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How the Life of a Psychic Began

Updated on November 29, 2009

How it all Started

From the beginning I have never feared the dead. I grew up being more scared of being robbed or tornadoes. I was never worried about ghost or possessions. As I got older around 7 I started to notice people that other people wouldn't notice. I believe my first real understanding of it was at a store. I saw a lady who was in dirty clothing sitting on a bench in the mall crying. She was pouring tears out. She was distraught. She cried with no words just heavy inhaling and screeching out-haling. She cupped her face with her hands. People never looked at her. Everyone just walked by her not even noticing her existence. No one so much looked at her. She rocked back and forwards as she cried. She whimpered and snuffled. I could feel how sad she was. As being a kid my first thought was that she was lost, she needed help. I remember her wiping her face and looking up. She looked all around. She saw me looking at her. A chill went down my spine. She knew I could see her. She stared at me. My grandma started walking ahead. I followed behind her. As I looked back she still stared. As I got to the corner and turned around she was gone. When you are seven you have no idea what happened. I never mentioned it my anyone until this day, but I believe that was the first time I saw a ghost. Not knowing it then I went on with life. After that I noticed alot of people that were "invisible" to most people. I vaguely remember a man who seemed to be very angry with himself at the end of our yard. He would walk up and down the road, cursing and yelling at no one but himself. He would stomp and shake his hands as he talked. I saw him on a daily basis. Sometimes out the window or on the carport. One day as I was swinging on the tire swing in the front yard he came walking and yelling up the road. When he saw me he stopped. Again, the hair stood up on my neck and my stomach got sickly. I would not say I was scared but I was very weary of him. I stopped the swing. He stared at me. "Who are you?" popped in my head, in a mans deep voice. I widened my eyes and noticed his mouth did not move. In a low voice I whispered "Ashley". Almost as I was shy, but was confused. He did not open his mouth but I heard "How can you see me?". At 7 I was freaked out. How was he talking to me? How can I hear him, but hes not talking? How can I see him? Without answering him I ran inside. That was the first time I had ever had actual interaction with a spirit. Even though I was shocked I still did not tell anyone. One time I had gotten mad at my grandma and great grandma, so I packed up at big blue bag and told them I was running away. I guess they knew I wasn't gonna go anywhere, so they let me pack a bag. I packed clothes, tooth brush a hair brush and some other stuff. I told them bye and that I was leaving. They agreed and shook their heads. I opened the door and left. I sat on the bench on the front porch. As I sat their thinking about where I was gonna go. The man started coming up the road. I heard him the next house down, yelling and stomping around. He made it to the driveway and stopped. "What are you doing out here?" I heard the same voice in my head as he stared at me. Again, this time his lips still did not move. I think he asked this question because it was raining. I mumbled "running away" He still stood at the edge of the yard by the driveway stiff as a door. "You're not getting very far" I sat there. and thought "cause I really dont want to runaway" He seemed confused but still stood stiff. "well then why dont you go back inside?" Again, the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up, and my eyes widened. I had no idea he could hear me, well hear my thoughts. I grabbed my bag and went back inside. When I said my sorrys I looked out the window. He was gone. That was the only times I remember actually talking to him. I saw him several time after that, but never talked to him again. Months later, My grandma and aunt Pam were out looking for shoes. I believe we were at Payless? or some sort of shoe store. They met a old friend they use to work with. Her name was Helen. She had a very elderly man following her around. I remember them sitting their talking but I don't remember the conversation. i was focused on this man. He was very elderly but so sad. He followed her every step. I could feel sadness. like I had lost something, a sadness I don't think any kid could ever feel. He wanted to tell her something. He needed to tell her something but he could not understand why she was ignoring him. He was very upset. I just observed him and never spoke to him. As we left I thought about him hours after our encounter. I really don't know how old I was when we moved into a older house in the middle of no where. We call it the Turner house. In this house a girl stayed in the basement. She was very friendly and loved to talk to me. Soon she would come out of the basement and would follow me. She would be in the car, store or restaurant with me. She was the first one I have ever mentioned to my family. They never told me she was fake or not real, because most of my family is very open to these ideas and they thought she was my 'imaginary friend'. They did get aggravated and upset with me when I would constantly talk about her, or talk about her to strangers. Her name was Francesca. She was a young girl but was 46 when she died. She died in the hospital but lived in the house almost her whole life. She was a warming person, and very welcoming. She never showed any aggression toward us, even though we were moving into her house. Once we moved I didn't see her unless I went there to visit relatives who moved in after us. We then moved some other places, including Linden, Culpeper and North Carolina. In this time, my little half sister was born. In Linden I did not see anyone but the old lady next door. She would be in the neighbors backyard watering the garden in the evening. I never talked to her but saw her on a weekly basis. In the Culpeper house their was Indians that lived in the woods behind our house. I never talked to them, but they seemed not talkative. They just stayed in the woods and many day while in the yard I would observe from far away. I never attempted to talk to them, or even walk closer. When I lived in this house my great grandma had gotten really sick. My family made a trip to the hospital to she her. Amazingly enough, she talked to me. No not moved her lips and made vocal conversation but again as crazy as it sounds her voice shuttered in my head. We had always been close. My grandma, and great grandma had always been an important part of my life. As she was soo weak she would not talk or even open her eyes. But as I rubbed her hand clear as day was her voice talking to me. "Its time for me to walk down my hallway, I need you to promise to always take care of mawmaw, she needs you more then anyone else." Thats when I cried, and got a little emotional. "Don't cry or be sad over me, I'm going to be happy with my mom and dad." I wiped away her tear, "Always remember how much I love you". I came down to her face giving her a kiss on the cheek and whispered "I love you too." That night I stayed up thinking over and over again her words. That night I had a dream. I walked down this hallway, all down the hallway where doors on both sides. They all had glass windows but the one at the end had a light on. I walked down the hallway and into the door. In the room was a white room. All white. It had one single white round table in the room with 2 white chairs and 2 white coffee cups. As she came in I remember the smell of her perfume, sweet but a tad bitter and could be considered the "nursing home smell" but was very comforting.She entered through the door.She asked me to sit, and we talked. She told me the same thing she did when I saw her in the hospital. I don't think I had school the next day but I remember waking up at 7:54 and feeling her there. In my bed room. I never saw her, but I could feel her. I could smell cinnamon toast which is what she would eat almost every morning, sometimes we would eat it together or share. I laid there in bed for a while before my mom came in and told me she had passed away that morning. I told her I knew. She was surprised I knew. After that I never saw her. I had many dreams, the same way, with the white room, but that comes in again later. After we moved from culpeper we moved to North Carolina. In a small crowded house I met my brother. I did not know before, but my mother and step father had been wanting a baby for a while. Before my sister, they had a miscarriage. Is was going to be a boy. They had a name picked out, Dustin Michael. I was still young and knew nothing about it. I believe I was 8 or 9 when we moved to North Carolina. I remember my step dad wasn't home alot. My mom would sometimes be upset and lonely. He would often go up to her and hug her leg or if she was sitting down would hug her around her neck. I talked to him alot, he is very friendly. He had a strong connection to my mom. He knew who my sister and I was. He is the one I asked all the questions, I guess him being family I was very comfortable with him. I asked him about everything I could think of. I asked him about Heaven and Hell, I asked him about reincarnation and past lives. I asked him about my gift. He is only 3 years old but had more knowledge then most 90 year people do. He had the baby slurred talk but a very big vocabulary. After that he showed up at all our houses we moved to. We came back to Virginia and sometime down the line got a house in the mountains. Away from everything. This was a older house, but very well put together. Had alot of history in it. I remember the first time we went in it. The people who had it before left it in a bad shape. We had to basically restore the house. When we did, a young boy that lived their in there in the 1960s decided to befriend my sister, Shyan. I remember us sharing a room. He would whisper stuff to her at night. When she was awake and asleep. He wouldn't be mean to her, but it was very easy to upset her at her age, so he constantly kept her emotional. His name was Teddy and he followed her where ever she went. He knew I could see him, but he never attempted to communicate with me, he only was interested in bothering Shyan. I remember in that house, one late night I woke up around 3 or 4. The fridge door was open, which is rare at my house for that time in the morning. I creaked my door open to see a man with long brown hair, hand cuffs and a burly look to him looking in the fridge. As my door was loud, and creaky, he looked up. I had the same feeling as I usually did. My hair stood up on my neck. I think the eye contact probably did that to me. He slowly closed the door staring at me. When the light went off, he was gone. I saw the light to the fridge come on again, as soon as I got settled in to bed. I laid in bed. about 10 minutes later it shut off. Some nights I saw it open, but I never got up again, because when he looked me in the eye I saw pain, and frustration. I didn't want to meet him again. After that, we went to the beach. I remember getting into the hot tub, then jumping in the pool. From a hot tub, to a cold pool made my body go into shock, I remember gasping for air. reaching for the top of the water. I seriously thought I was going to die, I remember almost giving up trying to reach the top. I looked at the bottom of the pool. I saw my shadow kicking, and bubbles. Then I noticed a black shape. A defined cloak like shape slowly coming towards my shadow. Then I felt a hand grab my arm and pull me up. It was my step dad who had luckily been passing by the pool. I could not believe what I had saw. I thought about it for days afterwards. I could not think of what it was. After that, my gift seemed to get stronger- maybe just because I was getting older but it was more advanced.

The Difference

What they look like, to me.
What they look like, to me.
What ghosts are said to look like.
What ghosts are said to look like.

The Best Way to Explain their Features

It is very hard to try and explain what they look like. To me, they look like regular people. Honestly if I'm not aware, and thinking about them I can't tell the difference in them and a normal person. Sometimes when I look at them I get the same feeling, and that's the only way I know they are real or not a real person. (Hair stands up on my neck, eyes widen.) Sometimes I get that feeling and would ask people, "Do you see that man right there?" If the answer was no, the I knew they were a ghost. If the answer was yes, then I knew it was a person. That is how realistic they look to me. They are always wearing clothing, but not white cloaks like the average ghost is portrade. Most the time they are clean, and very well dressed. Nothing Fancy, but they dont have bloody ripped up clothes. They wear the same clothes all the time, they don't change, or redo their hair. Most of then I have met, get shocked that I am looking at them and constantly stare. Some seem to want to talk, others walk away.

When the Truth came out.

I recently went into high school, during my sophomore year I took Psychology. My teacher, Mr. Shepherd was very friendly and an easy person to talk to. I came to him at lunch to catch up on some makeup work. As I sat there covering the materials on the paranormal. I asked him what he thought of the matter. He simply was neutral on the topic. He said he believes there is something else besides us but he wasn't sure if the materials people to the media is correct. He stated that he did have some rather weird and unexplainable moments in life. He said he enjoyed reading and finding out peoples findings. I took a big sigh and asked him about Psychics. He said he didn't believe in how they gave their information. The example he used was "You plan on getting married soon, you liked dying your hair last week." When they obviously had a engagementring and got fresh highlights. He claimed that he knew a friend who was wrapped up in drugs and just had trouble follow her throughout her whole life. When one Saturday night she came up missing. After 2 weeks of not hearing anything the police went to a psychic. Mr Shepherd continued, that made me believe. She pinpointed exactly where she was, how she has been killed and who did it. It was amazing to me. After that he said he knew I believed in it. I asked him how, he said that I had a beam of spirituality coming off of me. Nothing over whelming or to worry about but you have some part of you that has to believe in a second dimension. So, I told him. I didn't tell him my experiencesbut I explained to him how I could see and talk to them. He was astonished. He listened to every word I said. He had great interest and I was very relieved to get it off my chest. He finished the conversation with how I should not be ashamed of it. He encouraged me to go and tell my family.  The bell rang to go to the next class and I left. After I got to my next class I started worrying if I told him to not tell anyone. I was so scared that he would want to tell someone, so after that class I went back to his class and asked him not to tell anyone. He said the thought never crossed his mind and that I could trust him.

One day me and my little sister was in my room, she was telling me about this feeling she gets when she watches scary movies. She thinks someone invisible is out to get her. So I made her pinky promise not to tell, and I told her. I told her it was nothing to fear. They are not here to hurt us, they are not hateful and mean like the movies make them out to be. After that she never had trouble sleeping because of the invisible people.

I remember when me and my mom were sitting on the couch and just having a spiritual talk. I believe I was 15 when this was taking place. My mom had gotten to the conversation of God and the dead. My mother has always been a paranormal person, this was not the first conversation we have about this topic. I told her everything. I told her how my little brother named Dustin liked to sing her when she was lonely. How he would run up and down the hallway laughing. She was very skeptical, and held back. She wanted to believe, because she knew it was possible, but she had a hard time swallowing it. Eventually i would be able to prove it to her, but at that point I was clueless.

Proving it

As time went on I had no way to prove it to her. It didn't weigh on my mind, but I did want her to see that I wasn't lying or making this up. All I could do is wait for the right time.

I went to my cousins house one day for the weekend, which she has a young son named Zack. He has this, I guess what you would call an "Imaginary friend", but he is real just in another dimension. His name is Mark and he is two years older then Zack. He had a strong connection to Zack, my feelings were that they had been with each other in another life. Maybe even siblings. Anyways, Zack would sit in the bathroom and talk to himself with his toys. So, I told his mom about Mark. She said she believed me, but I had this feeling she didnt. So I told her everything. She still said she believed me, but I wasnt feeling it. Zacks dad refused to believe it, he called it nonsense. Which I dont blame him, I would probably feel the same way if someone told me that a little boy was following my kid around. One day we took Zack to his grandmas and dropped him off. I told Jess, which is Zacks mom, that I had figured out a way to prove it. Recordings. I had a simple phone, but it did have a voice recorder on it. So, I got it and me and Jess went to Zacks room. We sat down and I had her press the record button. I started a conversation with him. I asked him why he was upset, and what was his name. He clearly said "I miss Zack, Where is Zackary? Where is he? I miss him" and I had Jess stop the recording. We replayed it back, and sure enough he was on there. I was delighted. Everything I heard was on there as clear as day. Jess was amazed, even though she still had the doubt in her head. After then we did plenty of recordings. Including one of my favorites, Jason. He was at a haunted prison he said "Get the f*** out!" He didnt mean it in the way most people think. He said that cause he was mistreated by the guards 57 years ago, and eventually commited suicide in the jail. He said it that way cause he wants no one to get hurt there. He wants no one to feel or hurt the way he did so he is very aggressive when people come. I actually made friends with him and told him the most the guards now are way too watched after to do such a thing. He was a bit more clam and I enjoyed seeing him almost every weekend.

The last thing I needed to prove through recordings is my little brother to my mom. My friend Brianna, also known as Bri was over one weekend. I had already told her, but I wanted to get my mom and Bri in the same room to prove it them at the same time. Since Dusty was there I gathered them up. We sat in the room. I can not call them, or make them come. But because she had the special connection, I asked her to call Dusty. She did, so I told her to press the button, and we started talking. I told Dusty to say hi to mom, and bri, then asked him if he had anything to say. He said "Hi mom, Hi Bri, I love you mom. *and a cute little giggle*. Then he ran off, and I told mom to stop the recording. Everything was on there. I was so happy about this. I knew this would open both their eyes to the idea.


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    • AshleyNikole profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Virginia

      Thanks Markminer for the comment, Good luck with the kids. :) Ashley

    • markminer profile image


      9 years ago from Albany, Oregon

      My first sighting was when I was ten years old, the story was featured in Leslie Rule's book A Ghost In The Mirror. Ever since then I too have seen many "people". Even my fiance gets tired of it, and now as my children start getting into teenage years, they are now seeing them as well. So I have to explain to them about these "people" and the responsibility that comes with the sightings. What ever happened to just having to deal with the sex talk? lol


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