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I accept Lord God as my savior in the coloring pages of my life

Updated on June 5, 2012
related pedestrian crossing
related pedestrian crossing
Rene, now
Rene, now

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Faith in God

TITA and my first-born son, Rene who was about two years old then and me were strolling one afternoon on the left pedestrian lane fronting Maryland Pharmacy leading to Pier 1 in Catbalogan. Upon reaching the crossing, I absent mindedly, crossed the busy street alone, leaving them behind.

Midway- realizing traffic hazards, I turned back to help them. Rene didn't wait for me to get back to them. He tried to break free from his mother hold. Eyes glowing with confidence and casting away precautions, Rene smiled and half-trotted to meet me.on the pedestrian crossing.

Then the inevitable happened. Before I could reach out my hand to grab him, Rene's foot slipped and fell face flat on the pavement.

Rene fall created quite a thud that invited the attention of pedestrians and passersby. He moaned and groaned, his face writhing in pain. Alarmed, I picked and cradled him in my arms. Then I felt something wrong with him. Rene has just fainted.

Flagging a pedicab, I brought him quick to the provincial hospital. In the hospital waiting area with Rene still in my arms, the boy regained consciousness. Life, color and vigor came back to him so soon.

After the examination, the doctor uttered a pleasant-to-hear findings: "There's no cause for alarm. The boy is okay". After saying my heartfelt gratitude to the kind doctor, I whispered, "Thank you, Lord".

Recall and checkup

[1] What was Rene's family doing that afternoon? They were a) taking a walk, b) riding a bike, c) running a race, d) riding a motorcycle

[2} Why did Rene's father turn his way back? To help his wife Tita and son Rene a) flag a tricycle, b) wear raincoats, c) cross the pedestrian lane. d) call the police

[3) What caught the attention of pedestrians and passersby? Rene’s 1) dancing, 2) singing, 3) crying, 4) fall

[4] What was done to Rene after his fall? His father rushed him to the a) pharmacy, b) hospital, c) clinic , d) barber shop

[5] What did Rene's father say to the doctor? Is it okay for him to thank the Lord? Why? He said thank you doctor. He also thank the Lord. To thank someone is to express your 1) anger, 2) vengeance, 3) regrets, 4) gratitude


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