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David's Rock Pelts Goliath in the Head

Updated on February 2, 2017

David & His Little Sling Shot

When God is behind your rock and sling-shot there is no such thing as a fair fight. God wins every time!
When God is behind your rock and sling-shot there is no such thing as a fair fight. God wins every time!

David & Goliath

Everyone has heard the story of "David and Goliath". Yes, it is a rough story but a very spectacular one indeed. Do you know that every one of God's Words from the Old Testament can be applied even today? It is meant to.

He is the same God yesterday - today - and tomorrow.

Now before you go getting your 'slingshots' out and running off to cut someone's head off - you must understand that this is not how it is to be applied today. Maybe you missed the memo? If so... please place your slingshot and sword down and put your hands up over your head and keep reading.

Many people read the Old Testament and all they see is a very angry God, a tyrant, unloving, vengeful and nothing more. Others are very frightened by reading the Old Testament because of it's graphic bloodshed, barbarism and they see nothing fruitful nor anything to glean from it.

There is so much to learn about David and Goliath but how do we apply it to our lives today? Does this story mean to literally get your slingshot, gather your stones and creep behind a bush ready to take your giant down as they step out of their house? No.

It means that you can enter the war-zone with merely a sling-shot and a stone and boldly walk up to where the mocking giant is standing. You can stand in the face of a giant who is terrorizing, threatening, frightening people or terrifying God' Army and know that the power of God is behind that tiny rock that you are getting ready to sling.

God's power will bash that giant in the head and knock him off his feet - he won't even know what hit him. It is all about God's power - not ours. All we have to do is carry the rock and a sling-shot and believe on Him.

We must be very careful of not taking all of the bible literally, especially some of the scenes out of the Old Testament. The Holy Spirit reveals the mysteries of the bible and they are for edification and the empowerment of God's people and his armies in training- not for attempted murder of a believer by trying to knock them out with a head shot to the forehead.

God Knocks the Giants Down

The only terrific drop-dead-head-shots are the rocks pelted against the Giant's in our lives. Let's admit it - we all have giants coming up against us everyday. Are we not all joyous to see that bullying - terrorizing - mocking - belittling giant get thrown to the ground with a head-shot?

It may be a boss, someone in your church or it may even be a teacher or someone who is placed in a mentoring position above you. A giant can come disguised as a disease or cancer. A giant may even come in the guise of a deep rooted fear-never the less they are all giants and they need a head-shot with your rock and sling-shot with the force of the Almighty God behind it.

God is the power that moves that stone and yes, the wound will always be deadly to bring that giant down because God is in the midst. No one can win against the Great I Am. Never be afraid of giants because God's power and your belief is all that you need to send that giant thrashing to the ground. There is no giant big enough or bad enough that God will not bring down! The bigger they are the harder they fall comes into play here.

David the Runt of the litter was the Greatest in Belief of God!

The GIants Are Never Good With Sling-shots and They Have No Power

The Giants knock their very own teeth out with their sling-shots. Do not be afraid of giants.
The Giants knock their very own teeth out with their sling-shots. Do not be afraid of giants.
Giants hang themselves with their own rope. Their sling-shots have no power of God behind them thus they sling marshmallows. Who could ever be afraid of marshmallows? I cook marshmallows in my camp-fire. :)
Giants hang themselves with their own rope. Their sling-shots have no power of God behind them thus they sling marshmallows. Who could ever be afraid of marshmallows? I cook marshmallows in my camp-fire. :)

Lessons From David

Samuel was a seer and he was sent by God to Bethlehem to anoint a small Shepard boy to be King. David was the youngest of Jesse's eight sons.

Nobody would have ever believed by the looks of him that David would be the one chosen to be king. He didn't look the part nor act the part. He was a humble young man who tended the sheep.

God said to Samuel;

"You are to anoint for me the one I indicate.”

“Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

Yeshua came into this world very lowly and humble. Those that God has anointed for the End-Time Harvest will arrive in the very same manner. History repeats itself in the bible.

His anointed will arise and they will not come in the package that many people believe that they are supposed to come in. They will come with the power of God through them. They will be "Dressed in Christ."

They will be bold and holding their sling-shots ready for battle on the front lines. The battle is the Lord's.

When God does the choosing there is no stopping it or superseding His choices. It makes no difference who you are or how well studied you are or how many years you have been walking in faith. It makes no difference how loud a person's tantrums are either.

God does the choosing of those He anoints and no man trumps God - ever. God looks inside our hearts. Nobody can see inside another persons heart but God. If you are feeling broken-spirited or crushed by the giants telling you that you are not - you can not - you will never will be - you are not going to make it - you will never survive - Don't listen to them!

The Book of Samuel

The Book of Samuel

Believe God because He is telling you otherwise! Pull out your sling-shot and send a rock soaring. Believe that the power of God will move any and all giants thrashing to the ground. Believe the "Voice of Truth."

If you are a person who God has called forth and anointed as David - place your sling-shot and your rocks in your back pocket and keep marching - knocking each and every giant down with the power of God.

What God anoints - no giant can ever stop - and that is just a matter of fact.

Should you want to read 'David & Goliath" which I strongly suggest, You will find it in the scriptures of the Old Testament under Samuel. Remember that these stories of God's are applicable for your life. If you only store them in your head though, they will be of no use to you. Read and think about them. Ask God to tell you what they mean and then store them inside your spirit for safe keeping.

The Voice of Truth

God's Justice Against the Giants

We Have Always Fallen Short

I have heard many people say that it is useless to study or read the Old Testament because we are now under a 'New Covenant'' because Yeshua arrived and made His sacrifice on the cross. Yes we are under a New Covenant but it is certainly not true that the words of the Old Testament have nothing to teach us.

The Ten Commandments are still in effect and we should all strive to keep them - It would be an awesome world if we did. Yeshua came to fulfill the Law because nobody else could - not one singe person could meet this perfect and high standard of the law back then. They all fell short, just as we all fall short today. Anybody who says that they do not fall short is simply a liar and not one to be taken seriously.

We are all sinners, believers included and we are ONLY saved by God's gift of mercy, grace, forgiveness and love so that no one should boast with pride and ego. There is no salvation in 'how good' a person can memorize the scriptures -or fulfill the law. This is not salvation and it never will be.

Thank God for Yeshua because we would all be in some serious trouble should He have not arrived and interceded for us. I would not have lasted for two minutes before a sinkhole swallowed me up if I lived in the Old Testament days - those two minutes are probably a very high exaggeration on my part.

We all needed a savior and we received one and that is where the GOOD NEWS comes in!

Are You A David?

We should never forget where we came from nor what the Lord has done for us by His grace, mercy, forgiveness, compassion and love. If we do - we are no better than a heathen - actually worse - we could become another persons 'Giant' unawares.Why would anyone want to be a giant against the Lord's lost sheep?

Never-the-less should this happen, there is a sling-shot with your name on it and a monogrammed rock that it is soaring at top speeds for your forehead. The mighty thrust of the rock's impact is from God. Be assured that God is coming for you to avenge and He will not miss your forehead.

There are a many 'David's' in the world and some of them don't even realize that they are 'David' until after they have stepped in, picked up their sling-shot and stone and hurled it with the force of God - knocking the Giant down for the count.

God so loves and blesses the David's of this world.

Nobody is Small in God's Army & No Giant is Too Big to be Brought Down With a Rock

The Angry God of The Old Testament is God

New Christians and those seeking God should always begin by reading the New Testament first. He shows His great love, forgiveness, mercy and grace upon all of us - all sinners - who believe on Him.

Once a person accepts that our God is a God of love, mercy, forgiveness and grace - only then pick up the Old Testament and read about His judgement - His Warrior angry side against those who come up against Him and His people.

Otherwise it may scare the heebie-jeebies out of you. He is a God of many mysteries and His personality is not just a God of love as many want to sell in the churches today. He is also a God of Justice - Judgement - Righteousness and Wrath.

The Old Testament teaches us so many things about the personality of God and often the God of the Old Testament was one scary God. That I will agree on. But He is the same God today as He was in the past and what He will return as - a 'Mighty Warrior.' Don't be surprised by His personality when it comes to Him being a 'Mighty Warrior' for His people either.

God hasn't changed - we have.

Oh Look I Brought You the Head of a Giant for a Souvenir

The God of the Old Testament

We have to remember that we are living in quite a different day and age then the people of the Old Testament.

This is really how the people lived and yes, people were extremely barbaric. They were always warring with each other and great bloodshed was spilled. We have become more intellectualized, more loving, more peaceful....wait...have we? Are we really sure about that?

If we actually saw what went on in other countries we would realize that this type of barbaric warring has been going on for centuries and it has never ended. Even on the streets of the United States these things are and have been happening. We shut our door to the roaming giants at night and most of us live very peaceful lives but the biggest of giants do exist outside our doors and they are the sleeping giants getting ready to be awakened.

Pick a Rock any Rock. It is the Power of God That Will Remove All & Any Giants

Sling-shots & Rocks

The reason I chose to write about "David and Goliath" is because even though we do not like the barbaric blood shed from the Old Testament it will be coming to the world in a greater force soon.

Everyone must understand this; the believers, the non-believers, the atheists - all people must realize that these giants will be arriving and that these giants will be trying to kick our doors down attempting to kill us and our families.

Now this is where the 'Sling-shot and the rock" story comes in.

I realize that many people do not believe in God at this time but in time of true war and great devastation many people will change their minds. It is a mysterious thing of how God works and how He will draw people to Him in all of His various ways. Every person is meaningful and worthy of God's words of truth. You may not even believe these words at this time and that is okay as well.

You will not be blind or deaf to the awakening of these sleeping giants and they will make all other giants look like marshmallows when they arise.

Grab a sling-shot and take a few rocks anyways!

You may not use them now, some of you may never use them but please take a few rocks for your sling-shot and stuff them in your bag for a later time.

Dressed in Christ's Words

Do You Know That You Are Worthy of God's Love?

The stories of the Old Testament and the New Testament are very important in knowing who God is and also how much God loves us and wants us to come to His saving grace. These stories certainly do pertain to applying them to our lives, especially in this time period of history - The End-Times.

I do not place an abundance of scripture on my pages for others to be confused and not understand them. I am not minimizing their importance but the Lord cares more that people understand His words and apply them to their life.

He really does not care that someone can memorize with their intellect and impress others with it. It does not impress Him in any way whatsoever that people can recite scripture from their head when they can not live it nor apply it to their life, and they certainly can not bring forth living waters for anyone else to receive the Good News. It means absolutely nothing to Him - Zilch - Nada - Zero - Nothing!

For those who have been made to feel intimidated-rejected-mocked by these type of giants in the churches - do not be. The most important thing is to know the story of God and His words and what it means in your spirit - not in your head.

And for all of those who are suffering out there in the world - broken by others. I am so deeply sorry for all of the pharisees, the spiritually haughty religious who have hurt your heart and made you feel unworthy of Yeshua. You are more worthy then them! Do you know this?

You are His and you will be placed in the first of the line should you call to Him to be saved. He will turn all of your tears and sorrows into great joy and happiness.

I Called on Him & He Did Spectacular Things & He Will Do The Same For You!

Don't Allow The Church Pharisees Who Have Hurt You take You Away From Yeshua! He is NOT Religious!

Many years ago I signed up for a devotion to be sent to my email everyday and this is how I began to take the word in. I would receive it on my phone and read it. I would think about it on and off during the day and let God speak to me about what it meant. I took tiny baby steps. These tiny steps is what shows your faith in God and gives you His 'bread' everyday.

Yeshua knows your heart. He knows who has hurt you tremendously from the church and He knows every detail of those experiences. He wants to transform you into a 'New Creation' and it has nothing to do with religion, ritual or man's false doctrine. He is not associated with those churches and they are not about Him.

Yeshua knows that you are seeking Him and He does not expect you to be a scholar of the Law immediately - on the contrary. Do not allow the pharisees to intimidate you or make you run away from God. Yeshua does expect us to open the bible and read a little about Him to learn about Him each day for our nourishment but in return He does miraculous things inside you and around you by doing so.

The Lord Does The Work! We Just Let Him Inside!

The Lord Does Great Things Through Small Vessels

I still receive these devotions, as well as my husband who is newly saved and God is doing great works inside Him as well. Do not feel intimidated about scripture. There is no such thing as "If you don't study and know all of the law that you are going to hell." This is a lie.

God says take His word in every day and He will teach you and change your life. This is true. He - Himself will teach you and show you more things of His words and eventually you will no longer be a baby on milk. You will not even understand How He does it but He surely does change you by reading each day. You will desire to read more because of what you see Him doing in you and in your life. He is the only 'Maker of Miracles' and He is waiting to do one inside you and all for His Glory!

Are you someone who is curious of knowing Yeshua and His amazing powers and you would like to see for yourself that He is alive and that He loves you? Do you have a desire for Him to transform you? Call upon Him and be saved. He will give you a new heart in replace for a hardened heart. It starts with only a sincere prayer to Him. Call on Him because He is mighty to save and the only one to save you.

I will leave this wonderful devotion link that we receive and read each day.

The Lord does great things through small vessels. This link below is your beginning to greater things.

Yeshua is the Power & The Light

Be A City On A Hill Dressed in Christ!

Once His words are deposited into your spirit you will always remember them and nobody will ever be able to snatch them from you! The words of God will arrive at the most important, crucial times that you will ever need them!

They are words of life! Living Waters! They will direct you, guide you, comfort you and they will help others around you when they need refreshing or healing from His Living Waters. His words will flow from within your spirit to your intellect but never the other way around.

He wants us to wear His words as clothing. "Being dressed with Christ." This means understanding, believing and applying the Words of God in our lives and in our walk. He wants us to walk in the Spirit "Dressed in Christ" so that we may help others to be "Dressed in Christ."

It is only God who is the originator and source of this mighty power and it His power which emanates through all of His vessels who are "Dressed in Christ."

We wear His word - a city on a hill that can be seen. We can not be "A city on a hill full of light" if we only have an intellect stuffed with scriptures but we are not "Dressed in Christ."

The guest at the wedding feast was not dressed in Christ - a head full of scripture means nothing but an empty change purse and a revoked entrance ticket to the feast.

The Power of God To Save

I hope that this writing has blessed someone out there. I pray that those who do not know Yeshua will have their eyes opened through this writing. I pray that everyone who has been hurt by the 'church' may have Yeshua's love on them right now and they recognize that this is not the true church and it never will be.

The Lord is calling for all of those who are His to come to Him before the sleeping giants awake. If you are fearful of what is to come - full of unrest- anxiety- depression... Call upon His name and be saved now! It is a beautiful gift that costs nothing. This gift is free and it the most powerful and most important gift you will ever receive.

The power of God will remove any and all giants in your life. You do not have the power to change on your own. The power is of God and He does all of the work inside you but you must open the door and allow Him inside!

You will find rest, comfort and peace in His hands - a peace that transcends all human understanding - and your sling-shot - stone and your belief in our Mighty God is all that you will need to overpower the giants and send them thrashing to the ground!

Shalom, JG


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  • Sgt Prepper profile image

    Gunny Cracker 19 months ago from Elkhorn, WI

    Having sexual intercourse with someone who is married to another is the definition of "adultery".

  • Sgt Prepper profile image

    Gunny Cracker 19 months ago from Elkhorn, WI

    The thing we have to remember about Jesus is that he was just like us in every way except he remained sinless. He was born to a working stiff in a shotgun marriage. He was tempted in every way too. He was apparently borderline literate and had both an adulterous Tamar & a hypocrite Judah in His fleshly ancestry.

  • Sgt Prepper profile image

    Gunny Cracker 19 months ago from Elkhorn, WI

    The Old Testament is all about creation, the Great Flood, the Israelites, the law & prophecy. Jesus fulfills the law and the prophecies.

    It all fits together like a jig-saw puzzle, even the truth about the Tamar, Judah, Perez and Jesus.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 19 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Often when it happens it is not really so nice to be quite honest. LOL but this time it was kind of delightful. :) Remember that Tamar was released from her 'sentence' and joined the family. :)

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 19 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Hey Sgt. I will look those verses up. thanks. I think my favorite is Rahab, as well as Esther and the table that was turned on the wicked, and their wicked plots. :) I always love a great ending. Possibly that is why I continually watch for Yeshua's return. Thanks for stopping by brother. I always enjoy your comments, as well as your real stories behind the fake stories. I am still shaking my head over the titanic. Wait for the Juggernaut. History will repeat itself as it always does in the Bible.

  • Sgt Prepper profile image

    Gunny Cracker 19 months ago from Elkhorn, WI

    My favorite is how Tamar, posing as a prostitute, gets pregnant by father-in-law Judah and has twins one of which(Perez) is an ancestor to Jesus. See Genesis 38 & Matthew chapter one!

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 20 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    I won't find it difficult to believe. It doesn't matter who or what they attempt to conceal Sgt, because as we know, God brings everything to Light and nothing will be hidden. :) Be blessed and thanks for stopping by.

  • Sgt Prepper profile image

    Gunny Cracker 20 months ago from Elkhorn, WI

    I know you people will find it hard to believe but it appears the Smithsonian, National Geographic & the History Channel are all in cahoots concealing any discoveries which put the theory of evolution in question.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 20 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    I am still learning scripture. I am not a teacher of scripture...I just share my thoughts, my revelations on things that the Spirit speaks to me. Oh yes...there is a stone for every giant. Their name is on it. :) Be blessed.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 21 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Hey Sarg! :)

    Interesting story of the Giant skulls being tossed overboard. Nothing would surprise me of deceptions and lies. Great idea about picking a Proverb. I had never thought of that, and your comment stunned me because of something I had been asking God about. As for David and Goliath, ONE HUGE rock and the power of God moving it through the air will ALWAYS do the job. God can do the impossible. Man will miss the mark, but God can thump them directly in the forehead and take them ALL down. :)

  • Sgt Prepper profile image

    Gunny Cracker 21 months ago from Elkhorn, WI

    Excellent writing & research about a very significant Bible story. I read that King David kept Goliath's skull all his life. After David's death Goliath's skull was buried at Golgotha(the place of the skull). I also read of a woman who worked for the Smithsonian Institute aboard a freighter transporting skeletons of giants. She was horrified to see the crates of skeletons intentionally dumped overboard in the middle of the Atlantic.

    When I find myself without access to a daily devotional I resort to reading the chapter in Proverbs which aligns with the date. 31-days & 31 chapters in Proverbs.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS


  • word55 profile image

    Word 2 years ago from Chicago

    Okay my sister. That makes us even better in Christ. Lots of love to ya. Keep up the good work. :-)

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    I am a "Sister." :)

    The hour is late and these pharisees need to understand what they are doing because they will not be included if they don't fix it NOW~ :) I am good...I am just serving a dose of a lesson. LOL

  • word55 profile image

    Word 2 years ago from Chicago

    Well JG, we need more of your type of writiing and of truth. I hope you will continue. I love it. Don't let the negative comments interrupt your flows. Don't approve them and therefore, you wont need to retaliate. I live for reading spiritual truth. Hang in there with me buddy. Yes, we're brothers and buddies...

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    You know what word55. You have a heart after God and you know Jesus. Not because you came to my page and wrote a nice comment...but because you 'see' what is happening to me from these fakers who don't know God and don't know how to genuinely care about people and show nothing remotely that has anything to do with Jesus. They only know rules, parrot the words but they don't have it written in their hearts because if they really did...they wouldn't leave the horrid comments that they leave. I am not worthless, my testimony of the Living God is not worthless but it would be worthless to a pharisees. They close the Kingdom on everybody including themselves! The pharisees will lick the bottom of my boots one day....wait for for it...and expect it. It WILL HAPPEN. God bless you bro. :)

  • word55 profile image

    Word 2 years ago from Chicago

    Hey JG Hemlock. I really enjoyed reading the way you interpreted the story. You did an excellent job of expressing God's truth. What a wonderful way of passing along the true message. God bless you my brother!

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Okay Caleb...let me try leaving another comment again since the first one disappeared. Yes. The most important is Heaven eternal. Hell exists and when we finally realize that this 'spiritual' war does exist....there becomes a great urgency to warn the people and snatch them from the fire or at least attempt to. Those who have no urgency really do not have much love and they lack true belief, regardless of what they say. They spend more time arguing about scripture and who is right and who has done something wrong instead of giving the Gospel of the Good news and saving people from the fire. The fire is coming and many will perish. Sad really. Emotive words WILL shake and wake somebody up. God bless you Caleb. Eternal life is the most important.

  • Caleb DRC profile image

    Caleb DRC 2 years ago

    Hello JG,

    Actually, I spend more time in the Old Testament than the New, and I agree with you that there is prodigious beneficial information in the Old Testament.

    I especially appreciate the last 3 paragraphs, because what is more important than our eternal soul being in heaven rather than hell?

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Welcome to the Hubpages Texas gurl. I used to live in Texas Dallas/Ft Worth area (Grapevine) and was real curious of where you were located in Texas. Be encouraged Aimee Marie. We may not see God moving all the time but He is and He can knock down ALL GIANTS...not just some. Grab your slingshot and stones and keep marching warrior sister with your eyes on Yeshua. You will be just fine!

    Have a blessed day! JG

  • AuthorAimeeMarieB profile image

    Author Aimée Marie Bejarano 2 years ago from Earth but I prefer Texas....

    Thanks for the reminder and encouragement! Really need it. Happy Monday!

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    There is wisdom in all of the words of God El, but we must apply them or they are useless to us. The scary God of the OT is the same God now. I prefer the grace, love and mercy of God and I am thankful for Yeshua.

    Welcome to Hubpages. Do not be discouraged because The Almighty God moves everywhere and through everything we do for His Glory -even if others say it is useless-worthess or they demonize or try to stop you. Pick up your slingshot and stone and let the power of God move your rock soaring against them giants.

    Peace EL, JG

  • El Shaddai 2016 profile image

    El Shaddai 2016 2 years ago

    Excellent hub,

    I especially liked when you pointed out that the New Testament does not make the Old Testament useless. In fact, there is a lot of wisdom in the Old Testament that cannot and should not be ignored.



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