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The Little Drummer Boy and the Black Nazarene

Updated on August 23, 2015
The Little Drummer Boy and the Nazarene
The Little Drummer Boy and the Nazarene | Source

In July 29, 2010, a few days before my 50th birthday, I dreamt of the Black Nazarene.

He was carrying a very thick, heavy cross, standing behind me as I sat.


The Myth of the Little Drummer Boy

Do you know the story behind the lyrics of song “The Little Drummer Boy”? It goes, “Baby Jesus (pa rum pum pum pum), I am a poor boy too (…). I have no gift to bring (…) that’s fit to give a king (…). Shall I play for him?”

The reason I cite the song as a myth is that it may actually apply to each one of us. In my experience, I believe it’s about having written an article as a gift for and from the King, on his birthday.

The Little Drummer Boy in Everyone

Here is a short list of occupations that if performed with the right attitude and intention, becomes a masterpiece “pa rum pum pum pum” for the Baby Jesus:

·The teacher

·The housewife

·The policeman

·The nurse

·The street sweeper

·The market vendor

·The pedicab driver

·The artist/musician

·The athlete

·The office worker

·Our leaders

Note, that all these people, including some of us in other occupations, may be finding it difficult on a daily basis to get up from bed and struggle to go to work, possibly earning very minimally and seemingly with nowhere to go but keep going to earn money to pay the bills, yearning for a more meaningful experience.

The Baby Jesus’ Birth

Like every baby, I’m sure his body had experienced the extreme physically discomfort of being squeezed and expelled from the heavenly bliss of his mother’s womb.

For all of us, birth is an unconscious foresight of the pain and sorrow that we are about to experience in a world currently ruled by materialism and scarcity mentality, where it seems only the rich and powerful can be happy.

For Jesus, birth was his passage to Mount Calvary. Would he, in his divinity, consciously have known so? (See topic related to omniscience: Heaven and the Omniscient Man: A Theory.)

His comfort and consolation must have then been the awareness of presence of loving angels and human beings around him including the little drummer boy, whose pa rum pum pum pum the ox and lamb kept time to. They were spellbound by his mere presence. He breathed life to all.

For Mary and Joseph, whose knowing of the things to come they kept in their hearts, it was a moment of extreme joy and awareness of the glory of God’s promises fulfilled.

Jesus may have remembered that pa rum pum pum pum well that it kept him going as he grew through earthly life experiencing his human challenges.

The Black Nazarene (

Now in his adult years on his way to Mount Calvary, he fondly remembers all those who were present during his birth: his mother, his father, the shepherds, the magi, the angels, the ox and lamb. And the little drummer boy; the entire creation was in attendance.

For all of us, for you and me, he kept going. Sometimes wondering if he could possibly hear that little pa rum pum pum pum just one more time. It couldn’t be since the pa rum pum pum pum was “only a myth”.

But he kept going, knowing the little drummer boys, past, present and future, in all of us. He knew of the way this world would turn out to be 2,000 years hence. He knew our challenges were going to be way too complicated for the human will and capacity to handle. He pushed his physical form beyond its limit, to go on carrying his cross to stand behind each one of us, past, present and future, during the trials that seem to test our human capacity.

The Holy Spirit

I stood up to stretch a bit, to wonder how this article all comes together.

I remembered the thought arising during my silent sitting to write about the Holy Spirit coming to visit, to remind me about the dream I had in July of last year, over 18 months ago.

Yes, if we are willing to take the time to give quiet the value it deserves, we become more aware of his presence. “Soul and Songs: A Spiritual Experience” illustrates an example, something that we can all experience, regarding inspiration coming through songs and dreams.

The thing to remember though is that things work differently in the realm of the soul. The human mind cannot fathom the workings of the Spirit, the time and place it requires for more insights to arrive.

We can only trust that whatever we need to learn will be given when we’re ready. The dream of the Nazarene sat in my memory bank for 18 months before it came to perch on this article.

At the time of the dream, it may reveal an initial meaning. It may however come back to reveal deeper insights for our life after our soul has accumulated more understanding from the additional physical experiences gained between the time of the initial dream or inspiration and the secondary insight.

And it is through the Holy Spirit that Jesus continues to be present among us, carrying the thick heavy cross behind us, keeping us going through our challenges, despite the seemingly insurmountable odds.

And it is through the Holy Spirit that we will be able to see the greatness of the spirit that is within every fellow human being, understanding that each one is only behaving the best way they could possibly know of.

Love, Abundance, Completion, Unity

It is hard to remember the great spirit (there are no timid spirits in heaven, according to the experience shared by Betty Eadie in her book “Embracing the Light”) within the person next to you, when the one just elbowed your rib to grab the recently emptied seat in front of you on the train.

Sometimes it is worthwhile to go back to the lesson that not-knowing (i.e. not insisting on understanding the entire picture) has its merit. The traditional technique of doing several deep exhales sometimes works.

Go back to focusing on accepting, on acceptance then exhale thoughts of “Love, Abundance, Completion and Unity” for all.

Remember that our daily toil is, to the Black Nazarene on his way to Calvary, our little rum pum pum pum that kept him going beyond his human capacity.


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