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The Madagascar Penguins- Offering Simple and Effective Philosophical Peace

Updated on August 16, 2014

Smile and Wave!

Many of us may take snippets of wisdom from things we’ve heard, seen, or read, and then keep them as something of value to us. There are actually several resources offering the quotes of people through history, mainly because when a quote is a single sentence harboring a great deal of wisdom, that sentence is richer than most others. We may keep a particular fortune from a fortune cookie in our wallet because what it said made so much sense, at least to us. People are known to clip a horoscope from the newspaper, or even a comic strip that struck a chord. Further, there are one-liners from movies or a line from a song lyric we remember very well.

Then, there are those T-shirts and coffee mugs that say something like, ‘Everything Important I Learned, I Learned From My Cat’, or ‘When In Kindergarten’, or ‘From My Fish’, or ‘From My Bout with Syphilis’. Whatever it is, people learn well when the lesson is quick, simple, and straight to the point. Learning how to operate X-ray equipment may take a bit of time, but learning an educational philosophy like ‘focus and desire are keys to success’ is really as simple as a statement.

There is an enormous reference book out there called a Quotationary, and this book is filled with more wisdom and insight than perhaps any other reference of similar size. It comes highly recommended that you check this out, for the educational value as well as just being an enjoyable read. However, there is one particular quote I have heard in a movie that changed my life, the way I function in my home and marriage, and the way I orchestrate my time in a public situation. It is so simple a quote, so here it is…

“Just smile and wave, boys. Just smile and wave.”

Many of you likely recognize this quote and the source, which is from the movie, ‘Madagascar’, and uttered by the leader of the Penguins.

I should point out that these penguins quickly became my most favorite animated characters of all. For many years I had several animated characters I liked for various reasons. I always admired Wile E. Coyote because no matter how often he fails, he never, ever gives up. I always admired Bugs Bunny because he is not afraid to wage war on those who asked for it. I’ve always admired Dick Dastardly because he made peace with his neuroses and went on to relish tying innocent women to the railroad tracks. Now, I do not relish such victimization, but those voices in your head MUST be there for a reason.

“Just smile and wave, boys. Just smile and wave.”

Oh, this quote is truly worth its weight in gold. It solves so many problems, it appeases so many difficulties, and it truly prevents innumerable marital complexities. Less than ten words provide enough wisdom to change your life, and perhaps even save your life, your marriage, your financial stability, and your DVD collection.

If you’re about to find yourself in a quandary you otherwise do not know how to escape, particularly if your significant other is in a less-than-stellar mood, grasp the wisdom of the penguins. This simple yet wise philosophy will surely go down through the ages as one of the philosophical quotes helping humanity reach even greater heights of civilized thought.

This plea for serenity makes so much good in the world and rarely have we ever recognized it! After all, we all despise politicians, yet every time we see them in a public setting, they smile and wave. Further, whenever they smile and wave, that’s when their constituency loves them the most! That’s so obvious, since that’s when the constituency cheers the most! Now, if politicians would just adhere to the penguin philosophy and keep quiet. After all, the penguins don’t say, “Just smile and wave, and then lie like a fucking rug.”

Nope. They don’t say that at all.

Other famous people benefit from these words of wisdom. For example, people (for whatever pathetic reason) love to stand in the rain and cold in order to get a glimpse at some famous celebrity on their way to receive some award or attend some highfalutin hoedown on their behalf. Now, whatever the occasion is and whatever reasons brought the celebrities there is another matter, but the fact remains that seeing these people smile and wave makes people jump and shout.

If you’re trying to avoid confrontation with family, just smile and wave. If you’re hoping to avoid an argument because you have desires to get close tonight, just smile and wave.

“Just smile and wave, boys. Just smile and wave.”

If you’re in a meeting that just can’t come to an end because agreements simply cannot be reached, just smile and wave. If life has your heart racing and your blood pressure skyrocketing, just smile and wave. If your tube-top wearing daughter just took off to get married in Vegas yet again, just smile and wave. If your in-laws are setting each other’s pickups on fire because of claims someone cheated at horseshoes, just smile and wave. If those same in-laws start picking off one another through various forms of military tactic and strategy, just smile and wave.

“Just smile and wave, boys. Just smile and wave.”

What else needs to be said? It’s all there, open and in-your-face for everyone to see and behold. There is no doubt one can prescribe this mode of philosophical wisdom to a myriad of personal situations, so there is little need for me to illustrate further. If there is someone out there who simply cannot appreciate the simple wisdom of the leader of the penguins, they’re likely standing there, scratching their head through the greasy ball cap that reads, ‘Who Farted’, while watching their truck burn down. Therefore, who cares.

Now, I should point out that I categorically deny adhering and subscribing to all the other modes of thought and action displayed by the penguins. No, I am not one who will seek covert action to achieve goals that are not achievable any other way. No sirree, that is not me. I firmly deny taking part in activities that, although the results of these activities assure positive results for all involved, were done in clandestine fashion.

There is another quote from the leader of the penguins I categorically deny finding appreciation or value in as an independent statement. “That’s right, Private. Kaboom.”

No, I would never find value in something like that.

So, for those of you who enjoy a simple and precise statement of philosophical wisdom, please behold the apogee of them all. Confucius, eat your heart out.

“Just smile and wave, boys. Just smile and wave.”


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