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The Loss of an Angel / Anna Ruth Hand Peterson

Updated on October 31, 2014

The Loss of an Angel,

Anna Ruth Hand Peterson

The absence of one person threatens

the existence of all others.

The loss of the angel that wared with

the devil within, leaves an enormous

void in the lives of all she has touched.

Tears are shed, memories drawn

from a past so long ago, and

thoughts of kindnesses given,

quell the tears for a moment.

The seamstress, the gardener,

the Sunday school teacher, the bookkeeper,

the valued employee,the shoulder to cry on,

the help in time of need, a giver of hope

in one's darkest moments,

what can be said of a woman

that God placed in our lives

for reasons that we will never understand.

The stranger was not immune to her touch.

For she never met one.

In a moment of saying hello She knew

of their families, of their pains,

and of their joys, and in that moment

she would share there joys and

comfort there sorrows.

A Woman of regal stature

That commanded the room

as soon as she walked in.

One that reigned with a gentleness

that calmed the spirit.

A woman you would talk to freely

about Things you held close

to your heart,

that no one else would ever know,

For it was your burden to carry,

yet she would take it from your shoulders,

and return joy to your world.

Amazement in a smile

that brightened not only the room

but the entire World.

Gentleness that seeped into anyone

that crossed her path.

She is irreplaceable.

Yet God wanted her presence,

and he took her home.

Where she walks tall again,

and she feels no more pain.

He shared her with us for a while,

and we were blessed by her presence,

and for a time we basked in the

beauty that was one of God's Angels.


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