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The Lord Buddha moral way

Updated on February 5, 2016

The interesting Buddha history

The Four noble Truths declare that the whole world is full of sorrow and suffering. They also explain the root cause of sorrow. The Buddha realized that desire was the root cause of sorrow. Only by the liberation of excessive desire could a peaceful life be led.

The lord Buddha


Wealthy merchants, artisans and common people were inspired by the new teaching

The great Lord Buddha preached the Eightfold Path for eliminating desires. They are called `Middle Path'.

The Buddha's eight fold paths are-

1. action

2. Speech

3. vision

4. livelihood

5. effort

6. recollection

7. resolve

8. thought

Wealthy merchants, artisans and common people were inspired by the new teaching. The Buddha gave his message in Prakrit, the language of the common man and related them to various aspects of their tradition. The atmosphere of the new cities changed the ways of life of the people. The new religions became a ray of hope in the changed circumstances. Buddhism, especially, took on, a new role of transforming the lives of people.

last message of Buddha


The last message of Buddha

The individuals who, after either now or after I am, might be a light unto themselves and not depending on outside help, but rather holding quick to reality as their light, and looking for their salvation in reality alone, should not search for help to anybody besides.It is they, Ananda, among my Bhikkhus who should achieve the exceptionally highest stature. He who gives away should have genuine addition. He who quells himself should be free of the interests. The equitable man expenses of sin and by finding desire, severity and figment, do we achieve Nirvana. I until the end of time! Work out your salvation with determination!

Buddha's empathetic heart, benevolent work and pragmatic way to deal with religion made an enduring impact on the psyche of individuals. Indeed, even following 2500 years, his teachings are being drilled in a few nations.

The Buddha Stupa


The globe adopting different ways of realizing Buddha

The Buddha and his followers visited Kosala, Magadha and many cities on the Gangetic plain and spread his messages there. They walked from one city to another and devoted their lives for others. In his 80th year, the Buddha's glorious life of selfless service came to an end at Kushinagar. This has been called `Mahaparinirvana.'

Viharas were constructed in all the areas in which Buddha wandered. People preserved his relics and bones in Chatyalayas and Stupas, and in memory of his accomplishments started worshipping him. This was how the first temples, idols and idol worship began.

After Buddha's death, his followers collected his teachings and tradition in the form of Tripitakas. These are Vinya, Dhamma and Abhidhamma pitakas. Over a period of time, disagreements developed in the teachings and different branches of Buddhism sprang up. Thus Hinayana, Mahayana, Vajrayana and their sutras came into being. To-days we see many organizations across the globe adopting different ways of realizing Buddha.

The Buddha temple at Kathmandu



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