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The Lord has ascended, Let us celebrate!

Updated on March 26, 2016

He is risen...

The subtle message behind Easter!

Easter is approaching fast. What is the message of Easter? It is resurrection, reappearance and remade in the spirit. Man can torture and kill a body but not the soul. Soul is not amenable to any. It is subtlest of all. Yes, we see around the sky or ether or space. Can anybody contain the space? Can anybody measure the space? Can anybody understand space? NO, it is quiet impossible for the human mind to comprehend the immeasurable spirit, which manifested as creation and cosmos. The scientist and astronomical community has not explored even the border of space! When the sky itself is so subtle, how can we understand the creator of the very sky?

We can accept our defeat in meek submission stating that the soul or self is inexplicable, infinity, and beyond the limited cognition power of the mind. The soul is the power behind the entire cosmos as well as the power behind the human brain and activities. Then how can we, the tiniest in creation, compared to the billions of galaxies in space even spell a few words about it.

The greatest miracle on the holy Easter is resurrection of Jesus with the same body which was cruelly crucified on the cross three days ego. None believed it and hence Jesus has shown the wounds inflicted by the nails on the cross to his closest disciple. Then only he believed it. He has shown himself to a few to alleviate their grief. But, after that event, he was raised to the sky with beautiful angels singing his glory! Thus on that day a miraculous event was enacted by the Father in heaven. His disciples traveled to several places around the globe, explaining the birth and ascension of Christ. They met with the greatest obstacles and many of His disciples were killed mercilessly. Yes, the world was not yet ready for imbibing the teachings of the Lord. But how can anyone stop God’s gospel. It slowly started entering into the conscious of many good hearted and pious people. Prayers were murmured, songs to celebrate the life and ascension of Jesus spread every where. Regular mass was conducted in every congregation. Thus the remembrance of His holy birth and ascension has become a regular affair in the churches constructed to honor his memory.

I find here a similarity between Jesus and Shirdi Saibaba who lived in Shirdi from 1858 to1918. One day Saibaba suffered from severe Asthma and to avoid it, he wanted to raise his spirit beyond the body. He told his close devotee Mahlsapathi to guard his body for three days. If he did not return within three days, let his body be interred in an open space and two flags to indicate his tomb may be implanted. The devoted Mahlsapathi was treating Saibaba as his own life and he placed the head on his lap for seventy two hours. Meanwhile, the village people gathered there and objected to keeping a dead body on his lap and wanted that it should be interred then and there. But Mahlsapathi persisted on his mission of guarding the body for three days. On the third day, early morning, Baba’s limbs started moving and there was indication of breathing. He sat up and continued as though nothing has happened. This is how incarnations behave and none can understand the ways.

Incarnations like Jesus happen once in 2000 years. They generate faith and love in the minds of people. But they never force it to happen. They sow the seeds in matured hearts. Slowly those seeds of faith germinate into love for the Almighty and in slow steps, such selected souls develop and follow the teachings of sermons and put them into practice in actual life. Other people who are worldly minded, observe the activities of such enlightened souls and try to follow them little by little. Faith in the words of God is the foundation for spiritual life.

May He, ascend in our Hearts and illumine the Heart with wisdom and virtues! Let us love all, the god’s creation with equal love and forgive the transgressions. Once illumined with wisdom, every one will follow the path of Christ Consciousness! Amen!

He blessed them...


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