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The Soul and Does it Exist?

Updated on January 10, 2013

The Soul The Universe

  • The soul
  • The ego
  • The personality
  • The residual self a mental construct
  • The residual effects of life’s physical loss an energetic transformation that effects the soul like the physical withdraw of a street drug would effect a drug addict in the living world.
  • Environmental emotional energy imprinting and spiritual energetic synchronization.
  • The shattering of the self and ego, the reveal of the true self exposed.
  • The light is our true self, the soul is self aware in the universal consciousness.
  • The soul is connected to the universe through a violently networked cluster of micro quantum vortices which create warped strings and pockets of matter which is then twisted into smaller and smaller dimensional quantum connections. It is much like a Mandelbrot set so as you look outward into infinity so you can look inward and see into infinity. These warps in space time create connections between all parts of matter as they are coupled together in a state of cohesive existence.

The Path Inward

People often describe a tunnel and light experience when they have an near death experience, an out of body experience, or a spiritual awakening experience while in deep meditation.
People often describe a tunnel and light experience when they have an near death experience, an out of body experience, or a spiritual awakening experience while in deep meditation.

What Happens When We Die?

What is it we experience when we pass over? So many people say they have had experiences when they have flat lined on the operating table or been in a horrific accident. Visions of a spectral light shining in a welcoming brilliance, yet this light also seems to speak of a duality as it is also described as soft and comforting and that it beacons to them. They are visited by visions of deceased loved ones, some feel a sense of falling, others feel drawn or pulled to the light. These concepts have been explored by religion for thousands of years. The belief in an afterlife seems almost inherent in the DNA of mankind. Since the dawning of reasoning man has asked, am I more? The journey of death is a journey of discovery that one day we must all take. It is a story of the truth of our very existence and the truth about our place in this universe may begin at death. Perhaps our consciousness released of it's earthly coil is allowed finally see the true self and the true world around us which is far more encompassing than in any earthly experience. Or perhaps it is just a winking out, like the flame of a candle.

Is There Actually a Soul? (Experiments or Evidence Against)

Neuroscientists say that what these people are experiencing when these things are happening to them at the moment of death is no more than a byproduct of the physical act of death. Is this possible? Can oxygen deprivation along with desperately misfiring neural synapses trying like hell to stay alive create a mental construct not unlike a television screen winking out when it is turned off? Research into the brain has shown that in laboratory experiments using electromagnetic fields many of the experiences that occur during a near death experience can be reproduced by these fields. Other experiments in test pilot G Force simulator centrifuges also produce out of body or near death experiences when pilots go into G-Lock.

The U.S. Army conducted experiments on volunteer soldiers and placed them into induced coma states to see how the brain was affected. What they found was that the primitive areas of the brain that control the auto-motor functions like breathing, salivating, sweating continues even as the higher functions and even our senses were placed into a state of inactivity. If lowered further the test subjects would have died. What this showed was that some of the experiences reported by the test subjects included tunnels of light or a greyish color when consciousness was lost. But does this mean there is nothing past the point of physical brain death? No, it only shows that many of the experiences that happen while dying on a physical level may be related to or even as part of the experiences that are reported.

Evidence of the Soul and of Life After Death:

What evidence can there be? Well the biochemistry and neuro-scientists would have us believe that our mind is the sum of neural tissue, billions of neurons and electro-chemicle processes and that when these processes cease to function so will "YOU". For the last two hundred years medical science has supported this view. But in the last century science into the quantum world has in effect shown that you cannot separate (consciousness) from reality for if one is to exist so must the other. (also see: Reality Thought and Matter the Quantum Connection)

"Perception - The world we perceive around us is all that we know because of what our senses (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and touch) tell us it is because of the way we experience and perceive it. We rely on our senses and our brains to tell us what it is we are experiencing. But this is only an interpretation of what the true nature of what we are sensing really is. We know that once a particle in wave form is measured and observed it behaves the way we expect it to, well the same goes for our reality... it is like the classic question (if a tree falls in the forest, does it really make a sound if there is no one there to hear it?) well the real mind bender is this, is there even a tree or a forest if there is no consciousness around to experience it? So if there was no consciousness in the universe at all would it even exist at all in the way we perceive it or would it all just be a jostling place of potentials but never realized actualization. In a sense the world as we know it would not be here without consciousness."; (per my article Reality Thought and Matter the Quantum Connection)

So then we have to ask, is consciousness inherent? We know that the mind is our word for our inward map of experiencing our existence. We do this through our senses which help us to perceive our reality. But quantum physics tells us that our reality does not exist apart from our consciousness but that our consciousness is some how related to the reality itself. It isn't a question of is there a soul as much as is there really a physical reality and life outside the existence of our soul.

In the Steven Spielberg film A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) one of the future mecha (the Specialist) which excavated the android boy David from the ice, placed David and Teddy his super toy in the simulated environment of his old home where he was happiest in life. He is approached by another simulation of the Blue Fairy asks David what it is he wants to ask her to which he asks to be made into a real boy so his mother Monica will love him. The fairy explains that she can't make him a real boy. David then asks where his mother and father are and if they will be home soon. The Specialist explains that two thousand years had passed since his mother had died and that without a piece of her DNA they could not bring her back but that they would be able to bring back others for him to know from his time. David then wants to know why if they can bring back those people why they can't bring back her. It is then that Teddy reminds David of when he cut his mother's hair and takes Monica's hair from his side and hands it to David who then extends it to the mecha and says, "Now you can bring her back."

Some time passing is implied as Davud plays with a toy Amphilicopter and remembers his friend Joe a male sex bot from his time as he repeats the monicker, "Hey Joe, what do ya know?" It is then that the Specialist enters the room and sits down with David and tries to explain to David why it is that if they bring his mother back to life, it will only be for a single day.

The following dialog is quoted from the film A.I.

"David, I often felt a sort of envy of human beings and that
thing they call 'spirit'. Human beings had created a million
explanations of the meaning of life in art, in poetry, in
mathematical formulas. Certainly, human beings must be the
key to the meaning of existence, but human beings no longer

So, we began a project that would make it possible to
recreate the living body of a person long dead from the DNA
in a fragment of bone or mummified skin. We also wondered,
would it be possible to retrieve a memory trace in resonance
with a recreated body. And do you know what we found? We
found... the very fabric of space-time itself appeared to
store information about every event which had ever occured
in the past.

But the experiment... was a failure. For those who were
resurrected only lived through a single day of renewed life.
When the resurrectees fell asleep on the night of their
first new day, they died, again. As soon as they became
unconscious, their very existence faded away into darkness.
So you see, David, the equations have shown that once an
individual space-time pathway had been used, it could not be
reused. If we bring your mother back now, it will only be
for one day, and then you'll never be able to see her again."

This is a special idea in the sense that it says that the physical existence is a fleeting moment in the physical fabric of space time. But that out shade or echo still is imprinted on the fabric of space and time. We do not cease to have existed but that we cease to exist as a physical representation of our self and continue with the transcending sphere of the cosmos as a soul. We are free to explore the universal consciousness as an individual consciousness in a much larger mind.

"In a sense the entire universe is a conscious thing, since information is flowing through the universe much like information is shared within the brain through axons and neurons the universe is acting like a quantum computer itself, using zero point fluctuations and entanglements to create and share information at amazingly unimaginable speeds. We are like little self aware thoughts within a much larger mind than our own."

Italicized qoutes from my article
Reality Thought and Matter the Quantum Connection)

What is it to be a Soul?

So What is Being a Spirit Like?

The Film What Dreams May Come

Life After Death Poll

Do you believe in a soul?

See results

The Experience of Being in Spirit:

In the form of spirit one possesses the unique ability to experience time in a way in which all of the soul’s incarnations and experiences throughout existence are all taking place simultaneously forming or coming into focus at every point between. This takes place until a deduction follows and not a mere memory of the experience is recalled but the occurrence itself is unfolding before the spirit in full detail even to such an extent that the soul may be caught up in the very powerful emotions of the events being visited, So much so as to actually relive the events with such clarity to be in the living moment alive again, it takes all the souls strength to not forget it's true identity; the self and to garner only lessons from those brief visits back to the earth plane.

To inquire as to the aspect of the mental causal or spirit world and to how it would seem to appear to us cannot be referenced in any way accept to say that proportion in the notion of near and far, or large and small, or of one like or another mean nothing. It can be summed up as if you are standing staring at a panorama of dissolving scenes playing out on a movie screen much like watching a film, but one in which you can change the speed and direction of unfolding events since what is being witnessed is a record or a universal stamp or a reflection of an event witnessed by conscious beings within the fabric of space time. On the astral mental plane if the spirit should turn it’s attention on a scene and call it up before it the scene crosses a threshold into the plane of thought or (inspiration).

In the world of the mind the spirit is not only conscious of itself but in those focused experiences in which it relives those moments in time it also is aware of the mental echoes or thoughts of those other minds and entities that were also present and are present at the time.

Imagine now if you can, nothing more than pure consciousness, not a hole filled with darkness, nor an ever expanding plainer of white which goes on into infinity. No I want you to imagine a void of non-light and non-dark, it is a world that exists just below our own, a sort of gulf between two dimensional realities. You have felt this place when you have closed your eyes to daydream, or remember its echo in the calm shadows of night. It is the chasm by which the spirit world and the world of our astral mind connect. That darkness that is never truly dark, but reflects a soft cold midnight blue as if it is and will forever be only filled with that which is only pure in thought and vibrational coherence.

This is the calming place of the true mind. In this place of meditation you can explore the modes of thought and be in spirit or inside the mind. Each night we sleep our conscious mind shuts down, in a sense each night we are in the world of spirit. To know the world of the soul is to know the world of dreams.

But all this is conjecture and purely my own thoughts on what being a soul would be like. The truth is we don't know.

In truth we are not at a place in time to say yes there is a soul, or that the mind is just a function of the physical brain. But we find ourselves standing on the edge of science peering out into the great beyond and inward into the finite, It is in this experience we all share called life that we must concern ourselves with in the here and now. But to ponder our true nature and to the questions of... (why am I?, What am I?, and what will I become?); are what make us human and in the end what make us who we are as people.

Thanks for reading.


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    • Harvest Moon profile image

      Harvest Moon 

      5 years ago from Earth

      Excellent hub! I do believe in the existence of a soul, and I think there is scientific evidence to support this belief. Many well-known scientists are now acknowledging that what we term as supernatural or paranormal experiences and phenomena may be readily explained and become accepted fact one day. I can't wait to see what new scientific frontiers will open when science and spirituality are no longer separated by stigma, fear of ridicule, and the ignorant rejection of all things that cannot be immediately confirmed via scientific method. Well thought-out, inspired article! Voted up and interesting!

    • Indigo Atheist profile image


      5 years ago

      I don't believe in a soul/spirit. The empirical scientific data on the subject is lacking. The one study often quoted about weight changes after death was conducted by one lone quack and never repeated, hardly a scientifically valid experiment. Near Death Experiences are also anecdotal evidence. No one knows for sure what, if anything, people experience after they die. But people who have had NDE's have not experienced what happens after we die, they've experienced what happens when the brain is close to shutting down but does not completely. Common things, such as "the light", and the comforting presence of another, these things are probably part of basic human neuroscience common to human experience, not something that's explained by any supernatural force/being.

    • Cow Flipper profile imageAUTHOR

      Sean Jankowski 

      5 years ago from Southern Oregon

      Oh edhan please vote in the poll! :) Obviously you believe in the soul, just want to get good data. Thanks for reading!

    • edhan profile image


      5 years ago

      Yes. I do believe in soul. Everyone has their own souls even after death where they will be reborn again.

      I believe in OBE and everyone has a guide when it is time to have the experience. But of course not everyone has this experience as it requires practice to manage it.


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