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The Loving Gate Meditation Cards

Updated on June 16, 2014

What's in The Loving Gate cards?

The Loving Gate cards set consists of 52 cards each with an affirmation printed on it, 2 instruction cards (Opening of the Loving Gates and Loving Gate Cards Instructions) , 1 cassette tape of guided meditation, 1 scroll of a translated Hebrew text, 1 business card for the manufacturer of the cards.

Unfortunately, I misplaced the scroll last time I moved house, and I no longer have a functional tape deck. Furthermore, the web and email addresses on the business card are no longer valid.

Loving Gate Cards Instructions

Before choosing your Loving Gate Card be still for a few seconds (You can close your eyes).

Make an intention to accept and know that the Loving Gate Card you are about to draw from the pack is especially for YOU.

it is not always immediately clear why this 'Gate' is the one you have been given, but it will become clear later, so accept your choice as a positive one.

Now you are ready to pick your Loving Gate Card from the pack.

This Loving Gate Card has now a special relevance for YOU and it's strength and blessings will be available for YOU to receive and use today.

In love and peace.


Diana at Cloth of Gold.

Opening of the Loving Gates

'Some gifts are especially precious as was the one I received from a teacher and friend who brought the following ancient Hebrew text into my life. "Read it," she said, "and choose the Gate you would most like to have as a gift."

We read the text together and as each of us made our choice, feelings of love, support and guidance filled the room and embraced us.

That night, a dream resulted in my making the first set of LOVING GATE cards from the text. My family and I began the tradition of choosing a card each morning and I the evening we would share the experiences we had during the day relating to the card we chose.

Soon I began offering the LOVING GATE CARDS to friends who visited. I then decided to try out the cards at work helping children in schools, clinics and hospitals. It became clear that these LOVING GATE CARDS held a message for people of all ages and beliefs. These LOVING GATE CARDS are also a gift for YOU to use whenever you wish for your own personal spiritual growth and support.

Wishing you love and light,

Diana at Cloth of Gold'

Loving Gate Cards - Single Card draw
Loving Gate Cards - Single Card draw

How To Use The Loving Gate Cards - Single Card Daily Draw

The simplest way to use the cards is to draw a single card from the top of the deck and that will be your 'Gate' for the day.

For example, in the image the card is 'Good Living', which could be interpreted as having a good meal, a drink with friends, unexpected money etc.

Obviously your own interpretation may be different, and it is up to you what you derive from your card.

How To Use the Loving Gate Cards - Three card spreads

Loving Gate Cards - Three card spreads
Loving Gate Cards - Three card spreads

If you want something a little more in depth than the single card draw, you can use the cards as a quasi-tarot deck.

In the three card spread, you can seek guidance in several ways.

For a more detailed daily reading, the cards can be read as morning, afternoon and evening.

For a spontaneous reading, they could be interpreted as past, present and future.

For an insight into yourself, or the subject of the reading, the cards can be interpreted as emotional, physical and spiritual.

Loving Gate Cards - Five card spreads
Loving Gate Cards - Five card spreads

How To Use the Loving Gate Cards - Five card spreads

A five card spread can be used to focus energy, glean insight on a current situation or to prompt change in your life.

For example, in the image the first card (top left) is 'Eagerness' which could be interpreted as a desperate need for something, so this would be a up to the subject of the reading to decide what they need. Cards two to four (top right to bottom left) are 'Connecting to the soul', 'Knowing what you want' and 'Assitance' which suggest that the subject needs to focus on the fact that they can ask for help, and to know how to ask for it in a concise way. The fifth card is 'Livelihood' which would suggest that the subject is likely to get what it is they want.

Obviously this is a rather vague example, but it was how the cards were dealt. The same can be said of a true tarot reading, not everything makes sense or is particularly helpful at first glance.

How To Use The Loving Gate Cards - A six card spread

Loving Gate Cards - Six Card Spread
Loving Gate Cards - Six Card Spread

The six card spread can be useful for getting an answer that you can't ask, either because you don't know the question yourself, or because you fear asking the question because you are afraid of the answer.

The first card indicates your view of the situation. In this case the card is 'Rejoicing' so the subject is happy with their situation.

The second gives an objective view of the situation. 'Pity' would suggest that although the subject is happy, the situation may not be as good as they think.

The third card gives the answer to the question. In this example 'Peace' could suggest that the eventual outcome will be that the subject will be content with what they receive.

The fourth card represents the question. The example shows 'Letting go' at position four, which suggests the subject has to let go of something they would rather keep near to them.

Card five represents what must be given up. In this case 'Liberty' sounds ominous, but in the overall reading it may be that the subject needs to accept that they can't expect to make all decisions by themselves.

Card six denotes what must be created. This example shows 'The source of our intimate truth' which may suggest either a closer relationship with a partner, or a closer relationship with God.

Loving Gate Cards - The weekly spread
Loving Gate Cards - The weekly spread

How To Use The Cards - The weekly spread.

For busy individuals, you may wish to consider a weekly spread, with seven cards denoting days of the week and then interpret them as you would a single card draw.

It's quick and easy, it only needs to be done one day a week, and you don't have to spend time each day considering what the card may mean. Just focus at the end of the day on how the card fit into your life on that particular day.

The 'Gates'

Unfortunately, the Loving Gate Cards are difficult to come by, and the website they were available from now on get exists.

So what follows is the 'gates' as featured on the cards.

Splendour and nobility
Study of spiritual texts
Good advice
Grace and loving kindness
Good heart
Love and togetherness
Knowing what you want
Good life
Wisdom and the skill to use it
Forgetting that which should be forgotten
Our prayers being received
Success and prosperity
Help and rescue
Complete healing
Alignment with nature
The source of our intimate truth
Divine truth
Your choice
Our sacred deepest inner place
Connecting to the soul
Letting go
Good living
Seeing the good in everything

So if you can't find a copy of the original Loving Gate Cards, you could always make your own. I recommend using The Game Crafter (link below) if you want a set of professionally printed cards that will last.

Have you ever heard of/used Loving Gate Cards?

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    • CyberShelley profile image

      Shelley Watson 

      4 years ago

      What a wonderful idea, tradition and way to bring closeness and appreciation to a family. Thank you for sharing.


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