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The Lord has never had a church. He has always had an ekklesia.

Updated on June 12, 2014

Confusion reigns.

When is a church a true church? When is a church false? What's the difference between a church, a home church, a house church, a simple church, a cell church or an organic church?

What does a church look like when it is a transformational church?

Church, church, church, church, church. To be bluntly honest I am sick of the word church. Over the last couple of years I have come to hate that word, church.

The Roman Catholic Church has again started to announce they have the one true church, with the Pope as the one true head of the church. To that I say, good, let it be so.

If we accept the Roman Catholic Church as the one true church then that will put an end to all this talk about church, what it is and what it is not. It will put an end to all the endless arguments and the reign of confusion.

It will also help us to see that all churches are daughters of the Roman Catholic system and that Luther's reformation stopped short of a transformation.

If a church were transformed it would cease to exist.

Church is built on human thinking.

Look at the human way of organising people and getting things done. Human systems look like this:

  • People at the top who tell others what to do but don't listen.
  • People in the middle where there is conflict between people who want to maintain their position in the system and those who see the need for change.
  • People at the bottom where many have given up hope of experiencing anything new and different.

Human systems work like this:

  • Hierarchy.
  • Formal use of power and authority.
  • Routine and mechanistic ways of getting things done.
  • Predominance of one-way communication.

Our modern day "Scientific Management" way of thinking wants people like cogs in a machine, like a production line. In this system, tasks are broken down to their smallest elements and people recruited, trained and rewarded to perform those tasks as efficiently as possible. In this system, all thinking, planning and decision making is carried out only by suitable educated and trained professionals.

For me personally, the light went on while working in local government. You can't get a more perfect picture of men at work that in local government. What I saw in local government was exactly the same as church, complete with the manipulative leadership and so on.

From that point on I have believed that every church should have a sign over it, "Danger. Men at Work".

Now if your fellowship does not look and function in any way like my description here then please don't call it a church .... it's an ekklesia.

Is church is a place where pagans meet or not?

Here is the great debate. I have found two opposing arguments for the use of the word, "church". Perhaps this will be one of several litmus tests for the body of Christ.

Please remember, church is more than a building, a house, a room or an open field. It's a system, a mindset, a way of thinking that predetermines how things should be.

Church means an assembly of believers


Church means an assembly of pagans.

A definition of church.

Church is a man made, demon inspired religious system that uses the Holy Spirit inspired scriptures and the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to gain and maintain control over the souls of men.

Church has a false Christ. It has a false priesthood that offers false sacrifices on false altars. It preaches a false gospel that will soon be confirmed with false signs and wonders to deceive even the elect if that were possible.

In the past, the Lord has used the church to keep His people, like Israel in Egypt or a baby in the womb, waiting to be delivered. In the future the Lord will use the church to gather dead branches ready for them to be burned.


Why we need a paradigm shift.

After getting saved I joined the church. After falling away and being restored I devoted myself to church, thinking I was devoting my life to Christ. I spent every waking moment thinking about church, going to church, participating in church, preaching and teaching in church, leading and "Pastoring" in church. I prayed and fasted for the church.

In 1993, I had a time of prayer and fasting, almost three weeks I went without any food, just water and a little juice to help the water taste better (water has a taste of metal as the body's toxins are released).

It was during that time I read about Nehemiah and the restoration of God's people after the captivity. I had a revelation that the altar, the temple and the city walls had been destroyed by Babylon and the stones burned with fire. Stones become useless after being burned, there is no strength, no integrity. When you put load on them they crumble to powder.

At that time I thought it was the church that needed to be restored from the devastating effects of the world coming into the church (Babylon = the world).

For the next decade or so I put forth all my efforts to work at the restoration of the church. But all my efforts, and the efforts of men and women with far more maturity and wisdom, were rendered futile. Our efforts were made futile by the very system and structure we were trying to transform.

This is the point, anything that undergoes transformation (metamorphosis) ceases to exist. (This is why the ekklesia are a new creation in Christ).

The church cannot be transformed because it will cease to exist and those with power and authority and those with a vested interest in church will never allow that to happen. But this is all part of the Lord's plan.

The Lord is bringing His people out by transforming our thinking about church and Babylon. Church is Babylonian (confusion).

It is only when we experience a paradigm shift, a transformation, a metamorphosis in our thinking that we can "see" and accurately perceive our true spiritual condition and the true spiritual nature of the entity we call church.

Go to the ant.

The machine, production line, efficiency paradigm entity we call church is a deception of Biblical proportions. The word ekklesia was translated "church" to give King James power over the people through the Church of England, of which he was the head (Monarchy today are still the head of the Church of England). The roots of this church are connected with Henry VIII wanting a divorce that the Pope would not grant. Christian scholars of the day saw their chance at power by giving the King of England what he wanted, just like Jezebel helped Ahab.

The blessed Church of England, where my parents were married, I was Christened and Confirmed at age 10 years and sang in the Choir, yes that very church was always a Jezebel.

But the Lord's ekklesia have nothing to do with the human system that is church. Ants have no need for leaders, rulers or overseers, because each ant knows exactly what to do for the best of the whole colony at any given time and any given circumstance.

Ants give us a perfect picture of each member of the ekklesia being taught and led by the Holy Spirit. Each member of the ekklesia is gifted, equipped and matured by the fullness of the God Head for the glory of God and the benefit of all. This is why angels look at the ekklesia to see what God is doing in the earth.



The Lord has never had a church. He has always had an ekklesia. Confusion reigns concerning the true spiritual nature of the church and the ekklesia.

It is only a paradigm shift, a transformation, a metamorphosis in our thinking that will enable us to see the night and day contrast between these two spiritual entities, these two spiritual bodies, these two spiritual "women". One is a harlot, the other a bride.

Moving from church to ekklesia requires each and every individual to undertake a journey of personal transformation.

Come out of Her My People.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I agree with much of what you've said, but even if the name was kept as "ekklesia" throughout the millennia, it would have made little difference WRT your main concern. There are always tares growing among the wheat, bad fish caught in the dragnet along with the good.

      There are always savage wolves entering in, men rising up, groping for power over the disciples for personal gain -- in Paul and Peter's day, up to our own.

      Would it matter if it was only called "ekklesia" in those days as to how men would react and manipulate for control? Of course not. Having the correct name is no guard against men nullifying the Word of God for their traditions.

      Thing is, there have always been the Lord's true people. They have stayed the course and usually suffered for it. And only God knows who they are, just as Paul said, "God’s firm foundation stands, having this seal, “The Lord knows those who are his” (2 Tim. 2:19).


    • PlanksandNails profile image


      6 years ago

      The "church" as it is portrayed today is likened to being a victim in an abusive relationship. It is not until you "come out her" that you find true liberation from shackles of spiritual Babylon. When abuser is thrown to the curb, the religious demons flee too.

    • freeradicalsteve profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      And from what I have read so far, William Tyndale was one of the few to use the word "church" correctly - in reference to a "lord's house" that is, a place of worship devoted to a pagan god.

    • profile image

      William Tyndale 

      6 years ago

      Wherever two or more are gathered in my name...

    • Johan Smulders profile image

      Johan Smulders 

      6 years ago from East London, South Africa

      The word Church is much abused and misused. You are right about ekklessia meaning the assembly or called out. Lets get back to the Bible and what it teaches rather than following our human traditions.


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