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The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Have Been Found- Part 4

Updated on October 25, 2015

The Missing Tribes of Issachar, Zebulon and the missing people of Judah have been found!

Welcome back as we continue with Part 4 in our Series on "The Lost Ten Tribes Of Israel have been Found." In this session we will be covering Issachar, Zebulon and the missing parts of Judah. With the very invaluable finds of Yair Davidiy, E. Raymond Capt and the British-Israel World Federation, we have a lot of information to show you.

These three Tribes travelled together in the Wilderness for forty years with the Tribe of Judah as their leading Tribe. We know that both Issachar and Zebulon were sent into captivity together but a portion of Judah went with them in 721 BC and 130 years later Judah went into captivity 70 years into the Babylonian captivity. We shall include this portion of the people of Judah among the Lost Ten Tribes, because these people of Judah did lose their identity with the Lost Tribes. Only a small number of Judah, about 48,000 returned to Palestine and kept their name of Judah. The rest were scattered to the north and west after the other dispersed Tribes and became lost with them.

Issachar was Jacob's fifth son by Leah. The name Issachar means "reward" or "hire", because Leah his mother hired her husband Jacob away from Rachel, Genesis 30:16-18. Issachar had four sons; Tola, Phuvah, Job, and Shimron. They comprise the Swiss from Switzerland and also the Finns from Finland.

The Swiss are famous for their banks which take a commission or reward for hiring out other peoples money. They are also famous for their men who have been hired out as soldiers or mercenaries and are also very famous for watch making. The Bible says in 1 Chonicles 12:32- And the children of Issachar were wise men and experts at calculating astronimical subjects in computing calendars with great precision. It's animal symbol is a "donkey" on a flag with the sun and the stars. They symbolize the celestrial movements as their particular skill. the symbol of the "donkey" shows their characteristics to be merchantile as both plodding and intellectually nuetral but brave, legalistic and percise by nature and comfortable in any landlocked places as internationally Issachar is in Switzerland.

Also Finland has some of these qualities of Issachar reflected in them. Both Fins and Swiss have worked as mercenaries in other countries. The Finn's were also an important gateway for Russian Jews to move to Israel in our time. They are generally self oriented and will not risk what they have for something that looks better. They do not like to take extreme risks or gamble for something better. They were partly settled with other Israelites to the north by the Assyrians when they were taken captive to iran.

The people called the Sagartii were called "Asakarta' by the Persians and were first reported in the Zagro Mountains of West Iran.These people appeared to be very like the Tribe of a similar group the Sagaruce who were recorded by Ptolemy the historian on the east coast of the Caspian Seashore. They were equated with the Sakaraukae who became the ruling Tribe amomgst the Amyrgian Scythians. They were considered an eastern branch of the Royal Scyths who were centered around the Lower Dan estuary in Southern Russia. Issachar was among them. The Sakaraukae with the Amyrgian - Scythians and the Goths were conquered by the Asii, who relate to Aorsi. The Aorsi wee found to be with the Siraci west of the Caspian sea.

It is quite common to find several of these groups of the Lost Ten tribes close to each other, though different portions of these nations were spread over large area. the Asii were identified by the Chinese as being equated with the Issedories. The Issedories emerged from the area of Serica in East Siberia. This area of Siberia was once habitable and supported an advanced civilization and metallurgical industry. The name Serica may just be another form of Issachar because the terms Serica and Saraukae was applied to the Sakarauce who derived their name from Issachar.

In modern Siberia which was once Serica, Ptolemy reported the Asmirea, who are similar in their Semetic language to the son of Issachar, Shimron. Ptolemy also placed the Ithaguire and the Thogara in Serica. The "S" and the "T". or "TH" are interchangable so the names Ithaguri and Thogara are also forms of Issachar. Similar names have been found in the Chorasmian area of the Caspian Sea and relate to Issachar. It is interesting that later these names are similar to those fund in Switzerland. Near Serica in the north were the Abii Scythae from Yob(Job) Aon of Issachar, Genesis 46:13, whose name was found in the Abus River in Celtic Britain. The West Saxons in England were called Abis Mauruingganie. These Abii Scythae were neighbored by the Sizyges who were associated with Napthali and the English Saxons and became known as the Scyc and settled in Essex. They were more likely a combination of Issachar's son Yob and Machir of Manessh. An entity that may have come from Yob of Issachar is the Tribe of Ubii who settled in Holland.

Groups from Issachar were present amongst the Anglo-Saxons and also with the Celtic-Galatian groups. Later, these people moved east and a small group of them settled in Phrygia, Turkey. The Skirri were a group among the the Galatians. The Skirri belonged to Issachar and had once threatened the Greek citie of Olbia on the Black Sea coast. Together with their allies they had been termed Galatae by th Greeks. The Galatae belonged to Gilead of Machir of Manesseh of Israel in the Land of Israel prior to their Assyrian exile and had neighbored Issachar who later shared a border with them and Gad. Issachar was also reported in the North Sea as part of the Gothic (Gad) forces. It should be noted that some of the Gad forces were in Switzerland but it was destined to become the domain of Issachar.

Phuvah was another son of Issachar, Genesis 46:13, whose children were known as Puni or Phuni, Number 26:23-24. Puni is a name given to he Phoenicians among whom some of Israel lived, such as the Tribes of Zebulon and Asher. Tyre and Sidon were conquered by the Sakkaia who were a Sea People and Israelites from Issachar. The Phoeniceans received their name from Puni son of Issachar. The Sakkara were fron the Tribe of Issachar. And in Europe an ethnic name similar to them was present. In Ireland they were the Fenni and in Denmark they were the Phundus. Also, in Scandnavia the Phanones and the Fnni neighbored the Gotones on the Baltic coast and gave their name to Finland. There once dwelt a Celtic people in Austria and Hungary with the name Pannonia, who moved to Switzerland. Also Ptolemy says That prior to the Alemannic Invasion there were the Vennontes people also.

Job,(Yob) the son of Issachar was also called Jashub and in Hebrew Yashub is prounced Yashuv, Numbers 26:24. The Alemans who conquered Switzerland were considered part of the Suebi. These Suebi in the west were divided into different groups from other tribes along with Issachar. The Northern ones were culterally close to the Frisians and Saxons and helped to invade England. The southern group settled in Switzerland. They had emerged from Sienbi in Serica and Scythia who almaglamated with other Israelites from the Lost Tribes. This southern group of Suebi seems to describe descenants from Issachar.

In Finland there were elements from Issachar in the Southern Province of Mikeli who are connected to Michael (1 Chonicles 7:3) one of the leaders of Issachar. There were two other minor clans of Issachar, Yahmay and Yivsam brothers to Michael. They we descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel.Their national hero was Marshall Mannerheim, who referred to them as the Tribe of Issachar.

Jacob/Israel described Issachar as, "a strong ass crouching down between two burdens. And he saw that rest was good, and bowed his shoulder to bear, and became a servant to tribute." This can mean between two walls or boundaries and can imply a landlocked mountainous area. A group of Burgandians attached Attila the Huns army, called Shirio settled in Switzerland and can be related to Issachar and the Skirri - Skires of Galatian and Gothic forces went there. Again the sons of Issachar Phuvah and Puni were recalled as being with the Vennontes and the Peones, and in Phanabaia of Switzerland. Yeshub another son of Issachar came from Suebi and settled in Switzerland and that country became dominated by Issachar's descendants.

Also further evidence can be found in Iran and Scythia were Issachar is again recorded among the Asakarta- Sagartoi, in Sagaruce the Issatichae, in Serica the Ithaguri and in the Skires who were known as the Skirri. Shimron the son of Issachar's name is equal to that of Asmirae in Serica since Asmirae is a Semitic alternate for Shimron. Yob the son of Issachar is recalled in the people of Abir in Scythia and Abis in Saxon England, and Ubir in Holland. Phuvah the son of Issachar headed a clan known as the Puni or Phuni who were found in western Europe as the Fennin in Ireland and the Phundusi in Denmark, the Phanones in Scandinavia, the Finni in the Baltics, and the Agasin in the Vennonte, Peones and the Phanabaia. Jashubson of issachar became the culturally and linguistically differentiated portion of the Suebi who settled in Switzerland and Alsace and were known as the Alemanni and Alans.

Issachar in prophecy can be found in the Rabbinical commentary by Don Isaac Arbarbanel (1497-1508) on Genesis. All the references examined in Scripture and the Talmudic literature of theTribes gives character description of each one. He says of Issachar that he loves rest and is a merchant by nature, unwarlike. He prefers to pay others to fight for him. From out of Issachar there would come wisemen with an aptitude for intellectual pursuits and philosophies. The Talmud says that only from theTribe of Judah, Levi and Issachar were to arise sages able to determine what is the practical application of the Law. This implies legalistic inclinations in theorectical and applicable spheres. This fits Switerland very well which has a traditionally been a republic, using it's financial influence to ward of it's enemies and for them to make it worthwhile for other nations to respect their nuetrality. On the other hand the ancient Swiss and their Medievil descendants exhibited milatery prowness and Swiss mercenaries where very sought after in Europe. Even in Biblical times Issachar proved to be successful warriors with Deborah in the war against the Northern Canaanites, Judges 5:15. In the time of David, Issachar was able to field valiant men of might and chief men and soldiers of war, 1 Chronicles 7:2-5.

Finland though traditionally nuetral and peaceable was able to defeat the Russians all by themselves on the battlefield. Both the Fins and the Swiss are thought to be as peasant types but they have a habit of producing individuals of great intellect. These attributes conform with Issachar as indicated in the Bible. Issachar is depicted as being as intermediary between Israel and foriegners. The Finns and the Swiss are famous for their international connections.. Their legalistic bend ascribes to Issachar is another Swiss indication of being of that Tribe with Finland.

The Confederation of Switzerland was founded in 1291, when the Canton's of Uri, Schwys and Unterwalden banded together together to protct themselves from the Austrians. The Uri is a Biblical name and is of the Tribe of Judah. Uri was a master craftsman in Judah., Exodus 31:1-6. The Swiss are also masterful artisans though more to Issachar then Judah. They both had the same mother, Leah. LLeah conceived Issachar after hiring her husband away from Rachel, Genesis 30:16-18. Again,the name Issachar means "reward", or "hire' and the Swiss are famous for their banks which make a commission from hiring out other peoples money. They are also famous as fighters hiried out to fight for other peoples money.

Moses prophecy of them was that both Issachar and his brother Zebulon would rejoice in their going out and in their tents, Dueteronomy 33:16-18, and refers to experise in astronomical subjects and incomputing the calendar, which requires great skill and percision. 'They shall call the people unto the mountain; there they shall offer sacrifices of righteousness: for they suck of the abundance of the seas, and of treasures hid in the sand. Issachar has been blessed with much wealth from Switzerland and Finland, and they can be found in Holland and Switzerland and Finland amongst the other Tribes of of Lost israel.

Now, Zebulon, was the 6th son of Jacob/Israel from Leah. His name means "dwelling', Genesis 30;20. This is because Leah said now will my Husband dwell with me because I have born him six sons. So she called him Zebulon. Zebulon had three sons named: Sered, Elon, and Jahleel, Genesis 46:14. Jacob's blessing on him says; "Zebulon shall dwell at the haven of the sea; and he shall be a haven for ships; and his border shall be unto Zidon.

Moses blessing as I said already was on both Zebulon and Issachar who would receive similar blessings as mentioned in Dueteronomy 33:18-19: "Rejoice, Zebulon in thy going out: and Issachar in thy Tents. From these verses Both Tribes have a close relationship with each other. Issachar was more invoved in religious and scientific pursuits, but Zebulon would be a trader with many ships and his earnings would be helpful to issachar. Issachar was more inclined towards working the land, while Zebulon was more given to adventuring out on ships. Zebulon can befound in Holland along with some of isachar. Even the people of Alsace and Lorraine in France come from both Zebulon and Issachar and that region forms a land bridge from Switzerland to Belgium and to Holland.

The symbol of Zebulon is a ship and Holland's symbol is also a ship of the former Dutch Republic. Many in South Africa of the Boar's population of that former Republic of South Africa are of Dutch descent. Zebulon in the Talmud is pictured as a merchant seafarer. The Dutch city of Rotterdam is one of the worlds busiest ports. Moses blessed Zebulon that he should suck of the abundance of the seas and of the treasures of the sands. South Africa and Holland both are on the seashores and a good portion of the diamond wealth of South africa has been found in their "sands".

The Tribe of Naptali can also be found among the peoples of Zebulon and Issachar. It is said of Napthali; "Possess thou the west of England a swell as Holland and Norway. This means in the South, that both South Africa and New Zealand, which was settled by the Dutch and British, French Huguenots, Germans and New Zealand by a certain type of British. There has been and overlap of peoples in Scandinavia and the Netherlands, with Zebulon being the dominate Tribe in Holland. Holland is also known as Halland on the South West coast of Sweden, and as Hallan in Norway. These names come from Elon, the son of Zebulon and so does Holland.

Jascob/Israel had said that Zebulon's descendants would dwell at the haven of the sea as a place for ships to anchor, and would border Zidon. Zidon at one time was conquered by the Sakkara who were related to Issachar but whose forces included a lot of people from Zebulon. This prophecy about Zebulon can be fulfilled in several ways. In Genesis 49;13, the expression "dwell at the haven of ships' in Hebrew can be translated as to dwell on the shores of the sea. Only Holland of all the nations can claim to live on reclaimed sea land. This discription applies to up to two thirds of the Dutch peoples.

According to Rabbitical commentators, that the captivity of the host of the children of Israel shall possess that of the Canaanites even unto Zarephath, Obediah 1:20. Zarephath can mean Gaul and area north apprarently meaning Holland. These verse should be understood to mean that the first captivity of theTen Tribes shall possess regions from Canaanites of Germany, which included Britain andFrance in their North. Which cam mean Batavi of Southern Holland where the Cananefates name can mean the Union of th Cannanites. even the Land of Israel can be referred to be the Land of the Canaanites. The Sabaligoi were to the north of Holland and their name means, " People of Zebulon."

In early Scythian times the name Zebulon was Zabulistan, which was in the south and southeast of Hara in the Iranian sea. Also the name of Zebulon is also found in the Sabalingoi by the historian Ptolemy in south Jutland or Denmark and northern Frisia. Zebulon was noticed in the Sabaligoi of Frisia; Yahleel in Chali of Jutland, Sered son of Zebulon appears in Suardeni between the Don and Volga Rivers surrounded by Sarmatae, and Sirceni of Issachar, Assaei of Asher, an emerged as the Suardeno in Sweden. At the end of the sixth century the Suebi are mentioned together with Frissi. In the north these people belonged to the Suarine Tribe of the Netherlands. They are linked to Sered the son of Zebulon. and can be found in Holland.

The sons of Zebulon seem to have settled in Holland and South Africa. The diamond symbol of Zebulon is similar to South Africa who is rich in diamonds. The stone of Zebulon on the Chief Priest's breatplate in Ancient Israel was a diamond. South africa once beloned to the Boars from Holland, who also settled in Belgium in the area of Flanders and produced most of the world's diamonds from South Africa.

The Tribal occupation of Zebulon in the Land of Israel was a purple dye, and in the making of white glass and in fishing. The purple dye was produced from sea mollusk by a complicated chemical process and the dye is then applied to textiles in a manner requiring great expertise. Modern Holland is a great producer of the chemical and textile industry and metallurgy. The production of white glass requires metellurgical principles and applications. Fishing is very important in the present day Dutch economy.

The Dutch people of Zebulon literally dwell on the shores of the sea. They are the only people that fit the Bible discription of Zebulon, given by Jacob in Genesis 49:13: "Zebulon shall dwell on the sea shores and his shores shall be havens for ships. The Dutch ports serve as havens or places for ships to be harbored more than ay other country. The people who settled in Holland bare names similar to the sons of Zebulon. The Sabaligoi name means 'People of Zebulon." Also the present livelihood of the Dutch is parallel to those attributes given to Zebulon in ancient times.

With this group, Issachar and Zebulon and some of Judah were taken captive by the Assyrians in 721 A.D. . A good portion of Judah went with them as part of the Lost Ten Tribes of israel just as some of Benjamin and Levi did. They suffered the same fate at this earlier time. So I will mention Judah here with Issachar and zebulon to show that some of Judah did go into this earlier dispersion by the Assyrians. In Bible understanding Judah refers to thisTribe which some did keep their identity. Most did remain in their homeland until being taken captive by the Babylonians into Babylonia. just the same many where exiled with the Lost ten Tribes of Israel because their has been found evidence by inscriptions left by Sennacherib the king of Assyria. Enclaves of Judah did live among the Northern Tribes and where taken away with them. Also, at times some of Judah were to emerge with the other tribes in different parts of Europe and in the British Isles. There were also many who did not go back to Jerusalem in Ezra's and Nehemiah's days to rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem. There were only about 48,000 people that went back to Jerusalm. So where are the rest of them?

Now, Judah was the fourth son of Jacob by Leah, Genesis 29:35. The name Judah means "to praise the Lord". Judah had five sons; Er, Onan,Shelah, Pharez, and Zerah, Genesis 38: 16-30. The sons of Pharez were Hezron and Hamul and the sons of Zerah Zimri, Ethan, Heman, Calcol and Dara five all, 1 Choronicles 2:3-6.

Jacob/Israel's blessings on Judah are quite impressive in that it says; "Judah thou art he whom thy bretren shall praise. Thy hand shall be in the neck of thine enemies; Thy father's children shall come and bow down before thee. Judah is a lions whelp; from the prey my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he crouched as an old lion, who shall rouse him up? The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come, and unto him shall the gathering be, Binding his foal unto the vine, and his asses colt unto the choice vine; he washed his garment in wine, and his clothes in the blood of grapes; his eyes shall be red with wine, and his teeth white with milk", Genesis 49:8-12.

Moses also had a blessing for Judah in Dueteronomy 33:7; he said of Judah, "Hear Lord the voice of Judah, and bring him unto his people: let his hands be sufficient for him; and thou be a help to him from his enemies." God is certainly using Judah to bring all the nations to present day Israel. Here God will subdue all the armies of the world and put Satan away for a thousand years, Zechariah 14:1-9, Revelation 19:7-21, 20:2.

The prophets had a prophetic work in reference to Judah which have been fulfilled in Judah by God in this Day. It was prophesied that Judah would suffer for being Jewish and keeping God's law, and never departed from the basic truths, though at times they came very close to being exterminated completely Judah does not know where the Ten Lost Tribes are today and accepts them as Gentiles, and would suffer alone. Isaiah 49; 21; Says; Then shalt thou say in thine heart, who hath begotten me these, seeing I have lost my children, and am desolate, a captive, and removing to and fro? And who have brought up these/ Behold i am left alone; these, where had they been?

Also th prophecy that the Scepter would not depart from Judah has still been fulfilled, but the Jews of Judaea do not seem to know or accept were it is today. It says," the Scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a Lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come, and unto Him shall the gathering of the people be. This refers to Jesus Christ's Throne which is found in Great Britain today, with a Jewish Queen sitting on it in present day Ephraim or Great Britain in London, England. The British Royal Throne of Judah is were king David's children sit on it today. When Jesus Christ returns this Throne and Stone of Scone will be removed back to Jerusalem forever. The British-Israel Federation has a chart that shows how many kings and queens were of Jewish descent and were coronated on this special Chair and Stone found at Westminister Abbey in London, England. Check out the British- Israel World Federation for more facts on our link to them.

After, Jesus Christ returns, he will enable the survivors of the Lost Tribes of Israel to understand 'WHO THEY ARE TODAY". This means there will be only about ten percent of the present day population of The Lost Ten Tribes who will survive the coming holocaust that will be put on the Houses of Israel and Judah, Romans 9:27, Ezekiel 5:1-9,12-13, Zechariah now even as Yair Davidiy has all this information, and in such great details, it makes you wonder why the present day Jews seem to ingnore his wonderful Truths. Both "Christians" and Jewish messianics for Jesus also seem blind to these facts and think that the people of Judah in Israel today are all of the israelites that are left. They seem to think that the peoples from the Anglo-Saxons and Celtic peoples are Gentiles.

There is a need for a very strong witness to identify these Tribes to these missing peoples now. There are some real Christian that are doing this now but many more converted Christians are needed. There is a "paganized" Christianity that thinks there is no need to do this and that the Tribes of Israel have been replaced by a "Replacement Theology," by the false churches of Babylon, Revelation 17:5. These are Satan's churches and we are commanded to come out of them and reclaim our inheritance as the people of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, Revelation 18:4-9. If not God Almighty will soon test all these churches to see what they really believe in the coming Great Tribulation, Matthew 24:21-25. The people of israel need to repent of their sins and become witnesses for Christ and spread these truths that you have been shown here in these series on the "Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. This may cost you your physical lives but remember you can qualify to be in the First Resurrection and to rule with Jesus Christ, Revelation 5:10; 20:4, 1 Thessalonians 4:14-18. By doing this you will qualify to become God the Father's Sons and Daughters, 2 Corinthians 6:16-18.

Hopefully, in these Last Days, many from these peoples from the Lost Tribes will examine who they are now from their past history. These facts are presented as a witness to all that read these hubs. So take them seriously because your future life may depend on what you do with these facts from Yair Davdiy, The British-israel World federation and E.Raymond Capt. These peoples wlll finally be redeemed with Judah and King David of Israel will rule under Jesus Christ, Ezekiel 37:22-24, Jeremiah 30:9. Will you listen?

One way God has been able to preserve the Royal Kings and Queens of Judah to rule in Great Britain in England is through the places the mssing people of Judah have been sifted along with the other Tribes into Western Europe, Great Britain and the USA, Canada, Austraia, New Zealand, etc.. They are found in Ephraem and Manesseh. Before the Assyrian exile, Yair son of Segub son of Hezron the son of Pharez, the son of Judah, was with some of Judah who lived among Manesseh in Gilead in Old Israel on the east side of theJordan River. There were sixty cities that belonged to Judah, 1 Chonicles 2:23. There were some of Judah found east of Napthali and Moab. Some were with the Tribe of Dan in Cilicia, which is south west of Turkey. There were also some south of Rueben on the eastside of the Jordan River. They could have also been mixed with the Tribes of Asher and Gad. In the south of Israel a large group of Judah was taken captive By Sennachreb the Assyrian king. He boosted of carrying away over 200,000 of Judah to Assyria., 2 Kings 18:13.

Also Jeremiah was said to have taken Zedikiah the last king of Judah's daughters to Ireland. After he had taken them with him to Egypt. In Ireland they were supposed to have married into the Zerah line of Judah who had earlier migrated there. The kings in Ireland and Scotland were finally moved to England under Edward the 1st of England. The British-Israel World Federation and E.Raymond Capt have articles and even videos that speak of these events. So be sure to to look up these facts at our links to them. Here you should find more facts about British, Irish and Scottish royalty who have occupied the Throne of David in successive rulership. Jeremiah was set free by the Babylonians to do as he wished with the king of Judah's daughters, 2 kings 19:30-31. Jeremiah was supposed to have traveled to Ireland with these daughters. by a ship that belonged to Milesian people of Judah, according to the British-Israel World Federation. There are different versions of how this was done so you will have to search for the correct answers as to how the Corrination Stone of Scone got to Ireland..

It is important to trace the portion of Judah that did join themselves to the Lost Tribes of Israel. Judah and Dan were neighbors in Israel and several other places in Israel's history. We already mentioned Yair of Judah as being merged with the Tribe of Manasseh in Gilead on the eastside of the Jordan River and Dan was also close to Manesseh. In the far north in Cilicia or southwestern Turkey the Dananu of Dan and the Yadi of Judah neighbored each other. Judah and Dan can be found together in the south of israel. In tradition both Judah and Dan are associated together. For example Samson of the Tribe of Dan had a Jewish mother. A lion represents both Judah and Dan but Dan also has an eagle, money scales and a dragon. There was an enclave of Dan in Turkey who were known as Smal and adjoined Judah in the south. At one stage both Smal and Yadi of Judah were united as it says, that Yati and Yutae are forms of Judah in the Bible, 2 Kings 14:28, 2 Chonicles 3:4, as they had once been very close to Dan.

The Yaati of Judah were found in Carmania, in southwestern Iran bordering the Dangalae, which name means Dan of Galilee. Also in Sogdiana east of the Caspian Sea the Iati or Yati of Judah were neighbors of the Aegli whose descendants were from the Angles. This was in Saka territory and the Saka became the Saxons. So the Saxons, Angles and Jutes can befound here together. Danish tradition says the Danes came from the Tribe of Dan and the Jutes of Jutland in Denmark came from Judah. In northern European dialects and in Roman Latin, variations of the name Jutes of Denmark and the Judaean or Judah are to be found intermingled together in Europe as a group called 'Saxon Euthiones," in 600 CE as lying between the Saxons and the Danes in the north. These are believed to have been a section of Judah in the area of Frisia.

A son of Judah, Shelah appreared in the Belgian-Toxandria as the Salen Franks, who also intermingled with the Sicambri and helped invade Gaul. Another son of Judah named Pharez of Judah had sons named Hezron and Hamel. Pharsi represented by the Frisians or Frisi in part was from Pharez of Judah with Peresh of Manesseh. With in whose territory both Jutes and and Saxons can be found together. Hamel the son of Pharez can be found in Germany in the city of Hameln associated with the Chamaves who were part of the Frankish Union as were the Cheessuari whose name is similar to that of Hezron or Chetzron in Askenazi Hebrew. Hamel was represented by the Haemele a tribal group among the Anglo-Saxon invaders of England. Irish tradition says that descendants of Zerah of Judah were among their earlist settlers. Calcol is specifically mentioned and Alan the brother of Calcol is the name of an ancient Irish hero.

Also in addition we can find Judah's ancestors among the Scottish Gaels, and the ancient Irish were called "Iar" which is equal to Yair of Judah. They are mentioned in Assyrian inscriptions as the "Iare." Remember that Yair's descendants were already mentioned in the Land of israel as part of Judah, living east of the Jordan River amongst the Tribe of Manesseh's Peresh, 1 Chronicles 7:16, from Manesseh has a name implying "sanctified' or "separated" in Hebrew, which is the same meaning of the name Nemede. Namede in Gaelic was the lengenary forefather of the Irish. the Iari (or Yair) of Ireland settled amongst the Nemedi, and the meaning of that name links them to Manesseh, the same as the first Yair of Judah who settled on the eastside of the Jordan River in Manesseh of Israel. Jair or Yair was also known as "Caei the Just" and was a descendant from Judah. Interestingly the symbol of the Irish harp of Ireland is associated with the House of King David from the Tribe of Judah.

In Ulster of Northern Ireland there exist also an tradition of a connection with Judah. The Star of David appears on the flag of Ulster with a Scarlet hand. This indicates the infuence of the Tribe of Judah in Northern Ireland. It also appears on the flag of the modern State of israel. One researcher says of this symbol " The ancient and traditional emblem of Ulster was and still is a "Red Hand circled by a Scarlet cord". Calcol son of Zerah, son of Judah was said to have sailed from Egypt to Spain and then unto Ireland, where he founded Uiadh or Ulster. Zerah was the brother of Pharez and they were twins born to Tamar, Genesis 38:27-30.

The Star of David has twelve junctional points which shows how the Tribes of israel were encamped around the Tabernacle of God in the Wilderness after they came out of Egypt with Moses. The Red Hand represents Zerah of Judah, who was the father of Calcol who sailed from Egypt some time after the Exodus with some of the Tribe of Dan and founded Ulster. From Ireland the Scots migrated to Scotland and the Red Hand appears in the coat of arms of several of the old families and in the Clan Chiefs of Scotland., some of them are Davidson, MacBain, MacNeil, MacNaughton, MacPherson, MacGilivray, MacDonald of Sleat, Clananald, Shaw of Rothiemurchus. Even today many in Ulster identify with the State of Israel and frequently display the Israeli Flag. The British seem to have a Jewish character to them.

In addition, numerous families missing from the Tribe of Judah can be found throughout the British Isles. One family is that of Queen Elizabeth II, of Great Britain who is from theTudor line of Jewish kings and queens. The prophedcy in 1Chronicles 5:1-2, refers to Judah as still having the throne of David or chief ruler of Israel upon It's Throne, which is in Great Britain, London England. Joseph's son Ephraim along with Manasseh were given the birth right of Rueben, but not the Scepter that belongs to Judah. You will need to search the British-Israel World federation and ask for some of their books about British Royalty for more details.

Though Yair Davidiy doen't have these details about the line of King David's list of kings and queens we can see how the Tribe of Judah was absorbed into the House of Israel or the Lost Ten Tribes. Some Jews became part of of Israel. There is an old saying that all Jews are of Israel, but not all Israel areJews. The difference is that Judah's children have kept their Tribal name of Judah and they are still known as Judah today. However, there are many Jews that do not know that they are Jews, but they were absorbed into the Lost Ten Tribes as part of Israel.

The Jews of Judah today are still looking for their Messiah to come from Judah. Some Messianic Jews believe in Jesus and expect him to come back and save them or is all already among them wating for the right time. Along with these there are many Christians who are Jews who are looking for Christ's return as Christians in the Lost Ten Tribes today as their Savior in Christian Churches. Many Jews of Judah will have to wait until Jesus returns from Heaven. Those Jews from Judah that are still alive will repent and accept Jesus when they see him coming in the air to save them at Jerusalem, Zechariah 12:1-14 and Zechariah 14:1-9.

We can see how the hand of God Almighty was able to guide all these Lost Ten Tribes of Israel with a large portion of missing Judah and it's Royalty with them still on King David's Royal Throne, to a different country where the Jews live alongside the people of the House of Israel. You will not find a king or queen ruling in the nation of Israel in Palestine today. God Almighty transplanted them to Great Britain, with the help of the migrating children of Israel to serve his own purpose. Also God seems to have used Jeremiah the prophet to move the daughters of Judah's last king Zedekiah to Ireland, so her descendant would be among the Tribes that seem to be "Lost', Jeremiah 41:10. When Jesus Christ returns His Throne in England will be moved to Jerusalem in Israel with the Coronation Stone of Scone and will remain there forever.

Now we can see the the plan of God as it takes place. We can see how God Almighty kept His promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel. It has taken several thousand years to bring this drama to where it is today with the missing Lost Ten Tribes of israel and the missing Jewish portions from the Tribe of Judah to be in place just before the Great Tribulation, Jeremiah 30:7-9, just before the second coming of our Lord and Savior comes to redeem all of Israel. No longer will Israel be divided as the House of Israel and the House of Judah, for they will finally be one nation again under Jesus Christ and God the Father, Ezekiel 37:21-28, Revelation 21:1-7, 2 Corinthians 6:16-18.

Truly the real Lawgiver from the Tribe of Judah, a very son of David through the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary, Luke1:35, will make sure that His Scepter will never be removed again because of a disobedient people. These missing Tribes of Israel will have learned their terrible lesson, because they would not keep God's Laws and Commandments. Our perfect King of Kings anf Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ will rescue us and take away our sins and put them back on Satan the Devil's head, Revelation 19:16; 20:1-4. A new world is coming soon. Will you be ready?

In the mean time keep studying and proving all things as a workman thoroughly grounded in God's word, 2 Timothy 2:15, 3:16-17. Come back for another portion of our series about the Lost Ten Tribes of israel. There are still three more Tribes to find in this world today.Amen.


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