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The Luciferian Consciousness

Updated on October 14, 2011

I say "Lucifer" you say, "(insert thought here)".

Christianity and most religions in general has implanted in our human consciousness a belief that Lucifer is a fallen angel that fell from heaven and came to earth to seek, corrupt and destroy.

What would you say if I told you that this "belief" was all an illusion? What would you say if I told you that Lucifer is not actually one "being" but many? How would you feel if I told you that Lucifer was actually a consciousness put into place to offer humans a catalyst?

What is the catalyst, you ask? Free Will.

There is no one entity named Lucifer just as there is no one entity named Jesus Christ. These names refer to a "consciousness". A way of life. A way of "being". Everything else is just an illusion.

I know that some may read this and think that I have really leapt off the deep end. But I guess you are all entitled to your own opinions. If that is how you feel about me, then I completely accept that as your own personal truth and I allow it to pass through me, filtered out through light harmonics and expelled.

Religion, my friends, is all part of the stage set up upon the beginning of the game. In order to know oneself one must go through a series of experiments in order to reveal our own individual truths. This time around for me was heavily influenced by religious dogma. I have spoken about this in my earlier posts. I have come to peace with that aspect of my life. I have spiritually evolved into an understanding that this is exactly what I needed to experience in order to discover my true identity.

I have posted before in my blog about my discovery of the Hidden_Hand teachings from the website. I have read, reread and read again this entire thread which can be found here:

In this thread HH talks about Lucifer and what this actually means to us here on Earth at this time. From the first time I read this I resonated with HH's words on such a deeply profound level that I amazed myself. I had actually asked many of my "enlightened" friends to read this and some of them completely disregarded what were written here. I have accepted their rejections in love and understand knowing that when we reject someone else's truth, it has no bearing on our own. Whatever doesn’t strike a chord within us is safe to put aside, back on the shelf and stay there until such a time when we can revisit these ideas for more consideration.

I grew up as a child thinking that Lucifer was the epitome of evil. Now, as an awakened being, I know that this is not true. And the reason why I know that this is not true is because I have learned that there is no evil/good and there is no right/wrong. All of these polarized ways of thinking were put into place by the Luciferian consciousness itself so that we could experience our truths and see through the veils of illusions.

A friend of mine explained it like this:

Luciferian Consciousness is a ritual that takes place on each human experiment planet in an early civilization, the purpose of which is to ordain human karmic matrices. The third and fourth root races participate with etheric members from the first and second root races as the intent is put forth to engage in as many as possible of the consciousness programs in the sixth dimensional grids. Basically, a dry run of what is intended for the human level experiment.

So the next time someone says, "The devil made me do it," smile and say, "And what did your free will teach you about yourself?"


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    • profile image

      truth 3 years ago

      For being sooooo enlightened you writing is horrible!