances in Life." Although, it may leave a trace of the puzzle that was once set for you to figure out, only then where it becomes another illusion of fantasy and disillusioning awakenings. Many days become void, since the past is past after all, but unfortunately it's not that simple. Squeezing it's way through the atmosphere, locked and trapped it may seem, becomes unbearable once it's harbored. Thoughts are never to be taken seriously, since it can however, affect the heart that you bear.

See, God has designed you in a special way. Thoughts go to the heart, your actions are considered deeply from the heart, as well as the outcome of it, may become profitable or in vain. Chances are, they affect you in a very unique way, but it always needs to be guarded, no matter the situation. Honesty counts, but so does humbleness. The magnificant traits that you can express, comes in multiple forms, big or small, but not even one jot or tittle would be held back, the truth God has had in store for many centuries and beyond. It may seem impossible for items, things, philosophy, and so called theories to survive an extreme length of time, but it's obvious that even Earth today has given its full survivability for the human race. Yet, even an advanced structure of living organisms has the ability to generate new beings and survive while its cells and structures are multiplied.

Tampering with life? Possible.

Making, forming, and/or creating life with human technology, intellect, and their own hands?

Not likely to happen and never will.

The source of life is what we need to tap into. The very essence of the nature, the full being of what it is. Blood, movement, breath, water, its full potential of the mere existence. And you think it's possible to do some sort of magic to bring to life...let's say...a flower? Obviously you might need to think again. This is an absoluteness of advanced comprehension that is comepletely beyond our imagination and human logic. Take a moment to think about how life is a factor in your everyday life. You are breathing, yet your body is choreographed perfectly to fend off harmful bacteria and viruses. Your blood is fiercely pumping while your muscles are fed with fresh oxygen that allows your movements to be operable. As beautiful as it may sound, we cannot understand and fully master our body as of yet.

We have learned that matter has to exist somewhere. But how did it exist? This is where honesty kicks into play. Philosophers, scientists, doctors, and archeologists have tried and tried to find the answer, yet they lack abstract evidence. "Big Bang" theory? Sounds probable, but that "Bang" has to start somewhere. Matter and atoms cannot explode and create a vast universe that consists of nebulas, stars, suns, gravity and etc. without having material in existence. Life on "one" planet as we know of sounds pretty fishy to me. Something is responsible for this. And it has to be big.

Point is very simple, there's a reason for living and there's a really good reason for it indeed. But that yours.

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